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How do I test/check speed sensor on 1990 Honda Accord.
The car started and ran fine yesterday. Parked it over night and went to start the next morning and everything worked fine including the the starter selonoid with a loud click. The engine, however, did not crank. T...
I need to replace front blower motor on 1999 Astro van, need to know location.
where is the evap canister and can it plug up?
is there a fuel filter i should replace during tune-up (local shop told me there was not one)
What is cost to repair or replace the fuel gauge.It does not register full.
When I accelerate in drive or overdrive, there is a hard vibration. This doesn't happen in 1st or 2nd at all. Happens every time and worse when towing and/or going uphill.
the cost for a 2003 used toyota camry good condition
I have a 95 j30 and my gas meter does not seem to be working I was told it was the fuel sending switch/unit. I would like to know where it is located in the engine bay, and also if anybody else has experienced this pr...
to locate the camshaft position sensor
left rear plastic housing broken, need to replace unable to remove plug for power
service company has quoted me to replace power steering pump and I was checking to see if their quote is in line
dodge 1997 will not start in park have to put it in neutrel before start , what is problem.