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What does the DSC System Fault code means it comes on after driving the car about 10 mins sometimes it stays on the whole time the engine is running.
While driving vehicle suddenly shut down, radio, a/c etc.. continue to function as normal, unable to restart, engine will not turn over radio, a/c continue to function as normal.
I can't fine no one to that know wher the water is coming from it seem to occar in winter Not heater coil aircondition disconetted
i have a short,i get shocked when i get out and close my door,and is the coil supose to be loose?
I am told I need to replace my Electronic Control Module on my 2000 Passat. How much should the total cost be including Parts and Labor?
My van has 105000 and needs the plugs changed BAD! I have differing stories on how to change the plugs, i.e. underneath,or remove the intake. I have code PO301; Cylinder 1 misfire and need to know the proper and easie...
Front end crash, transmission stuck in Park/fluid low. What's involved in fixing it?
i have a 2003 dodge 3500 van 5.9 won't start. codes po 340, po 645 and po 523 come up. I just gave it a mini tune up plugs and it ran for a day. now i changed cam postioning sensor still no avail. I just prayed starte...
power steering very hard
power steering very hard
Local dealer is quoting me 685.00 to replace my coolant flange.
replace catalytic converter, O2 sensors?
Engine starts and idols fine. Step on the gas and no response at all. It's like the pedal is disconnected. Cold air intake is dry, throttle body is clean and electronic pedal is clean.CKL & EPC lights on. It started a...
When I went to get a oil change. My check engine light started coming on after. I went back the next day and the people wher I had gotten my oil change hook it up to a machine and the light went off. It stayed off f...
hi, my 2004 gran marquis' abs and traction control light both came on at the same time, i have no idea what the issue could be,i let it warm up before i drive it so everything is smooth running. if anyone can help me...