no problem so far.

is this a major overahaul.. something a layperson can do?

the wiring and or motor

changing the motor in a 2001 4x4 4 door

Very rough idle at light sometimes no power when pressing down gas pedal

will a 98 maxima transmission fix a 93 lexus es300

sometimes i drive and the car is fine and other times i get in and my 1998 bmw 740i brakes lock up and my abs light comes on as well as the traction control light. any suggestions?

This is the new body style,I changed the front diff. input yoke,and was told what to do,then they said just put the nut on the same amount of turns,this was done 20.000 miles ago,i I kept on storage for pulling our trailers,now I am driving as an every day driver,mainly highway,ever since this was done,there has been a noise,like a wheel bearing noise,hard R/H-L/H make this noise come and go,how ever,when you engage the four wheel drive,the noise gets intense,I removed the front drive shaft,was told it should be 5 inch pounds to just turn it free wheel,no one i new had an inch pound tork wrench that went that low,so I backed the nut off,tightened littlr by little till the flat washer was helt snug,then went another 1/16 turn,now it is 80% bettter,should I back this off some more,or am I chasing a goast,thanyou,any info. would help.

the problem has been going on for the last week

bought new headlight and bulbs checked all the wiring to ensure they are connected properly now the both headlights that i changed out will not work

Starts after several minutes. May or may not cut out again for several miles/minutes. Replaced CKP sensor and timing belt, then CMP code. Replaced CMP sensor. Car doing the same thing. Had some sensor replaced in A/T several years ago for same problem, ditto alternator about 3 years ago and ECM rebuilt couple years ago.

I bought the remote filter from O'Reilly's and it says to change it and the fluid at 30k. What's the best procedure?

Rough idle is in quotes because this vehicle will NOT idle at all on it's own. I have to maintain approx 2 to 2.5 thousand RPM to keep the engine from stalling. The only engine code it throws is P0306 (misfire on cylinder 6) I have replaced the sparkplugs and coils with NO effect. Any suggestions on what could be causing this, or even what my next line of repair should be?

then it will go off by itself

Don't know if manifold is plastic