transmission not changed normally and rpm stay high 3000 and more when this occured abs/asc lighted on ,when scanned i got this report:continuous control
error frequency:255 vehicle speed
asc passive
abs-control active
stop light switch on
asc-control passive
electromagnetic field susceptibility
errorfrequency :255
no body can know whats the problem or what things need to change or repair

the oil had been changed, i change the gas cap, and what else do i need to check

The air conditioner only blows hot air when the outside temps reach 70 and above degrees I have replaced the blower motor and the low pressure cycling switch still nothing no results I am tired of spending money that does not fx this problem !? Any ideas on how to fix this problem ?

My engine lite is on, I was told I need a new transmission computer and solenoid? I have no clue what they are talking about and how much would it cost? This car have been well taken care of. The engine light is on. Should I still drive it?

Thank you

The beeping seems to come through the speakers. The stereo has been turned off but the beeping remains. The beep is most like the sound you hear when you have call waiting. Thats the best way I can explain it. Please help.

why its taking 5 min the ac to start cooling

we can not find a leak anywhere. The carpet is wet under drivers seat. what could this be from?

starts with normal pressure, gauges slowly drops to low side there is plenty of oil in engine, engine makes no ticking noises,no visible leaks.

Wont line up

oil was chg & I drove about 400 miles. The next day I realized the oil plug was not tight. Car threw a rod less than 3000 miles later

GO the black on goes on the lower block driver side but i can not find where the other port is?? i did not take it off and dont know who did car has a no start problem!!!

It always was running on 5 cylanders and I had to replace spark# 1 after tune up as well

My side mirror ran into a pole while I was backing up from a tight parking space. Please recommend a good Nissan repair shop.

my srx set in a lot for 2 years with a dead battery , does the computer need to be refreshed ?

acid ate through my cable, so i cut it down a lil and bought a new clamp.connected it and it worked just fine.but not for long, the accid ate through it again and now it is too short to do again.i need to change it but dont know where it hooks up after it leaves the post.