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how to reapair the PO700 code
my question is that my climate control that causes my blower fan to run the fuse keep blowing as soon as i put a new one in it blows it was working fine so iam at a lost the fuse # 20
went outside this morning tried to put my key in the ignition, key would only go half way in. Got my spare key and the same thing happened.
i have no kets or remote. what is my cheapest option to fix the problem?
My quest died as I was backing out of my drive,will not start but does turn over,my first thought was timing belt broke,and is my engine an interferance motor or no?my e-mail is
My heater blower fan works only at the slower speeds (1-2). Most site say to replace the heater resistor if only the high speed works. The high speed (4) will work if you physically push the control in and hold it....
how much does it cost to remove dashboard to replace light bulb on odometer and am I better off to replace all bulbs
I was stuck and rocking back and forward jamd brakes and lost both power steering and brakes but was experiencing soft and hard petal prior to this
replacing the connecting rod but having problem taking it out from the piston
My alternator to my Nissan Sentra I had replaced as I was not getting a full charge on the Battery. The Alternator was from a junk yard. Now after about 6 months the same problem has occured. My check engine light has...
the check engine light is on and my van stalls out when i am sitting at a light. what could this mean?
I'm guessing it's some type of electrical much for a diagnosis, and or replacement of damaged electrical wiring...not sure whats wrong
Why does my oil light keep turning on when my oil level is good?
OK guys on Monday I replaced the dist. cap, rotor and coil. The car ran fine (1995 Acura Integra GSR). On Tuesday I did the oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, and also replaced the ignition wires and spark plugs. Whe...
I had a new mirror installed on the passenger side front door and now an indicator shows vehicle too close to the RR? How would one get this working properly.