When driving 45+ mph the trans will shift rather harshly down into third gear and never shift out, even after stopping it stays in third gear.I have to stop and turn off the engine for about 5 minutes or so for it to recover then if I go over 45mph it starts over again. Fluid is fine and no other problems exist. This has been happening on a more consistent level.It only happens after engine is at operating temp.

The problem happen when the car ran over a big rock left in the road at night.

The car rarely starts on the first try. It can take anywhere from 2 to 20 tries before the car will start. It sounds like something spinning when it won't start right away. When it does start, it cranks properly and we are on our way. Can you give some ideas as to what might be causing this?

Today is the third time I've brought my car to the shop for his problem. First time they hooked it up to diagnostic and found nothing and light went off. Second time, code indicated that the thermostat had to be replaced which I did. Third time (today) hooked back up to diagnostic and code came back thermostat which has been replaced. Now what?

my brakes fail to stop and makes a noise like they trying to catch but fail everytime i turn right only.my oad and shoes and rotatory is good.is it my sensor is bad that want allow me to stop when turning right only?

codes that were checked are p0440 p0442 and p0456, got smoke tested, and the evap vent valve is bad, how do i replace it and is it something that I can do myself?

Keeping in mind that i had to jump it off to get it started?

It's making a loud rattling noise and my voltmeter shows erratic charging from my alternator. I suspect the belt tensioner isn't doing its job of keeping the serpentine belt tight thereby causing slippage on the alt. pulley. Appreciate any comments and/or advice on how to change out the belt tensioner.

when pumping gas the fuel backs out and the pump keeps clicking off. It takes about 20 minutes to pump a full tank

The door knob doesn't unlock either by pulling the handle, using the key or remote. It appears that the spring is broken. This vehicle once belonged to my brother and I inherent it. I'm hoping this is an easy fix.

This has happened twice in the last 2 months. Two mechanics can find nothing wrong. Think it may be fuel pump but won't guarantee it. Nothing shows on the machine in the shop. Only 66,742 miles on this auto. Fine car we would like to keep but afraid to get out on the road in it.

No leaks seen in gas lines, or on gas tank.
would it be in the filler neck.

left side half shaft leaking

I own a BMW X-5, 4.4 ltr V-8. I am having a issue with my brakes, they lock up after I've been driving a while. Over the past 2 months I've replaced the brake booster, abs module, vaccum hose and both rotors on the rear of the vehicle. I've taking my car to several BMW dealers who can't find out whats wrong. The problem started 2 months ago, my brake pedal was hard to push in when i was driving, then the 4x4/DSC, brake lights showed inactive status. While the lights were on, the car started to slow down without me pusihing the brakes. Eventually I damged the rear rotors, so I replaced them and took the vehicle in. The BMW tech stated that he believes it was the power brake booster or the ABS module. We'll I am currently tired of spending money and my car is still doing the same thing.

I have 97 accent GL I was driving through W.Va. in the mountians with no problems and the transmission started slipping and now it only will mov in low 1 and low 2 as soon as i shift into drive the engine starts revving to about 55oo rpm's then i have to stop and turn off the motor put it in park wait about 1 minute start it back up and i can get it to move only in low gears for a couple miles and it starts slipping again does anybody know what the problem could be