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The idle has been too high for about a week. Yesterday the car ran hot.

And never had transmission fluid change.

Please give me all prices.

Bright lights work but dim lights do not. Seems there is no power to dims but switch and fuse both test good. Any suggestions?

i jumped regular fan and it runs.niether fan comes on when a/c clutch engages.i swapped a/c relay/fusein under hood fuse box.any suggestions

i am having no problem with the car it has 23000 miles and the dash says it is past time for maintenance b

if i have on were is it located on the car and cand u show me a diagram

Niether regular cooling fan or high speed a/c fan comes on

ECM (Electronic Control Module)

It worked but every setting resulting in the air or heat coming out of the defrost vents.

Which leads me to believe it electrical. Now when I hold the roof button the top doesn't work nor do the windows, but do work when I press the up & down window buttons.

Please advise

It only happens after the car has been sitting. I have had both the front and rear brakes replaced and it still does it. And it only does it the first time I use the brakes. It is one quick sound like something is slipping into place.

This code came up on check engine light

Where is the blower motor for the ac/heater located on 2002 Blazer?

When reversing I am hearing a grinding sound. What does this mean? what type of repair and cost do I expect?