the replacement of worn out bushings is a very important repair to a vehicle. it would be nice to see a few more repairs added to the list you already have.

need detailed directions and tools needed on how to change starter on my 99 avalon, doing it myself

Fuel gauge not working. Fill fuel tank and needle not moving. What could be cause and cost to repair?

I can get one side to detach ( the right side when facing the trunk) but the left side does not want to come loose the same way as the right side did and i dont want to snap any plastic parts.

when I turn the steering wheel. Is this serious or just a annoying noise?

i changed the cam sensor with one from a is250 that i have as a parts car . no change same code . i visualy inspected the wiring and cant see any damage . i switched bank 1 sensor with bank 2 and it threw the bank 1 cose also

I have no other keys. Cannot find them. Key is not a computer chip.

and were should temp mark be to be normal is it half way

I was told to repair or replace the canister/purge valve. If I were told to replace those parts, should I pay for a general diagnostic then have the part repaired? how much does a repair or replace costs? The light came one once before and I replaced the gas cap. It did not go off but was told by the person at Auto Zone that the gas cap was the problem.

when stopped it will almost die. give it gas to take off and it goes no where no rpm. in park though the engine rpm is fine problem is when car is in gear

it doesn't happen all the time but when it does it starts right back up. also sometimes it does it before i put it into gear. does it in all gears. Now the oil hose from the external filter to the motor leaks so it loses pressure as the motor gets to operating temp. and it probably needs a fuel filter. and/ or spark plugs, wires, cap, and coil.

i change air filter to, and diesel filter

I changed the central switch at the driver side door, still not working. All fuses seems to be ok. Is there any relay under the dashboard?

it seems to grind less when you down shift. it stays in gear no problem.all other gears go in easy.How expensive is it to correct this.also if I continue to drive it how much damage am I causing. thanks o.d.

My car was making a creaking noise when driving over bumps or when I turned the wheel to the left. Drove OK. Put some WD40 around steering column and it helped with the noise. Took it in and mechanic said ball joints were ready to pop and I couldn't drive the car. He is asking $435 to replace 2 ball joints and do the allignment. Is that a fair price?