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had smog test done thats what the fault code reads p1756
Car runs well but on occasion it will not start. When this happens, the headlights and signal lights don't work - no dash lights except the one saying "service engine". All else works but it has NO power to start the ...
engine surges at speeds above 55 mph, does not happen all the time, has been repaired several time but re occurs after about 20 k miles
air conditioner hose has a worn hole from fan hitting up against it. air refrigeration works when filled for about a week. how much for a new hose replacement?
Causes for engine light to stay lit always. no blinking
Right rear tire slowly looses air pressure.
New battery and alternator belt replaced.
I have the parts and am curious how much it is to have control arm bushings installed on a 96 VW Jetta?
the passenger side of the head light on my 2002 dodge ram is not working
the electronic throttle control light came on while i was driving the car, i pulled into a parking lot and turned the car off, when i turned it back on the light was gonne. is it safe for me to continue driving my car...
How do you prgram a remote to work with your car
When I left work today I found my passenger door window all the way down. It wasn't down when I parked the car. It now makes a kind of grinding sound when I press the button to raise it up or down, but doesn't move.
How canI fix a broken seatbelt clip on 1999 camry?
Hi,my aerio awd system does not work.I find it could be probably wiscous coupling it were on cardan.Sold it separately or with cardan?What price this item?