replaced fuel filter still having problems

If I sit and idle the car will overheat but when I drive it comes back down to the correct temperature. I can also hear a repetitive clack sound (about a clack a second). I was told it didn't sound like engine noise. Is it possible that the water pump is making this sound. I see no coolant leaking from it or any wobbling. I can't figure where the clack sound is coming from. Please help!

engine cuts out at about 1500 to 2000 rpm

one, now car wont start.

I talked to two different Suzuki dealerships and have gotten two different answers. One says I need the belts changed out and one says belts, plugs, and tranmission fluid changed out. I'm not far from 100,000, should I get a major inspection on all areas?

Thank You

i have code p0300 multiple misfire how do i find the one that is misfire

ffler that's gone bad, it will not go faster than 70mph, what wrong is their a major problem

Our trailblazer has a constant ticking noise under hood that is very loud and shakes and vibrates when start up car and at stoplights...been told a couple thousand to repair the lifter.

after cutting off it will restart. surging happens while or just after accelerating.

Which would be the best place to get service, dealership service or independent mechanic?

How do I drain and replace the fluid from my front and read differentials???

the top will not go back up and there is no sound of the pump running. I get a warning on my dash that say the Hydraulic is to cold.

Checked the tires-rotated last week end. Was told maybe it's the brake. Truck is tremulus while I try to brake as the drivers wheel bumps along while front end does as well.Each time I break-and in the last month.

Today is the first time I heard the noise. I checked the u-joints and they seem to be fine. I checked the fluid and it was low so I added more gear oil. What else could be the problem? Could it be the gears?

on anyother settings nothing comes out except on defrost. everynow and again i can get it to work. but for the most part only the defrost will blow out air. can anyone help?