my 1994 dodge shadow stalls when warmed up after about 20 mins and will not restart till completely cooled ....i replaced the rotor button ,distributor cap and plugs and wires but didnt help ...please help i dont want to keep replacing parts aimlessly and i cannot afford to go to a mechanic right now...thanks so much ive researched and found so many answers fuel filter,idle air control valve,mass air flow or 02 sensor etc...

flashes for a few weeks, then off. than starts flashing again. No problem with trans shifting.

my mechanic says the limk pins on stabilizer bar need replaced. but maybe shocks too.

The owner's manual didn't give information about where I could find transmission dip stick.


I had a new battery put in a few weeks ago, but it was't until yesterday that the cd player just stopped and would't play or eject the cd's. it just had a cd error message and then it would go back to the radio, what can I do to get the cd to eject

I look under the hood but i still cant find the lifters.

A couple months back I had a leaking head gasket. It was replaced, then it blew out my front seal within minutes. After doing it a 2nd time, the mechanic told me I had crankwalk. They replaced 3 bearings (one being the thrust bearing), machined the crank, and replaced the seals. Car isn't leaking anymore and sounds normal.

Now my problem is with the A/C. The mechanic told me he had to evacuate the R134a and disconnect some A/C lines when he did the crank work. Since he doesn't have the necessary tools to deal with air conditioners, I had to take my car to another mechanic who checked for leaks, replaced two O-rings and both fittings on the lines. He recharged the system and gave me back the car. When he did, he told me the A/C compressor was failing. He said the compressor kept turning on & off so I should have it replaced.

I saw the clutch engage, then disengage several times before it would stop all together. I bought a used A/C compressor pulled from a 05 sebring with 47,000 miles. He installed it & gave me the car back.

I'm still experiencing the exact same problems. On a cold start, the compressor turns on and cold air starts coming out of the vents. After 2-3 minutes, the compressor turns off, then on again, off again, etc... Under the hood, I can see the clutch engage, then disengage several times before it just stops doing it's thing.

So two A/C compressors doing the exact same thing has me thinking my problem isn't with the compressor, but with something else. I checked the fan relays and they're fine.
I've already spent a buttload of money on this car and this A/C is just frustrating me now. Any ideas as to why it's not staying on?

No leaks, system is charged. Compressor works for only a few minutes on cold starts, then stops working. I've had the car for 3 years and the A/C had always worked fine. There was nothing wrong with it at all before the first mechanic disconnected some stuff to deal with the crankshaft issue.

Is there anything specific I should check? I'm hoping it's simply a bad sensor somewhere, but don't know what & where to check.

Every 3000 miles I get an oil change All of a sudden the check engine light came on and I was up in the mountains. I stopped and I was down a quart of oil; I am due for an oil change in 500 miles. The code that came up was P1259 V-Tel system failure or 3 other things. I am really worried. I have complained to Honda for over 3 months that when I start the car it idles funny but they check it and cannot find anything. Now I am reading about this code and it could be serious. The oil light did not come on; just the picture of the engine light. Any suggestions? I am bringing it in tomorrow to be looked at but frankly I hardly every trust most mechanics.

Which terminal, positive or negative, do I connect first? In this model what, if anything, do I also need to do for getting electronics back in sync (e.g. digital clock,power windows,sunroof, auto seat location)?

i would like to know what the problem is before i do anything else.

truck dies when i stop when it is ideling it sounds different what could the battery being dead that long do to the computer

i was wanting to know if i can go under the dash board of my car a adjust the cable for the a/c. the knobs came off and can not be replaced. we have to replace the entire unit for $440.00. so expensive.

vibration in the cv shafts

I wouldn't mind upgrading. One of my original speakers has cracked.