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When I put my truck in just 1rst gear it revs up more than it does move it does the same when I put it second gear alone. But when I put it in overdrive the truck
Drives fine. What is the problem? Are my clutches in the transmission bad?

Works grate for ten minutes then compreser stops engaging

Quits after ten minutes

I removed all the coil packs on the cylinder seven side to clean the "ports" they go into and them themselves. the engine was covered in grime especialy around the spark plug ports so I figured once I cleaned them it would clear and the cylinder wouldnt misfire but i was wrong.. I hooked up my elm 327 using easyob2 and noticed the timing advance for cylinder#1 is 38.. does this sound right? also when she baught the car the previous owner said it had a coolant leak and that they had tried to fix it but neither I or afew other people could find any leak.. likit plugged itself up before we ended up buiying ther car.. she paid $600 for it wehich by all means it runs and she drove it back and forth to work for the past few months without any problems but recently her battery died so we baught one from a junkyard and she swears when she was on the highway the marquis started running realy rough.. before the battery died she's had a tranny slip betweemn 40 to 60 mph, as soon as it catches it runs strong with no problem.. I've read about the plastic manifold and drivers side head gasket just so you know.. I have not seen any leaking under the car at all sincer she baught the car. does anyone know where I can download the repair manual for this car? I've been all over the internet looking for the pdf but can't find anything but bad links and bs leads sending me to misc site's about everything but the 2001 grand marquis..

anyone got any ideas?

i have a lexus gx 470 and when its in neutral where it normally is in the a/t p light comes on and from 10 mph to about 25 it does not accelerate like normal

I have a 1998 Honda Civic LX and was told by dealership that rear control arm bushings needed to be replaced. Was trying to lookup estimated cost for this type of repair on repairpal but it was not listed. Thought it might be same as ball joints.

steering wheel and lock plate have been a

foggy beyond here with turn signal switch
hazzard switch removal to gain access to lock cyl

One mechanic said it was a grounding issue in lighting system. First replaced alternator lasted 4 weeks, then voltage hit 18v. Second replacement o.k. for a week now. What is the probability of a "grounding" issue. If this is true, will it kill another alternator sooner or later? Lighting and charging are normal at present.

cant find where

takes afew seconds before the gauges work then it will start

I am told there is no filter

I Was told I need to replace the intake manifold on our
2005 highlander, not just the gaskets. I was told this is supossedly a rare occurance, especially for this model. The engine is making a knocking sound when in park and idling. but otherwise I don't notice alot of noise or any hissing. I also was told it doesn't need to be an immediate repair. the price for repair is $775.00, is this high given that this is a dealer? Is this repair something that a regular non dealer service auto repair shop should be able to do?

what does the b1155 code mean

tank senders ck ok. change tank switch on dash replaced

engine light on codes P0171 P0174