The battery is charged starter is ok wont crank at all but when the #32 centeral electrical fuse pulled it will now crank but still won't start.

it wont start. I have power but it wont crank at all.

When I put my car in drive the car wouldnt move.

I replaced the temperature and fan switch control module but the fan does not work on high and sometimes not at all under I have been driving a while,

1993 deville 4.9L . cleaned EGR tubes and TB

I need to replace my intake manifold gasket and was told all i had to do was take off some bolts with out removing hoses and wires. I just need to know if that is possible before i even try.

Its the 1999 Dodge Caravan AWD 3.8L

it just started. im am sure that the bulb has blown i just cant figure out how to get to the light. help anyone. thanks

The ignition doesn't want to turn when I start the car until after I jiggle it a number of times. It also doesn't want to turn off until I jiggle the gear shift several times.

It just started not switching into 3rd gear.

looking for replacement harness, gm has none available. any else have this trouble?

as i accelerate my temp comes down. running hotter then should but never overheats or boils over. replaced waterpump, radiator, tstat. Can this be a partially plugged cat. check engine light comes on then goes off after about 8 seconds. engine seems to never lack power. still runs but i dont want to damage engine. this is my work truck and need it asap

While I love my Rodeo, I really wish I'd gotten a more common vehicle. I've got about 200k on this baby and it still runs pretty good but CEL has been on for awhile, ABS pops on from time to time (usually goes away if I restart), is recently having difficulty starting-as if its not getting fuel-but then runs fine. HELP! I need a mechanic who understands Direct Injection.

p0499 code showed up . manual showed it was under battery box but its not there ?

radio wipers power windos all stop working at the same time

A recent mild;5 celcius, day i go for a drive about 40 km into it , noticed the Temp gage was lower than usual and my car at 80km/h was burping(3 x twice) as if the gas was not coming well i tought the thermostat stayed open, next day , it's raining at 12km into my drive the check engine turned on, then the smell of gas thru the ventilation , turn the vent off , had to keep going, temp is back to being ok the gaz smell gone , i unplugged the battery to reset engine check lite .it has not re lite ahter ab. 100km , i notice much more gaz guzzling 1/2 tank 90 km ... do i need to change the gaz fuel line filter , or is it some' else ?