im wanting to replces my transmission filter,as im not afraid to get dirty,and have done several car repairs in the past with a 76 Pontiac lemans..oh boy..lol.(ex-schpd car)..anyways my fuel pump assemble has been found to be bad and is at the shop now,im thinking why not do some pre-maintenance and replace transmission filter,along with the thermostat,and would like to replace the belts,as i bought this 2005 Chrysler used,and consumer reports has rated this vehicle bad for repairs.soo can u help,thanks,~ken.4/19/2012..12:03 a.m

starts and runs while accelerating, dies at idel

already changed water pump,thermastat,bottom hose,and rad. cap and its still doing it what could it be?

Check Engine lights come on, I stop at Autozone, code P0410 shows up.

Also has anyone ever use addative to stop oil leaks, if so what kind

I have to let it run for about a minute then I can shift it in reverse. If I turn it on and try to leave right away it shakes as if were going to die. Also, when turning it on I have to turn the key 2-3 time before it actually turns on. It typically acts like its going to turn on but just dies right away. Once it finally turns on its ok. I noticed these problems after we came back from taking a road trip.

I just installed a new slave cylinder and I was bleeding the lines and during the process the pedal will either stay down or will gradually compress itself. I was wondering if I was improperly bleeding the lines or is it another issue with the CMC. Could you give me the proper instructions on bleeding the slave cylinder of a 2006 Sion TC.

Thank You,
Johnny Montoya

I've replaced the wiper blades and it makes no difference

is it a sensor

when it starts there is a strong odor - not raw gas but like paint thinner

it sat for 10 days while on vacation in the garage and started right up without hesitation but now back to long cranking

cant't find any info in manual under scheduled maint.

they will replace 2 spark plugs and coils on the left side of the engine

Main switch on drivers side will not work passenger window either.

My dodge carevan will not start after engine has been replaced

i changed spark plugs/wires ,oil, radiator, heads, transmission, the mass airflow sensor is clean, the thermostat is new....heeeeelp