the location for the front drivers door curtesey light switch

I had a dodge neon that the engine blew up because I didnt know that I needed to change the serpentine belt every 60,000 miles and it was a chain so there went my engine. I am concerned that because Ive never owned a chevy hhr that I dont know how to properly change everything at the right time....

Sometimes after about driving for more than 15 miutes with aircon on the clutch gets sticky to the end where it gets stuck at the bottom. even if you pull it back with your hand the clutch does not release

4 x 4 is not engaging

replaced all brakes drums and roders

Ignition coil (#'s 8, 6, 3) always seem to need replacing. Spark plugs, wires and coils all replaced 1000 miles ago. Coolant on plugs and coil when removed. Check engine light goes on and engine shakes...Even replaced short block 3000 miles ago. What is permanent fix or is there one short of getting another non-Ford truck. Have a 01 F-150 Supercrew 4x4.

i read in manual that when service comes on it mean it has exceeded and need reseting

i'm really trying to find out what fuse goes 2 my horn so i can get my horn working.

It started 4 months ago. Bought a new battery and still have issues. Now my wipers front and back don't work.

just had oil changed last week and today this warning came on. no other problems in operation of the car.

Do I have to replace the whole seat? Can I replace the bracket? Where do I get one? Are there any other compatible drivers side seats I can put in my truck?

I changed the control module and the light won't go off. The car starts but runs rough. What do I need to do.

My a/c blows when car is moving. the faster you go the more air comes out. pipes in engine are cold. but air only comes out when you are moving, as soon as you stop no more air. The fan speed setting has no effect on air flow. a/c works b/c air comes out cold just not coming in car unless you are moving.

I have had this problem in the past. When the key is turned to start, there is a click coming from the fuse box on the side of the dash. It feels like the click is coming from a large relay in the corner of the fuse box, but I can't be sure. When this has happened before, I have removed and replaced, or just wiggled the "crank" fuse to get it to start. I have wiggled and moved everything in the fuse box but still no dice. I am at the end of my expertise. Please advise. Thanks

how to erase codes i trid disconnect battery,pulled fuse,relay ,jumper wire,have scan tool ,wont work on this model truck need accessory for tool