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the tempertor gauge reads hot every now and then but its not hot and does not run hot, some one told me its probly my heating censor so was just wonding where its at on the motor and what it looks like
First my temperature gage started rising, next my oil temperature started rising, once the oil reached its max, my car died and all this smoke started coming out of everywhere in the engine. Now I only have a couple ...
major oil leakage, well lets say in the vaciity of the oil pan area I reckon
When I step on the brake the radio goes out, the speedometer starts jumping and the air bag light blinks on and off. Also the ABS light is now on. Car has 281K miles. This has been going on for the paqst 24 hours. ...
Hi, My backhead cushions are not working and the back screen as well.Can you tell me what can cause this mulfunction, also we had a problem with trunk lock and we broke the lock to open it. Now, is this somehow relate...
there is a vroom vroom vroom when sloing down will stay runinng and will only do this ahen slowwing down to stop some times
i tried to install an after market radio and couldnt so i put the OEM radio back in and replaced the battery and altenator, and the car still wont hold a charge and idle.
every tine u fill up gas it spits out gas after 5 secs. is it dangerous if this goes on because of combustion or too much pressure inside gas tank. what repair can be done, is there a recall on this problem
The passenger door lock does not work any longer.
this problem happened after the first replace ment of front pads how do i rest the back to make it more of a 60 40 ratio
fan seems to work ok, but no heat comes out
05 forester awd rear right wheel does not move forward or reverse
i have 2003 chevy suburban when in park or just sitting in gear truc idles rough like its missing.but when you give it gas you dont feel the miss i had it put on the computer and it said #7 has a miss fire so i change...
ok i got an oil leak somewhere and its hittin my exhaust manifold and making it smoke really bad. i dont know what could be causing it since i dont know much about cars but im guessing the oil rings my not be good no ...
intermittently, my nissan makes an awful sqealing noise, sound like belts, not sure. what or how to fix and if its costly? thx