My front left breaks wear out quicker than my front right breaks

My front left breaks wear out quicker than my front right breaks

I am tryin to do an oil change on my 99 Bonneville. But can not figure out how much oil it needs before its to full..ANY answers..please!

All fuses are good, jumped compressor at relay-works, replaced air suspension mod. Sensor was removed- height sensor- it appears ok. Bags are completely flat Help!!!! No trouble light at dash unit will not come on!!!

have look everywhere I can think of for the specs but cant find

As soon as it hits the point where it should turn over the engine the power completely cuts. Now it holds now power at all. The battery was fine. Any ideas?

What is the likelyhood that the catalytic converter has indeed failed or could I get that same code if it were just a sensor gone bad?

Car has 108000 miles on it

i recently had a radiator hose replaced but i still have fluid leaking if you look on the ground its by the rear of the front tires in the middle of the car i was told there is a pipe in there above the intake that may need replaced how do i tell for sure if this is the problem

When the engine is cold the truck runs rough at highway speeds, but while accelerating runs alright. When the truck warms up it starts running fine. Also, i dont know if problems are related, but when it gets hot it is hard to crank until it cools down. It also has stalled for no apparent reason. But next day it crank right up. I assume after it cooled off. We have replaced fuel pump. The pressure is fine on it. New fuel filter. It has new plugs and wires. Any help would be appreciated.

eversense i put brake switch in transmisson wont release from park

The engine code say`s there is a very small leak

when yo hit the switch it use to open all the way either tilt or completly open. Now it will only move a little and you have to keep hitting the switch to get it open. Its the same on both tilt and the open switch.

this problem became evident after trying to engage cruise control without success

I have put r134 into the vehicle once I turn it off the a/c stop blowing cold air?