when engine is running it makes a screeching type noise also was told that their is play in the turbine shaft

It wont allow me to go over 55mph without my car jumping. I cant put my car into gear either

does not want to shift in higher gears after 25 m.p.h. and makes whining noise

What is the procedure to bleed the rear traction control?

6.0L Diesel Crew Cab Lariat 18" wheels

i want to know if a alternator could cause a misfire

manual is missing that page for symbols

The VSC and check engine light went on for our 2005 Toyota Sienna. My wife said the car has had some issues lately with acceleration. she took it to the Toyota dealership. They said that both catalytic converters were shot. To replace both they are charging a total of $3,600 - $2,400 for parts and 9 hours labor for $1,200. Seems so excessive to me. Is this at all reasonable?

where is the ac fuse located at

About a month the tire came off while driving because the lug nuts were loose, but now that problem was resolved. Now every time I turn right its making a clicking sound.

was told that it was an a/c hose that had been recalled on this model vehicle because it was a common problem with this particular model car. why am i being charged for this part if it was a recall matter? Was the information I received accurate about the hose recall? How much does an a/c hose cost for a 2008 Mazada 6?(estimated cost is fine).

2002 ford focus has about 100k miles

I am giving my son a used car that I have very little repair history. It has 94000 miles and i want to keep it safe. It is clean and seems to run well. Where should I start?

There is a constant and annoying noise that sounds like a cricket. It is constant

a copy of the specific fuses in the panel