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i replaced both 02 sensors about 5 months ago ck eng lite came back on about 1 month ago what now?

what else could be wrong no noise a little vibration but a lot of play

what else could be wrong no noise a little vibration but a lot of play

Happens maybe once a week, no special conditions. Already replaced fuel filter, air cleaner, and used some spectrum injector cleaner. Would it most likley be the fuel pump, inertia switch (that turns off the fuel supply), or an oxygen sensor? Even read that it could be an electrical connection somewhwere that is bad. EGR sensor, or some other?

after the new started was installed i drove it to 3 or 4 places then it wouldnt start and all other power was gone too. had the starter tested and it passed but i got another just in case. also replaced the fuse to the starter relay. is it wiring or just a FORD?

the bottom one is warm and it dont seem like the fan is kick on but when i stick my code reader on it my fan kicks on with that

I can't see any leaks under the truck.
This has been happening for approx 1 month...

What does this indicate. Instructions say take air conditioner repair station.

drivers side comes out hot. what should I do?

I bought AC Pro to install, but the gauge wouldn't get out of the red. The Youtube instructions said that it needs refridgerant if it does this. The air is actually working at the moment though. Can I install refridgerant myself and if so, where do I? I had a heck of a time locating the low pressure line deep in the belly of this beast!

my cavalier convertible has a list of symptoms as follows..1)cold start issues (always), cranking it 5 times before it starts 2) very rough idle at times 3) running way too rich (always) 3) poor gas mileage (always) 4) stalls when coming to a stop (sometimes) 5) running hotter than normal (always) 6) hesitation (jerking) upon acceleration from a stop (sometimes)7) excessive carbon build up, sometimes backfiring on start 8) idle will fluctuate up and down even in drive (sometimes)...The problem seems to be getting worse............the vehicle has 123,000 miles and no check engine light is on. Can one sensor be causing all these issues???

I have a miss in this 1998 Navigator and I had the fuel filter replaced already and we also hooked it up to my husband's nephew's computer at his garage, and it shows no codes whatsoever. They said the catalytic converter was out (one one each side) and they think that could be causing the problem..They said they are going to use some kind of glass muffler things to help fix it cheaper, but I don't know if that's the right thing or not...Help someone please before they tear up something else...What should I do....They said it looked like the fuel pump had already been replaced, and they said that someone had previously put the wrong coils on there. I need this vehicle running properly asap as I have 3 kids, and I need my wheels....HELP!!!!!!

The metal heater bypass hose section blew overheating engine and warping head. Had head gasket changed and head planed. Have changed plugs, wires, egr valve, cracked pcv hoses, repaired all visible vacuum hoses that were bad.
Am still experiencing rough idle and intermittent sessions of power loss accompanying check engine light signalling leaving errors mentioned above.

had to replace the starter on a 99 pontiac grand prix 3.8 it on, had to charge the would turn over, but not actually start..took battery out and had it tested, was dead...installed new still is not starting, my husband says it sounds as if it is only hitting on 2 is a 6 cylinder car, any ideas as to what the problem may be? vehicle was running great till the starter went out this past friday morning...

I have a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer with an exhaust manifold leak.