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In your list of repairs, I couldn't find one for replacing the cv joint boots.

This pproblem has happened several times from a parked position. Attempting to move the car makes it jerk and the low traction light goes off and on and the brakes fail.
Very scary!

02 grand cherokee with 4.0. One lifter for sure pinging and getting worse. Stoped driving it.

when i stop the rpms go up n u can hear the engine rev n if i let my foot off the brake n dont even touch the gas pedal it will automatically take off n go all the way up to 30 m.p.h. it has happened to me on 2 seperate occasions, once recently n the time before that was about 3 months ago. n if i try to put it in park i hafta shut it off right away cuz it sounds like my engine is gonna blow up cuz it wants to go, so i turn it off n wait awhile n restart n it was ok??? i had a fuel pump replaced ahile ago, could that have anything to do with it??

changed spark plugs/wires, MAP sensor & ecm computer
What else could be the problem? I am not getting any codes
that say there is anything wrong.

"how may lines are on the rack and pinon

Odyssey was parked one evening, wouldn't start next morning. Towed to dealership - they replaced ignition coil fuse ($158.44). Went to pick up car, dash lights showed all four doors open even though they were all closed. TCS light was burning and service engine light stayed lit. Dealership says they have to get under the hood (said the lights were stuck). They weren't burning when the car was taken to them. Dome lights and radio shooting fuses. They've had car 3 days.

i cleaned out the engine with engine degresser and washed it with a water host eversince then the the electronic engine light is on /

Dear repairpal,

my corolla 2011 s alarm sign blinking all the time. Usually is not like this. I think the alarm is on valey parking mode, even the sound of the alarm when I lock or unlock the door is different.

Do you know how to put back to alarm regular mode instead of on valey parking mode. THank you so much

I have power to run the radio and lights but it will not start, just makes a clicking sound

It does not do this all the time

auto trans

How much would it cost to fix?

my temperature gauge goes way up when standing at a drive thru with the motor running. But returns to normal when I begin driving. What can cause this problem?

but the temp goes back to normal when driving. what may be the problem?