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My fan works, but no warm air comes out, especially when idling at a light. Is there a simple repair I can do myself?
I have P0300 and P1313 fault codes. I have replaced the plugs and coils in cylinders 1, 2, and 3, erased the codes, and they still return. The engine runs a little rough so it is still misfiring and there is a strong ...
how much would it cost to replace a radiator in this type od car?
Is there a front/rear brake shoe on 89 nissan D21 pickup? After replacing shoes (both sides) the right side shoes will not go flush to stationary pin. Hit one side and other side moves away. Seems like shoes are rotat...
my car starts but it wont stay running, what is the problem
Just wondering how to change the spark plugs in this truck.
Recently after running my car through an automated car wash, my car makes a humming noise as if the pulley for the belts is loose or the exhaust is loose. Now, while driving my battery light comes and I am trying to f...
i started the truck this morning to take my girlfriend to work backed up like i always do to swing by her car ad when i went to take off the truck would not move i tried several times and the truck just kept stalling ...
engine light was on ran a scan it said o2 and no.1 ignition coil was bad replaced both engine light is out but car wont start sometimes it will crank but not start
Why is the "AFS off" light on?
When starting the car, all is normal. When I put the car into Drive, the VSC light flashes, then goes out and stays out. Sometimes the TRAC light comes on and stays on. Turning the car "On" and the Off and back on a...
Why do I hear a loud squeaking sound when I park with the engine running?It started when the weather turned vrey cold?
Why do I hear a squeaking sound when I park with the engine running?
Please provide step by step instructions, degree of difficulty, and special tools needed.
While in wet muddy pasture, there was a loud noise and jerking of steering wheel and brakes. Turning either way is noisy and jerky. Going straight not as bad. Is this possibly a power steering pump or motor mounts?