there are like two or three vents holding the heater core in place, how do i get it out?

2001 ford tuarus i replaced the key cylider and switch when i turn the key the lights goes out and radio does not play it trurns on but im still not getting noise or power

where is the ignition module on the 1992 saturn sc

not sure if there is a way to reset the idle sensor in this car or if the problem is more major and i can fix it before it gets worse please help!

Need to know what size socket to use on my CV axle nut?

Hooked the car up to the computer at the mechanics. Check engine light was on and exhaust had awful smell. Replaced spark plugs, boot and cool pack. Any suggestions.

where on the car do you locate the fuse box and which fuse is for the brake lights

is it on blwer motor housing

when turning the steering wheel the car makes a clunking noises

Is there a test to determine the single faulty part and not start replacing parts till the high NO in the exhaust is within limits

When the brake padle is applied the right rear brake locks up completely forcing the car to skid and it jars the back right side suspension.

I have to put oil in at least every one to two weeks

I need to know whitch wires plug into speed sensors on transmission can anyone help

I recently had my car inspected and was told (with great urgency) that this needs to be replaced. I was also given an estimate of $738. My car currently has no symptoms of an issue.

last months i changed oil of my Cadillac DTS 2007.then I re set. but next morning it did not start then I connected my other car's battery to Cadillac DTS 2007's battery with jumper.after that Cadillac started. then my mechanic suggest me to changed the battery and i did. day before yesterday i did oil changed again and reset. but again same problem happened. this time my mechanic saying that there is no prob with battery. but why when i charge the battery its getting start. i can understand whats wrong with my car.pls help me.