the steering is so loose that it is dangerous to drive. The left front wheel bearing siezed up and had to be taken off from the knuckle and replaced. Steering was loose before but nothing like it is now. Right wheel bearing, shocks and struts on both sides also replaced along with front brakes and rotors. Any idea what may have caused this sudden problem?

ABS light will come on and the speedometer vanishes. Light will go off and speedometer info will return. Check engine light will come on as well.

My key is stuck in the ignition and has been for at least 2 years. The key does not turn all the way back toward me so it doesnt release. I have to plug and unplug the battery when I'm done driving or want to start driving. I've been told by a commercial repair company that it will cost $400. I just dont have that kind of money but I'd like to get it fixed. Could it be a fuse or a bad part that is easy to replace?

ok there are 2 wires under my driver seat.it doesnt have power seats so i know its not 4 tht.so what are they 4

A system check showed that the sensors are plugged up.

The auto store has a tie rod tool kit but, the three adapters are too small or big.

After driving sometime it suddenly drops its speed and I had to press the gas more to maintain the same speed. This is happening once in a while for the past one month. Toyota dealer inspected it and said he don't find any problem with the car.. but still the situation continues.

I just bought a used 88 1993 Oldsmobile and the key i was given doesn't lock the doors or opens it so i was told to go to a dealership, all i want is to get new locks installed and a alarm

gear change at approx. 33 mph without any check engine lights or any other indicators on the dash lit up. The car just doesn't change gears smoothly, it kind of has a thud at that point. It doesn't matter if it's cold or warm. It doesn't happen when the gear shifter is at 3 instead of in the D for drive slot . The tranny oil level is fine , no leaks or damaged pan. Thanks

The dealership suggested rebuilt turbos to save money, then told me the entire exhaust system may need to be replaced depending on any damage caused by leaking oil meaning another $3000. Then he said it probably wasn't worth repairing, I should consider a new vehicle. I can't afford the repairs or another vehicle. Please help.

And what are some reputable web sites to buy from?

I always seem to break those plastic clips holding on the trim.
Thanks in advance.

problems with the evap system. Could the transmission work have caused this problem?

I just got rear brake pads installed on my car a few weeks ago. The first 48 hrs, I heard a very subtle rubbing sound while driving. I thought it was because they were new. I normally gauge my fuel economy and I'm literally at half of the miles that I should be based on having half a tank of gas left. Is it possible that the new brake pads are rubbing?? Or is it coincidence?

I guess a tune up is made of of other things in your list? If I am given an extimate of a full tune up how do I know what a fair price is?