After some trouble this week of replacing the battery, starter & knocking a hole in the oil filter so a new filter & oil, the new thing is: there is no lights showing on the dash. What next? Is it a fuse or a bulb? And where would I find it to replace it? Trouble in Texas...

turn key nothing no click does not turn over lights still come on tried to give it a jump same thing nothing

I'll be going from zero to 40 mph and it sometimes gets stuck between 3-4 rpm and the only way to get it off it is to get off the gas completely and have the car slow down it does this quit often. The other day I tried starting it and it won't start. The check engine light has been on and its saying its the EGR valve but its saying from a 1997-2000 which my car is a 2002. My stepdad replaced the EGR Valve 6 months ago with a brand new one. Is it the EGR Valve or something else?

After about a week of not driving the car, and probably not having the rear hatch fully closed, the battery died. I recharged the battery, but four of the pushbutton controls (rear window wiper, washer, plus, plus, on the center to the lower left of the radio/CD player) small lights come on whenever the engine is running, but not when the engine is off. What can I do to get the button lights to function properly? (I suppose to not be on whenever the function the button controls is not on. By the way, all the functions work normally.

I can not get it to blow out the front vents

i have a plug going to rear diff wich i presume is a electric locker when in 4x4.only get 4 volts to connecter.does voltage come from switch or connecter at transfer case?

car starts to miss, engine light and 'limping' light comes on, car has no power, will start up after turning off/on ignition but doesn't have any power.

Changed the rear main seal/ no more oil leak but smokes badly I have checked everything else. the smoke is blue and smells like oil

and what should it cost to replace both?

I noticed when I am sitting at idle speed like at a stoplight my engine has a slight stumble in at every now and then.I have new plugs,wires,air and fuel filter.I put some lucas injector cleaner in but it still does it.Any ideas.Thanks

The car has automatic door and trunk closing


what cause this light to stay on?

I have a 78 f150 and all of a sudden last night the breaks quit working when i got to the store.nothing at all they just went to the floor. thank goodness i was going slow.... anyway i checked everything and fluids a good no leaks. so i left store easy and brakes worked fine... then when i got home i went to stop and they quit working again.. i have no idea where to start on this,

it is leaking slowley, want to fix befor it becomes a basket case