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i have replaced the compressor of my a.c. the return pressure shows 400 do i have a blockage in the evaporator or is it something ealse?

can anyone give me a link to where i can learn how to repair a outer tie rod

Owner's manual says to replace it at 60,000 miles if vehicle is operated under extensive idling or low-speed driving for long distances as in heavy commercial use. It does not mention when to replace it if vehicle is operated for personal use under normal conditions, which it is. Never having checked it, I had it replaced at 96,000 miles (Sept 2004)& it cost over $400. The old belt & pulleys still looked like new. Since it is expensive just to have it checked, is there any telltale engine noise that may warn you of a worn timing belt? I now have 200,000 miles & have not checked it since last replaced. Engine runs smooth & quiet as a mouse.

Bcm is out and I got remanufactured one from auto zone do I have to have it programmed by dealer

or start again

My windshield washer fluid sprayer is not working. When you push in the blinker spray switch. The wipers do not move nor does water come out. The windshield wipers work fine otherwise.

moved shift- no response of any gears (P-R-N-P)

mode. I've taken to dealer and they are just trial and error, already cost 1k and no better. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Can you identify the timing belt being off a tooth by doing engine diagnosis?


I have front tire wear on the inside of drivers and on the outside of passanger

it only happens when driven more then 10-15 miles , and is intermittent. It will revert to normal if engine is turned and restarted. it will also rarely not upshift from wecond or third unless turned off and restarted.

Car shutters while driving esp. when i try 2 go faster & apply pressure on gas pedal I almost immediately "feel the steering column - shake/shutter along with the front end feeling as its shaking/shuttering also. We replaced the inner tie-rod (others are fine im told) tires are practically brand new. HELP !!!

car has very little power

i have change the water pump and temp guge and it still over heats

I recently had a tire blow out on the highway and the thread from the tire broke out all of the plastic, stripped and tore up the wiring harness over the drivers side wheel well.the mechanic says the entire unified body wiring harness needs to be replaced, is it true it can only be ordered from the dealer? Also, what should be the estimated cost of labor, or number of hours? any do's, dont's or any advice in regards to this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.