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called the chevy dealer and cost just to look at problem is $100. Any add. cost are after that. Do I really have a problem?

The clutch bearing is going out on the compressor. When I turn the heat on the compressor comes on and makes a screaming noise and the engine loses power.

Car was running rough. I have changed my MAF sensor and is a bit better but still rough. HELP.

All lights in the dash board light up indicating doors/trunk open when they are not. These lights dim on and off sometimes or turn off compeltely like normal. The SRS light stays on all the time. The Honda dealer said they never seen anything like it. 90$ and hour till fixed.. hum sounds like a big bill to me. The car only has 100k miles on it and in really good condition.

my check engine light came on today but im due for a oil change and a filter too

I initially thought it might be the tranny however now I'm thinking fuel filters since it shifts smoothly all the time. The issue is most noticeable between 40 and 60 mph although I've felt it at any speed.

Also my steering seems to be very tight to me. I need to use both hands to make a tight turn?

I replaced the head gasket and then ran the car for ten minutes 3 quarts of oil leaked into the head.I know i put the head gasket on the right way and torque it properly ,also the head was pressured checked at a machine shop,the motor runs good so im figuring that i installed the head gasket properly what could cause the oil to go into radiator so quickly?I dont think it had this problem before i replaced the head gasket but the car wasnt running long after it first overheated ,or so i was told,i figured if the head wasnt seated properly it wouldnt run good.How could i test this? Thanks

car was missing and slow to climb hills light came on changed plugs ran good for a couple of days then right back to samething and light back on

Current draw tests done twice by Dealer and BMW specialist & no problem found.If we don't plug in a charger it will drain within 1 to 3 days. Battery replaced several times. Main battery cable replaced. Secondary coolant pump replaced. Alternator replaced twice. Driver seat relay replaced. This has now been going on for over 2 years. Dashboard odometer lost pixels, cant read it or the outside temp display. Don't know if it can be related. Also get inaccurate warnings from dashboard like check engine oil, brake linings coolant level, etc. Thanks for your help.

check engine light came on and pulled code for crank shaft sensor. replaced the part 3 times...and car still will not start. also replaced cam sensor.

Can't figure why it does this.....Also the steering wheel feels like it is always rubbing. Dealer stated there was some kind of rubber sleeve that came off and they fixed it. A day or two later the rubbing noise came back.

Hesitation between shifts is like it's about to stall. Changed tcc solenoid, cap, rotor, distributor, even fuel filter. Says it's starting in 4th gear.

this occurs when i crank my vehicle up

If no symptoms are appearing, are these flushes recommended?

what is diagnosis code 33