changed air cleaner and reset but it came on again and unsure what to fix

I was test driving this Saturn today for my teenage son and when slowing down to a stop it had a pretty loud whine. Could this have anything to do with the automatic transmission? If not, what could it be? It is the only thing stopping me from buying the car.

Timming Belt cost and what is the recommended milage , Audi A3 2006

Other than paying someone to take apart the engine to get to the transmission, any other (cheaper) suggestions? I noticed that the oil seems to drip from the same spot at the bottom of the engine. Wouldn't it be great if someone could invent a cheap device that could be hooked on (like a little metal basket) to that certain part of the engine and then it could collect the oil? I guess it might sound stupid to a lot of mechanics, but I don't know anything about cars. My leak isn't bad, but I don't want it contaminating the environment.

I can hear the silanoid. for my horn but cant find the horn. I thought it would be in the grill??

After having the work done the car doesn't drive quite as well. It makes a "winding down" noise and also notice a slight vibration at the center of the car in floor. What could have causeed this effect ?

The new lock cylinder that i have come equipped with keys and have no electrical components attached, therefore i just need to know if it needs to be programmed by a dealership or if i ca install the cylinder on my own without bringing it to a dealership>

Leaking fluid had to run straight through

I'm sure it's the circuit board on the front of the motor, when I tap on it with a screwdriver handle I can make it start at will. My question is do I have to replace the entire motor? or can I find the circuit board separate?

want to buy the part, but don't know what it looks like - 1991 acura integra

I a noisy alternator to be expected?

What could cause this? I do have a code for a speed sensor, but could that drop the gauges as well?

My jeep is running vey gard and rough. Then it will cut off, It will also cut off when you change from park to reverse. Does it need a ignition coil or computer box?

What can I try to repair this problem.

There has been a very slow leak on coolant, I'm thinking it's the thermostat. Any thoughts??