After putting 3/4 of new gas in tank the yellow engine light came on and will not go off. What can cause this?Does this need a code to get off? or is it bad gas and will come off over time? The car seems to dive okay

where is the abs module on a 01?

thAnks for the help

it started after i temporarily turned off the engine to call in at a friends place. On turning the engine on gain, I discovered my odometer did not come on; tried turning on the AC and found all the controls for AC no longer working too; and finally window control no longer functioning.

after about 5 mins of driving it heats to around 250 degrees! What could it be?

1994 LEXUS GS300 Fuel Pump

what and where is the egr filter

twice I have taken my car in for tune ups and have been told there is oil in the spark plugs that I need my valve gaskets replaced and due to their location it will cost $1500. After reading answers on this board I am really questioning this quote. thanks

the dioagnostics code reads P0340 and P0430.. so what should i do first and look for? everything looks brand new on this car... i just bought it but the ckeck engine light wont go out...the car passedd emmisions but the light wont go out..even f i reset it..

The clutch was replaced 30000 miles ago, it was driving perfect then i went to go drive it today and it wont go into any of the gears, i was going to replace the clutch slave cylinder and the clutch master cylinder, and the clutch hydraulic hose first, could that fix the issue, or has my clutch gone out again?

The buckle has a label that has instructed me to replace the buckle. Is this necessary for the buckle to function properly?

the light is on but not flashing

Step on gas peddle it will run fine for a while the the studdering begins.

all of a sudden, the car started overheating, the windshield wipers and turn signals would not work, nor would the heat blow out hot air. Also, the manual did not specify which fuse is connected with these problems. what can cause this problem all at once?

Don't know how much more to add other than what was told, its' an electrical problem. Work has been done, but the car hasn't been driven as of yet.