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i was stopping at a stop sign and car kinda missed out then would not shift after that. what would cause that

How much to repair them.

tI've replaced the fan unit,temp.sending unit,thermostat,rad cap,water pump. Checked the rad. for being clogged(found nothing),checked the flow of coolant through the system and found that there is proper ,flow,checked for broken head gasket,checked cylinder head and engine for loss of compress(found nothing),checked vacuum(found within tolerance).What do I do now. The engine lite comes on within 2 minutes of reset. I check with my computer which has system for checking OBD systems and the same lite-code showes up. what do I do now --- Flash the computer? or what.

When the air is off the car dies

Where does the cylonoid belong?

A/C Pressure switch location on the 1995 Ford Taurus

I just recently had my engine overhauled due to a friend browing my car up. Once I got it back from the mechanic, my instrument lights for the gear shift are all on at the same time. I can not see what gear I am putting it in.

88 chevy pick up

BMW charge it for 24 hrs to get it to 12V. I never heard of a bat. taking that long to chg. No warning lights prior. New Alt is $1000.00 Should I take it to a private shop?

immediately. After driving it for a few minutes, it may come on, sometimes it comes on and sometimes it doesn't. Could this be the ignition switch causing this.

other than that works fine on freway and streets .
days before brake lights were check could be a short by toching a the brake light the shorted out the transmission sensor¿

only accelarete on flat surface sims to be on 4th gear

key turn but the car won't start

50k mile no modification to suspention or tires. tires balanced all trailing bushings look and feel good. suspention is tight. no loose tie rod. drag link or anything,test driven without front drive shaft and still the same insane wobbling over 50mph going over bump right front tire and the whole jeep feels like is going to loose control so i have to slow down to gaing control.

How many problems could it be. sensor, fluid?