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I've just purchased my car (2 weeks). When the heater is on there is a smell of burning rubber. If the heater is turned off the smell goes away.
My Blower keeps running in high speed and want change. You can't turn it off, you can't afjust it manually. I was told that it was the resistor. Can you direct me. Thanks P.S. Do you know of a WEB Page where I can l...
The Dealer replaced my transmission on Sep 2010 but the same problem is happening again. Is this going to cost me? I would like to know what to expect. Email:
my radio & remote lock don't work after i have replaced the battery
Oil coming out of grommet. How do I get this off and replace?
clutch goes in but i cant move the stick shift into gear
Looking for TPS for this vehicle
How to remove broken ignition barrel and install new ignition? Just happened don't know where to start.
when i press on the gas my car will jerk.
I have had problems with the passenger door lock not opening/closing, the passenger side mirror changing position upon locking/opening the car, the truck lock working/not working & the radio changing channels on its o...
while driving the battery light came on and the dash board lights dimmed and the radio turned off. Turned car off and when started back up it reved/idled up and down constantly on its own.
when putting into reverse it takes at least 45 seconds before it goes into reverse?
is there a stater soleniod that has a lifetime warranty
The electric Fan is starting not to works when the air conditioner is on. Car overheats