ive replaced the fuel filter, injector "o" rings, injector sleeves, no vacuum leaks, no exhaust leaks, and just replaced the mass air flow sensor today and its still having the same problem. its throws a p0171, lean code when it occurs. i do not lose boost at all so im thinking its something fuel related. i have sprayed the entire engine bay with carb cleaner and the idle never changed. please help!!!!!!

When car is turned on and idles

Had major tune up a month ago.
Replaced Oxygen sensors, plugs,and cables. Since that time I have seen the check engine light come on and yesterday it has jsut stayed on all the tiem.

The check engine light came on 3 days ago and it's not the gas cap, the 2 other problems (according to AutoZone) are either leakage in emission system or a faulty vent solenoid. This morning the car had trouble starting and the engine sounds "weaker" than it used to.

occurs when engine running

What could be causing it not to pump fuel now? It ran fine when I first replaced the pump, which the old one would pump but not enough pressure to keep it running. Now it won't start at all and gets no fuel what so ever.

I just came back from firestone a short time ago and was in for a shock. I went there for a tire rotation and a alignment check.
I was told that i needed to have one wheel bearing replaced and both tie rod ends replaced. That is both left and outter.
I am going to my repair shop some time this week to have then look at it and to see what they say.
I consider myself a back yard mechanic and i have some friends that are the same and know more about repairs then me.
So in your view if what firestone told me is correct and my repair shop finds the same things wrong with my car. Could me and my friends if we had the knowledge and tools. do you think we could do the repairs on my car.

Just resoldered cracked solder joints on instrument panel circuit board which fixed my "no gauges" problem. Now the speedo and tach are inaccurate.I did an onboard diagnostic test and all gauges went through their tests and passed no error codes. What is causing this,and how do I reset the speedo and tach to zero?

I reasantly changed the crankshaft posion sensor. the car has backfired a few times before the sensor change.could that have hurt the 02 sensors? I also replaced the mass air flow sensor for the second time in 4 years. What could cause this to happen? I replaced with remanufactored is that the problum.

start the engine cold check engine light flashes and the idle is very rough engine jerks. drove it yesterday when i noticed the problem engine light flashing engine was jerking and spitting sounding like a vac leak

its got an standard transmission ,engine is a four cylider 1.6lt

It is leaking brake fluid from behind the master cylinder where it bolts to the hydro boost. I have been through three masrer cylinders and they all do the same..any ideas?

When i push the top down button should the back windows be going down? Passenger window will go up a couple inches at a time and sometimes back down. Passenger window also doesn't go down when you shut the door??


not enough oil is going to the gears and sometimes this is causing a little jerking when the gears are automatically changing,how serious is this,are there major risks ignoring the problem