When the car is started it makes an odd noise, goes off then put it in reverse it does it again, put it in drive it does it again. We did remove the blower fan under the glove box but it is un-related - sounds like a relay or selonoid?

My a/c recharge kit hose fitting fits 1999 300D that is is a 134a system but seems too small for the 2005. Did they go to a larger fitting or something and should i be able to get an adapter or is this a MB only trick?

chaned head gaskets and shaved the heads put everything back together now it won't even turn over..PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and why they keep going bad

and why they keep going bad

is this the fault of the blower resistor? and how can i get to the resistor?

Is there a tork spec for this

check engine light on,code po442 comes up has small evp.leak does this sound right

it only stalls when you quickly accelorate. not the fuel pump or mass air flow sensor

I am relaying info to my brother who is on a mountain pass in eastern Oregon. Brrrrrr.

Can a glove compartment be repaired or does it have to be replaced?

The srs light is on constantly since i performed a software update.

My Ranger drives well in 4 wheel drive, but, I cannot park without disengaging the 4 wheel drive. This has always been a problem but got worst when I changed the shift motor.

can not get old fuel pump out

what type of engine do i have and what is the name of it 45371