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My 2007 infiniti fx35 won't start. I tried starting the car this morning and it won't start.... the green key light was flashing on the dash. This is the first time that this has happen....I not sure what the issue i...
My son has a 95 Camaro that will not start. Will not turn over, but lights and accessories work just fine. He changed the starter and solenoid and started just fine. Next day the same problem again. Battery checked ou...
heat blowing cold air
My headlights are not working. If you hold the high beam switch they work but I realy cant drive that way. I took the switch out of the dash & the wire is blackened. When I messed with the wire the lights came on b...
Just want to know parts for 100,000 mile tune up. Thanks
I need to change the fluid in my transfer case. What kind of fluid should I be using and how much will it take?
when i'm just a regular stop,sudden stops, when i hit bumps.
i have been having problems, when i try to put my odyssey in reverse or drive it seems to get stuck and i have to wiggle it around until i find the right place then i can put it in gear. after this it runs ok and i ha...
I heard noise in my car
fuel gauge level sensor failure for brief time then returned to normal indication.
how can i change harmonic balancer ford tempo 1994
Are there coolant ports that run through this timing chain cover? Coolant is leaking again and the dealer says it's from the timing chain cover gasket. Do you agree?
How much should I expect to pay for replacing the water pump.