My car overheats afteer about 10-15 minutes of driving either freeway or city. I have removed the thermostat so the car should stay cool? It dosent have any major leaks and I fill coolant every day as it does leak a little?

the window goes down but does not come up, I nee to know the best way to get to the switch to replace it.

BMW dealer said to locate battery turn off switch but cannot locate it. Where is it?

how often should it be changed

also any tips on how to keep the rolling middle console from getting of its tracks?

I have tried sockets & open end wrenches, they didn't work or boxed in wrenches. Nothing reaches very well, its very hard to get to without removing radiatior or something else

temp reaches 100 cenigrade,then the fan kicks on and turns slowly,whats wrong??

I can see the fuse box under the hood, and I can see the little tabs on the side to pull away, as with the fuse box under the driver's seat, but I cannot get the fuse box lid off (under the hood). Is there a trick to it?

a while ago check engine light came on and read:engine coolant temp circuit maulfunctione,what,s the problem ??

my red arrow light keeps flashing on and off, and I think it is pointing to the engine although the check engine light itself does not come on, my acr kind of knocks when I put it into drive

I have 97 es300 Lexus and the other day my a/c control lost all power. After investigation I found that the fuse under the steering wheel marked heater 10 amp was blown. I replaced it and got power, for about 5 seconds before it blew agian. So I tried another, and another the same thing. I tried putting a 30 amp fuse to see what would happen, so now the power stays and it's blowing air but my a/c light is flashing and no cold air. I think maybe there's a short but not sure. Has this happened to anyone, or does anyone have suggestion's?

No noise or problem just the statement that the ball joint needed replacement.
Does that sound right?

regulator or catlic covertor

it is real loud, dealer can not seem to repair

It has the 2.5 Engine