I just rebuilt the engine and now it turns over and starts but, after running a few seconds, it starts to sputter & back fire. I put it on a hand held computer to diagnose it everything checked out no codes were given all it said was it was 15 degrees advanced I need a little help here

I was driving home from work and my battery light came on and my a.c. stopped blowing cold what does that mean? Will it be expensive to fix?

have had a little trouble with shifting lever button in the past..have recently had all brakes done..vehicle will move very very slowly for short distance then stop..if i re-start vehicle and put in gear vehicle will move for short distance and then stop and when you rev engine seems like it is in neutral,but is in gear...please help can it be sometthig simple..garygarysway@aol.com..

my brake light is our and has to be replaced - cops have given me a warning. I purchased that bulb.

2004 buick rendezvous. it's not the gas cap, or pers sensor. would a vacuum leak make it fail emission test? what would a ballpark figure be for cost to fix. Could it be part of the recall??

gear and wont shift to second i shut it off and start it back up and it fine for about 5 to 10 mile then i stop again at light/stop sign it will shut of on its own any help will be great

Just had engine rebuilt and mechanic reported that speedometer was intermittent. Sure enough went out todayalong with odometer. Any ideas?

black spots are being splattered onto the car from behind both front and rear wheels

need someone in myrtle beach area

The brake lights wont come on ,I chcked fuse # 14 and it was ok .Is there a relay bor something that I could check?

There is uneven tire wear in the rear end and I was told the alignment was off but not enough to cause the amount of wear on the tires.

Happens when accelerating/decelerating - always right at 2000-2200 RPM. Most noticeable from a stoplight, accelerating in traffic, but have heard it at high speeds as well. They thought it was a problem with fuel pump & even replaced the entire fuel tank under warranty to address issue, but it is still there?

where is the location of the fuel filter on a 2009 hyundai elantra

My check engine light came on 5 days ago, but I assumed it was due to my exhaust. I believe I need my exhaust replaced as it is extremely loud when I drive it. But why won't my car turn over??

Been taving problems with loss of power at certain times while driving.