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also makes digital clock goe to 1:00,then gauges (fuel,temp.,rpm,and speedometer)wont work,then after a while they work.But every time light switch is turned on it happens.I replaced light switch, and installed a used cluster w/new bulbs, same problem?Its driving me bananas,please can anyone help me.everytime i fix something, something else goes wrong.have had car 3yrs,never ending project.I thought mercedes were great cars,should have bought a freeking chevy!

is this my timing belt if so how much time do i have

The radio was not working so my son replaced it. The radio worked for a day, now no radio. The power locks and window only work when the car is running, and the clock only lights up when he holds the button in. Any help would be great.

Dealer says it is because the independent mechanic I get service at does not add the Subaru additive during a flush and fill and encouraged me to use dealer for service. I can't afford the dealer. Is there a secret additive they add during a flush and fill that a regular mechanic would not know about?

replace heater fan

so my car turns on but turns off right away. i know is somewhat of a vacuum leak because the car chokes. the scanner gave me code 34 map sensor signal out of range/low. i already replaced the map sensor, egr valve, idle air control sensor, throttle position sensor, pcv valve. i also checked for leaks in the hoses and checked the connectors but it still does the same thing. any suggestions?

Having so many problems w/ Chevy Trailblazer; vibrating, running rough, very poor mileage, check engine light, etc.
-Will a tuneup solve these problems?

2003 4WD Trailblazer bucks, vibrates, runs rough & idles really high. Became noticable on 6/29/12.
Vehichle has 135K miles. I bought it @ 102K miles. Never had tuneup.
-Replaced Powering Steering Pum 2/12.
-Replaced fuel pump 3/12.
-Replaced Belt Tensenor 3/12. I think, the Back yard mechanic did not put it in correctly.
- Noticed after fuel pump replacement a red wire running from under the hood to the gas tank??
-Oil change & fuel injector cleaned 6/12.
-have had check engine light cleared & it always comes back on
Please advise, I am desitute & don't know where to turn.
Thanks a million!

One of my cylinder compressions is only 30 psi. I'm wondering if this is something worth repairing or if that's the end of the engine. She runs really rough, I have to put her in neutral and rev the engine just to keep it going at a stoplight and she smokes bad when she starts up. The engine makes a sort of clicking sound and shakes. Makes it hard to sell even for a really low price!

I have a problem with my Acura tl the battery light and the brake light came on and the battery will not stay charged I already replaced alt,bat,coil packs,spark plugs,battery cables and still the same

It does this a couple times a day, do u have any idea what is going on.

is this because i have 62000 miles on it. If not what should i be looking for to fix it.

I have changed three switches in the gear box, changed the power box, changed the transmission oil. Help!

I shut the car off went into the store, I came out of the store went to start the car and it would not start all I got was a clicking noise. I had three gentlemen try and give the car a jump and that did not work. I had to call a tow truck to come and get the car. The tow truck driver also tried to jump the car to no avail it just made a clicking noise a couple of times and then it stopped even doing that. I have not had any indication that I might have a problem with the starter or the battery. What could possibly be the problem before I start putting money into this car and it is impossible to get to the starter it is basically hidden, the car will have to be put up on jacks in order for someone to make an attempt to get to the starter.

What happened is the flap on the air/heating control kept making noise so a mechanic just put a band aid on it and it is only set for the heat. Now that I'm moving to Tennessee, I'm going to need the air conditioning. Please respond as soon as possible.