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i recently removed the door panels on a 2001 jeep grand cherokee to tint my windows and when i put them back my locks dont work correctly, they lock but dont unlock, ive re-connected the harness a number of times and still no luck
any ideas please help thanks

my brother wiggled my tire...after i told him the symtoms...Hes a retired mechanic,...but wont fix my car for me...he said i 98% need a bushing...

but not when moter is unpluged

The digital clock, Display for Selector lever position, auto trans, and odometer/trip odometer just quit working. What could be the cause? Are they circuit braker driven?

Car turns on stays at idle once I test drive it stalls after I stop and accelerate again. Check engine code indicates it could be camshaft actuator position sensor. My car is not equipped with that particular sensor. Need help any suggestions.

my car made a loud noice and would not go anymore, it only makes the noise when its on drive mode but will not drive at all. What could be wrong?? some people tell me it could be that it needs transmission oil. Please advise.

mostly on passengers side, air conditioner splutters.

My button stripped but even tho I used plyers to turn on the A/c, it keeps blowing thru the defroster no matter what

My car rattles a lot going over bumps, potholes. They quoted me $1700 to fix the rear struts. Is that crazy?

A/C stopped working - just blows warm air. I think they quoted me like $800 to replace much should I be paying please? Thank you!

and how would it get bent

Then it seamed just fine? But when I back up it seamed to stutter.

We are noticing a loud grinding/rubbing noise when the truck is in 4WD & we make a sharp left turn. It is not noted when turning right or when in 2 WD. It also has a shimmy at about 63-65 mph. The dealer says the noise is from rubbing on a wheelflap ?? It only has 17,000 miles on it. Does this sound kosher ? We are looking to purchase this vehicle. Should we look elsewhere?

My Hyundai has always had a severe shift but not often. Now it won't shift out of 3rd and the severe shift happens when starting at low speed. The diagnosis is to replace A transmission shift solenoid at nearly $800.

how to adjust valves on a 1996 pontiac sunfire 2.4 liter