I need to replace the purge valve, and need to know where it is.

and also the light bulb on the turn signal for the windshield can not see any of them at night. I hope you know what I am talking about.Thank you Debbie

new plugs proper firing order 35 to 40 psi fuel "at the rail" press good, vacuum good, OH ANd motocraft cap and rotor and the best part check eng light works at bulb check but still no dtc. it mises bucks and jerks at highway speed and pings when pulling a long hill....pulling my hair out please help!

If so, does the throttle body housing need to be removed 'cause it's backwards (toward the rear).

there's clicking noise coming from the fuse box next to the battery, an battery life is poor what can i do to prevent this???....

I just purchased a 2011 Suzuki Kizashi with about 14,750 miles on it. I happened to notice that the tailpipes are very black on the inside. However, I didn't notice it until after the sale. I was taught that this could be symptomatic of future engine problems. Is there cause for concern/worry?

Also when the vehicle is moving and I put the gear lever on N position, de RPM starts to oscilate between 1000 and 1800 rpm untill car is stopped, then the rpm goes back to 950 again
I already changed the throtle module and nothing happend, everything is the same..
I'll apreciate some help..

well we have put a new fuel pump on the car and checked the pressure and it still falls to 10,it has practically all new sensors,new battery,i am at the end of my rope will somebody help me

3.0 liter engine; 6 cylinder

My mr2 2003 spyder's gauge was blinking the whole time I was driving. I put on brake fluid already but the blinking light won't turn off. What must be the problem?

I removed all the required bolts etc and the breather hose. I tried to pry the cover off near the breather hose as instructed but the cover still wouldn't come off?? Please help, thank you!

Do people charge for the diagnosis in addition to the repair cost?

/the cable adjustment

When I crank it up I see smoke and when i am driving i see white smoke.. Its not all the time just sometimes

some one please help me solve this problem, i have changed everything i thought would solve the problem