just changed the plugs and it ran reel good for the first two days but now it is idling ruff.

When started, the coolant runs out of the exhaust pipe. The vehicle shakes and runs rough when started.

No information in owners manual about red security light.

The drivers side seat is in a forward position, any suggestions to move the seat without replacing the whole thing? Is it easy to replace the motor if needed?

Where is the oil filter located?

leak in gasket

Power steering has been leaking slowly for several months

The plug that is leaking is on the firewall side of the engine.

lost key to vw 2002 jetta 1.8t how much would it cost to replace and is the dealer the only one who can cut the key

bout 6 months ago or so water pump was replaced. head gasket has been replaced as was thermostat thinking thats what was causing it this time. after a few mins of driving it starts to overheat and its pushing the water into the resevoir tank. any help is appreciated. no water in the oil it looks great.

been to several mechanics and the dealer. only happens when engine is warm, then is misfires, lurches.. like timing maybe off? Spark plugs misfiring? help

My car will not come out of park

i have a 1999 lexus rx300 i bought the new valve i already had this valve clean and was told if it goes bad again replace it

I have an excelleration issue when trying to speed up. the engine hesitates unless I really push on the gas. Is this a fuel pump issue? The check engine light is not on.

the car has a 4.0 engine