We purchased the car new and about a year or so after that the dealer said something was wrong with the trans. and it took nearly 2 weeks to have the parts shipped and replaced.Is that common? It just seems like the brakes or ? are on.

99 Ford Windstar.Trans has 40 thousand miles on it. Recently the overdrive light blinks when i start it. The check engine light is on and no code has popped up to signal the problem.
Well now it want go into part,the gear shift is lose. I have to start it in neutral,and connot park on a hill and i have to use my emergency break to make sure it doesnt move.

I just need some info on what the problem is or could be,cause everyone i talk to where i live says well...its a ford for ya..I dont have time to hear thta,i need to get this problem fixed so i can pass my inspection,thanks for your time.

i was driving and the vehicle lost power and wouldnt accelerate then the power steering went out i pulled over and turned it off now it wont even start

check engine light is on due to o2 sensors

Have to turn the ignition two or more times before the engines starts. have replaced the starter, did not change things.

Changed spark plugs 2wks ago and replaced valve cover gasket & 1 coil on #6.

Jumped out the brake switch still no lights. Parking and head lights are OK.

No spark coming from coil pack.

Is it necessary to remove engine block?

i was at a stop sign went to go and it was as if i was in nuetral no drive at all. i had to use slap shift. then once i got to about 35 or so i could put it back into drive and it was fine until i got under that speed then i would have to go back into 2nd and 1st, now after 2 days. the slap shift dont work anymore.. is it my transmission or is there anything it could be that might be causing this... im hoping its not nothing big,,, but im thinking it might be.. ok thank u

I changed the plugs & wires and it stilles gives me the po301 code. Could it be the idle control valve. Please tell me how to change it. when i changed the plugs the #1 & 3 plugs had a burnt electrod so those cylinders seem to be fireing.

We recentely purchased a used 2004 Mercedes-Benz C240 4MATIC. Once in a while there is a strange foul/burnt smell from the engine area, while driving, that comes strongly than goes away, but we have not noticed any leaks underneath the vehicle or any other symptoms that would indicate a problem….. Does anyone have an idea what may cause this?

My rear shock compressor comes on but only pumps for a few seconds.

How detailed is the repair? How much should it cost?

Car has done this several times while ive been trying to accelerate. It runs fine when cold but once it gets up to temp begins to be sluggish and often stalls out. When it stalls out it wont restart for an extensive time period. Fuel pump, filter, and pressure regulator have all be swapped out for brand new ones. No vacuum leaks or anything, and getting plent of fuel to the engine. My father and husband are both mechanichs and they are stumped. We finally had it towed to a shop the last time it happened and they've been using it as a parts run car and still can get it to die so they can diagnose it. They have driven it for hours and nothing. PLEASE HELP!