down to a crawl during this time the powersteering also shut down.

sometimes not all the time

car overheats

the car overheats

code 0011 is possible bad camshaft position sensor?
Where is this located on the engine and is there
1 or 2 sensors? Engine oil is clean and changed every
3,000 mi.Also it could be an intake valve timing
control solenoid? where is that located? are these 2 items easy to change?

Thanks GFO

My transmission went out and I bought a used transmission and they do not match 100%. The front axle doesnt look the same on the new one. The old one front axle part is smaller than the new transmission. What years will fit the 2003 Santa fe? Or does it have to be from another 03 santa fe to fit right? Do I have to change out any parts? etc. HELP

can't open the sun roof. Has the sensor gone bad or something. Is there a senor ?

turn on ac an car losses rpms or stalls

ignition has a censor that i want to bybass. ineed my car ton get to work, but i can not afford a new key

This problem occurs seemingly randomly. Auto door locks, seat adjustment and electric windows do not work or make clicking sound with slight movement of window when switch is activated. Fuses keep blowing and problem sometimes goes away for a short time, but is happening more frequently, now. Had Ford service look at it and could not find problem. They said they messed around under drivers seat moving wiring and problem went away. $400.00 charge with no solution. Can anyone help me figure out how to find short?

Non turbo. What else should be changed on it?

I just replaced the alternator.

my EGR VALVE so i replaced it ,before i started i disconnected battery but it still comes on when i drive only like before ,what could it be ?

where is the low side port on tha ac/system

where is the low side ac/charge port located??