There is a short of some kind in my steering wheel/ colum. If you turn it one direction or the other and try to start it most the time it starts right up.

I was quoted at 2.2 hours. This seems a bit high for me, since everything I found online says that once the car is on the rack it can be done in 15 mins.

and my trunk is broken but i have to slam it shut for it to chach

1988 eldorado. replaced front left caliper and pads. need to bleed brakes, just want to make sure i do it right.....SAFETY

the ac works fine no heat flap over and over

I hit a curb going about 30 MPH. and I brought it to a shop to get an estimate. The guy said I needed a Right Lower Control arm, a right idler arm, and a right outer tie rod end replacement. He said it'd be $520 after parts, labor, and tax. Does that sound like a fair price?

I can hear the pump working and it is full of juice

I am wanting to check the switch that operates the trunk light. Where is it?

i hear a noise coming from the back of my car and was told it could be a rear wheel bearing.

i was told i need to know the torque spec and how much grease to put in

Oil Change intervals

What tried to reset the codes, still not working properly,
Ran the car until the gas gauge was nearly empty and then refill to full tank but the gauge in still of by approx 130 km.

I own a 2005 Aviator. I am hoping that someone can help me identify an issue I am having. My Aviator runs wonderful if the temperature outside is 60 degress or below. If the temp is over 65 degrees the vehicle tends to sound like it is in a vacuum mode and won't accelerate or shift properly. It will also suck all of my gas when it is over 65 degrees. Please help me to identify the issue. Thanks

The car runs like it is running out of gas all the time, the check engine has been on forever but it was the oxygen sensor so I finally replaced it, then the plugs, but it still putts around town. Can you please help me. I am going to try and read the check engine lite myself.