I am shopping around for a quote to perform routine timing belt replacement maintenance.What is a price for this?,when can it be performed? how would a job like this take?

I failed in the last question to mention that there is a gradual lose of coolant (about a pint every 100 or so miles)

Have been having problems with power issues, will barely move, almost like the turbo is gone, but it checks out fine. The fuel pump is working; my husband says he thinks it could be the fuel lift pump, or the relay that makes it work. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Was advised to do so by a good mec after failure to track down any obvious leaks and all seals and hoses have been replaced.heater core has also been proven to work properly.

We have replaced the fuel pump in the 2001 Sante Fe without disconnecting the battery. Now there is no power getting to it after being replaced. Power everywhere else just not the pump.

dual over head cam. Quad 4

my mustang is stuck in 2nd gear and will not shift up or down.could the solenoid be bad causing this because I was about to buy another transmission to put in it until someone told me that the shift solenoid could be bad

What does it entail?

inertia switch is good, and all fuses and relays good...

98 Chevy Malibu tachometer stopped working properly and car started shifting really hard at that time, you can turn key to accessories several times and get tach to jump and start working, at that point car shifts fine but runs really rough. Check engine light came on at the time this all started and it is reading misfire.

i was driving on highway just fine halfway up the mountain rd started running rough had to drop someone off could not find why it was doing it drove back down the mountain nice and slow once back on highway when you try to pickup speed it runs rough and rougher could it be tranny fluid

im told the ac comp. is bad and would like to know how to replace it

Customer complaining about not wanting coolant flush but recommended by mechanic. that and an air filter.

my brother tried making it to arkansas in my car and some how he ripped the wires out from under the car plus the harness and i really need a car so im wandering about how much it would cost to fix it

what other parts need replaced at this time