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i replaced pcv, gomit, hose to intake, all valve cover gromits, plugs, wires, cap, rotor wires.... i am totally lost! it does not smoke at start up in the morning... only at speeds of 65-70+mph under load! i added a c...
The mechanic at the dealership tells me my Volvo V70 has an oil leak and oil is getting on the timing belt. He says that I can keep adding oil, but since it is leaking on the timing belt it "could" ruin my engine. I...
repair vent control ,part B0263
I need the timing belt diagram for a Isuzu axiom 2002 3.5
I have to change the front bumper, how much will cost?
When my car is warmed up, and I have to shift into reverse, the transmission makes a very loud clonk noise as if the engine is going to fall out of the car.
I took it to get an oil change and the men showed me it was low on transmission fluid. I knew my car has been shifting funny so I let them flush it. It was working fine until today it wouldn't shift around 20 mph. I s...
My 2004 BMW X3 never registered that it overheated ever! I had a water light come on. Filled it with coolant and saw the coolant coming out in the middle of engine out the bottom. Got onto this site and saw that this ...
Problem occurs only when warmed up.Check engine light flashes on and off.Car indicates four bars when warmed up and goes back and forth to three bars.A vibrating sound under driver's seat.
Heater started blowing cold. Turn truck off and it warmed up a little. Does blow warmer when traveling over 50 miles per hour. New Heater Core
i need to change the upper timing hain gasket, valve cover gasket and alternator gasket
My van had been killing, every once in a while, for about 3 weeks and I thought I needed a new battery. About a week after I bought the battery, I was driving and the van just killed. I tried restarting it but it just...
Does anyone know what to set the torque at on the crankshaft bolt for reinstall as well as where to put oil on the bolt
Front 3 spark plugs are loaded with oil. Whats the problem?