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leak happens when engine is off...and not too bad, but i want to try stop leak
While changing the spark plugs on a '96 kia sportage on pulling the f fourth plug there is a large amount of oil. Do I have to drain out the oil or is that not good?
We have to recharge the airconditioner every other week with refrigerant; do you have an idea of what the problem could be? The heat works perfect
I started my 2007 chevy colorado up this eveing (28k on it) and I got a flashing "srv tcp" indicator on the dash above were the vehicle mileage displays. Any ideas what this could be??
My 2010 Cobalt SS Coupe was crashed and need to know how much it will cost to repair? Impact of crash was to front driver wheel damages include to front bumper left fender left door airbags deploid and left wheel is ...
my check engine light has came on like 2 days ago and when that came up my rpms have been dropping to (300-400) when it in idle (park) or at a stop sign/light and the engine seem like it want to died. i also seems to ...
will a 1994 gtx fit in a 1992 gt
where is the oil pump located in the 2001, Ford Taurus with the 3.0L V6 DOHC engine?
I had drove it from work and stop went inside.When I came back out and started it up it just quit.Then I tryed to start it back and it was like the battery was low but then I tryed it agian and it started but has a ba...
car says left rear door is ajar and mirror lights and dome lights wont shut off because of this ,have checked door few times and is shut all way and no obstructions in way
What is the level of difficulty to change the power steering high pressure hose on a 2000 Ford E250 Van? What is a fair estimate cost for a mechanic to do the replacement?
how many miles can i drive before replacing rear brake pads
2 diagnostic's, temperature gauge needs replaced. Needle is now resting on the right...
lifters have allways mad a slight noise. Now the noise is way above normal. very loud and very wrong. The car has good power. Can the valve cover be removed and the lifters be adjusted?
temperature gauge needs to be replaced.