Manifold loose from the cylinder head, missing and broken bolts, and cylinder head (MAY) be stripped out. Cataylic converter rattling.

I was thinking of changing plugs but could it be something else?

Mechanic did work b4 authorized. Has replaced my 88 Benz's 300E exhaust system claiming this was causing my car to stall over the past 6 months. He used parts from another car so nothing is new and now he wants $750 is that a fair price?

This is a well kept old benz which now needs a rebuilt transmission can't seem to get to an estimate from your site even when I put in the last year you have a listing for. Generally I have heard its around $2500.00 with a 2 year warranty I am also looking for a reputable shop to do it.

When you evcelerate or the Rpm stay up

The air compressor will run for about 3 seconds turn off, stay off for about 5 seconds. This just keeps repeating itself over & over. Anyone have & idea what is wrong?

ht come on

The car ran great before I replaced the altenator I had the battery disonnected for two days only removed the alternator plug and ground wire on the altenator and bracket

The AC Off indicator on the Climate Control panel will not turn off when I push the button and the AC compressor will not come on.

was tuned up last month withplugs and wires.ran fine till now.warms up and losses power.let sit for 1 hour anr will run fine again untill it warms up again.coil,ignition module?

its a chev 3500 year2000 with a vortex 350 i cant find where the camshaft sensor goes on the engin can you please call me 770 931 6610 and let me know thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently bought an '02 X5, the 3.0. I also had it converted to run on LPG afterwards. The conversion was fine but I have noticed the TRANS PROG FAIL message come on on starting the engine. It then goes away whilst driving and the car is mostly normal, though the gears are pretty harsh. Could the LPG conversion have caused this, or is it likely to be a coincidence?

ok, I own a 1990 honda accord DX with only 147000 miles on it. just recently my "S" light starts blinking. according to my research this means an electrical problem, but I do not know where start. it always shifts from 1st into 3rd. never 2nd or 4th. my TCU has a red LED which blinks 7 times. I dont know what that means in error codes so if anyone know TCU codes please let me know :)

someone told me that it doesn't recognize being in park because it's an automatic and that specific switch cannot be ordered anymore. It runs fine until you stop...then acts like a dead nail...but not like a dead battery...everything still works just won't turn over. Had it tested during this problem and all power was fine in all areas. Oh the starter was replaced also with every other ignition part.

I have replaced the battery, ignition, alternator, all wires, coil. My 1993 Convertible will still leave me stranded on a road trip more than 25 miles. It acts like it's completely dead with no power and even when jumped...won't start. At first I thought it was due to heat but it will do it so randomly during cold or hot weather. Does anyone have a clue what causes this? So frustrated, Love this car but enough of driving home on a flatbed because I drove out of town.