I have replaced the pump, sock , filter, regulator, rail, injectors, plugs, wires, oil n filter, new battery, and all new relays for the ignition and fuel system. I have 100+ psi all the way to the rail and back out. all plugs are firing. timing is perfect. it fires right up when you spray starting fluid into the intake. why wont it run?

Have timing chain but no instructions how to put it back on.

When I jumped start it there is a clicking noise coming out of the driver side back shock. If could be the automated shut-off system.

it dont get hot at all

it happen all the times

The remote entry and power door locks don't work. Car won't come out of park since brake light circuit isn't energized. Headlights work fine and car starts and runs fine. I haven't checked the heater and wipers, so i don't know if they work or not. I Think it might be the integration reolay but don't want to spend $400+ for it if that isn't it? Are these items that don't work all on one relay? Fuses all are good.

Puff's of steam come out every five seconds.

85,00 miles

I have a Toyota Camry 2007 v6 3.5l. The car has 97,0000 miles. Can you also tell me if a need to change anything else. And can anyone tell me what each belt does and why they need to be changed. Thanks

OBD shows code PO83 24x resistance too high. Crank sensor? changed both and the car still stalls and sputters.

The left turn signal does not work. If I try to use the left turn signal it does not work & an alarm goes off when I try to use it. Nor do the left side emergency lights come on when I use the emergency flashers. All parking & brake bulbs are in working order.

if the ignition control moduel is bad, would my truck run like it has bad fuel, or bad spark plugs ? while going down the highway it would cut out, sputter . could it be the ignition control moduel ?

is there a web site with pictures and illistrations on the Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 manuel with instructions on repairs

Red light diplaying battery and note saying stop engine. What does this mean

If it's the timing how much am I looking at in cost for parts and time in labor ??