usually this occurs when at about 3000 revs going through 3/4/5th, when it first happened i pulled over and checked the oil which is fine and restarted the car and it was fine. Also the rev counter stops working on the dash, the car has done 80000. More recently stopping the car does not seem to remedy the problem

The waraning message of BAS is coming on and a few second after that the warning message ESP is coming on and the engine shuts off.

I hear a loud rattle/knocking coming from front passenger side of car

i did a 100000 complete timing belt job wich fail at 119000 I replace head valve and gasket. intake gasket was replace twice and it still has chek engine on and engine wheezing loud what is the problem. if i iddle the engine the sound almost disapear but if i acelerate it gets louder.thanks nixon

I have not noticed steering or vibration problems just rattle/clunking

car semms to be lacking power and oil change

within a week both windows went down and will not work from switches.

my hard top on my sl500 wont open and i checked the resvoire in the trunk and its empty

My mechanic told me that my transmission will not work at gear one unless i change the ABS punp.

out of now where my engine started knocking really loud,i checked my oil and it was very low,as well as my gas,not sure if i blew a rod,or it was a spark knock due to low fuel or my knock sensor went out and the computer is throwing the timing off,i put oil but the knocking is still there,louder when i accelerate..havnt refuled yet.. please help!!!

I have replaced the canister purge solenoid,and the evap canister...still getting the p1676 code.
Could it be a bad computer since the cruise control doesn't work either ??

compression on # 4 cylinder is 85 what could be the cause
and how do I remedy the problem

Works when I hit pothole

malfunction indicator light (mil)status.commanded on fail.key on engine running bulb check

Cannot find the dip stickk or where to add transmission fluid...