Its a 1997 ford f-250 5.8l

just bought 2001 chevy suburban and week later, abs lights come on and tow haul lights, runs normal, changed the rear brakes. a couple times the battery needed charged. what is going on? clueless mom

I ordered the kit and it has everything but the bolts need to be torque to factory specs and I don't know what that are to complete the job.

Valve cover gasket replacement - Job

This used too happen once or twice a year now its every day.

When starting (hot or cold) the RPM goes to 2000 and then down to 900 1-2 seconds later. When driving down the road put the transmission in neutral the RPM goes to 2-3000. I have replaced the IAC, TPS plugs and wires. Cleaned the mass air sensor and replaced some of the vacuum lines but nothing seem to fix the problem. What else can I try to fix this. Thanks

We have accessed the shiftlock override but are unsure of how much pressure to apply. Not being able to get the shift lever to the park position also means we can't remove the key from the ignition.

Change the oil in my car, car worked fine left sit a while went to go away now it won't shift into gear. cant figure out why.

it has been on for about two years when ignition is on

I replaced the battery and the alternator. the battery light comes back on. i have a friend who has a computer check system but only goes up to 2005.

was driving down the road last night and it just stopped working

After replacing head gaskets on 3.5L H.O. it will misfire backfire and start hard . I changed plugs (one had bent electrode )to no avail before I put it together I cleaned throttle body but did not spray cleaner directly into the throttle body I also double checked timing. when I throttle it I hear a lot of air is this normal?

I put it in 4 low (trans in neutral). I heard the clank as it went into low. The low light blinked and then went out completly. Then the service 4wd light came on. It is low and I have no lights on my selector switch. The 4wd fuse is good. I have tried a different switch and 4wd module with no results.

urn off start again then its fine but start gradually starts slipping again

urn off start again then its fine but start gradually starts slipping again

Below is a list of recommended repair work that the dealership said I should get done in the near future. Which services should I address immediately?
- Fuel System Service - Carbon removal
- Radiator hoses and cap 1.8 mileage, age, p/m
- Brake Flush P/M Mileage
- Replace right steering stop and cap - missing .4
- Front trans air dam and bolts/nuts - missing .5
- Front engine under cover with j/nuts, bolts and clips - .3 missing
- Left Fuel Tank protector, clips and nut - .3 missing

Thank you.