I have replaced t-stat and coolant temp. senser and pigtail and light is still on. It came on while working in sacramento,had diagnostic ran and drove home with no diff.in performance. Did repairs myself and light is still on.

engine misses only when putting extra load or accelerating. If you accelerate slowly and are careful about pushing it, seems to run fine. Died at stop sign. Would not restart. Towed to shop. Moisture in distributor cap. Replaced that and the rotor. Did ok a couple of days. Happened again. Moisture again. Replaced plugs, wires...bam...did it for mechanic before I got it back. Any insight appreciated.

plug harness works and dually side lights work

I have replaced the alternator and the battery.the battery has been replaced twice within the last two days.

so u think its the pump itself. what about the fuel pressure regulator? i was kinda hesitant on checking that beacause i didnt want to take off the upper intake if i didnt have to

I hit a curb pretty hard, now my car rumbles when I press the gas. A mechanic from the Nissan dealership says the front driver side frame rail needs to be replaced? I am not sure whether it is the frame rail or the wheel bearing.

It happens when I accelerate as well as slowing down, best heard while coasting, not much feeling in the steering wheel and hard to hear but I can feel it at my feet... Any suggestions before I have a repair shop just start checking everything?

Not sure if it's just a fuse issue or something else.

Power steering gets hard, car jerks and shakes. No codes come up no lights and problem is intermittent. Will not duplicate for mechanic. Been checked for vacuum leak and catalytic problems. Computer read outs are good. My daughter did admit to adding a small amount of PS fluid to brake system.

I asked car dealer about it, they said the one at the gas tank or the one in the motor compartment? how can i find the right one thats bad.when i remove the gas cap to fill up the car will not start unless i press on the gas padel.

I have misplaced my owners manual and this is the first time I have had to replace one

Lost speed, when accelerating the light started blinking,changed spark plug,fuel filter,and air filter. Problem did not go away.

My brake light on the back of the vehicle do not work. The fuses are fine and so are the bulbs. My ABS light also came on and the gear shifter stays in Park.

Dealer performed an oil change & said that front sway bar was getting loose.

My doors unlock when driving or slowing down....what is the reason for this? is it a recall?