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The window get's stuck won't budge for day's and you have too get creative get it up

stops working and i reset the botton on the suspension and it works temporaly, I live in Florida and we have a lot of misture and humidity, could it be a false contact electronic or what could it be?

What are the torque specifications for the bolts holding the rear trailing arm? Will I have to realign my car?

do I need to split the throtle body

How to fix it?

The rear main seal is leaking, I know this for sure

All other 3 windows are working fine

It is really hard to step on the gas

Window was working fine when I went into store and when I came out it wouldn't go down.

I also thought i would get a better answer than how old my van
is .It gives me very little problems ,so we are still rolling
happily . Thank You

Should I take it to the dealer and pay megabucks?

This happens often, but not all the time. The motor mount was fixed, cv-axle was replaced and have a new set of tires. Still the vibration is there but not as much prior to the above repairs. Had it checked for leaking, but my "shade tree mechanic" could not locate the leak. Took on out-of-town trip. It handled great except for occassional vibration. It almost feels like something is slipping and vibrating at the same time.

we have installed a new resevoir and the engine still gets hot even though the radiator is full of antifreeze

Car did not start on two trys, then starting on third and fourth.

I had a key break in my door and I can to get a replacement one made. The spare key I had worked just fine but the new key that was made is now stuck and won't turn all the way to remove it. I have used WD-40 and nothing. What else can I do?