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dashboard lights turn on-new battery-always starts up cold;after running will not restart

just want to know the torque speces putting the heads on , head bolt torque

no grinding when not moving and no problems with other gears, can even go straight to 3rd from 1st if gets up to enough speed. Note mechanic told me I had some metal shavings in pan, but then he wanted to completely change the tranny too. What do I need to do to fix it?

can't find erg valve, top of motor or back

We have already replaced the thermostat and fuses for the fan. when it first started there was a terrible smell like something was burning up. then shortly after that it started smoking and boiling over. Already took it in and they said it was the fan fuses. Can't afford to keep guessing and not sure what to do from here. thanks

Just change the stock intake and now its revving too high when I accelerate hard on the gas pedal. Ill be going 40mph and itll be at 2000rmp, but when i step hard on the gas pedal, it jumps to like 5500rmp and dont really feel the push.

I didnt step on the pedal too long because I was worried after seeing the rmp rising like crazy. Is this normal??

A deer ran into the front passenger side of my car and smashed my headlight and bent the area right above and in front of my wheel well. I was just wondering what to expect to have to pay to have it repaired.

It seems to revv strong enough but no resultant drive power unless you kick-down. Doing this only makes me drive hard and of course, burn more fuel to do very little work.

When i turn AC on it makes a squeaking noise sometimes , it a new belt .

anyway we have checked and there is no fire (spark) from the spark plugs to the disp.and the rotor is turning ? can you please help with a solution where we may fix this ourselves? please!! thank you ;)

it causes my starter not to engage or click

it causes my starter not to engage or click

when you accelerate from start it miss in gears 1,2,3 after that it's OK what could be causing that to happen

A/C works but the air is not very vool. Also hot air comes out from the defrost area and leg area. Hot air blows for the back seat area.

Also Needs 2 rear Calibers and Possibly Either An Donut For Exhaust Or Muffler..