Car started misfiring, replaced the maximum air flow sensor. Car ran normal for 2 days and has started misfiring again, could the sensor be defective or is there something else that could have caused this? Also, car has had an intermittent issue of stalling when I coast to a stop, it's a 5 speed manual tran. Just seems to idle weak at times, could these issues be related?

This started after I had the brake switch replaced. Gear shift was locking in park position. The ka-chung sounds almost like the horn is trying to honk. Thank you.

I am considering buying a used 2004 Honda Civic EX 2 door 4 cyl automatic. It has 77,000 miles so will need a timing belt soon. Since it is recommended to replace timing belt and water pump at the same time, can you give me an estimate on the cost for replacing the 2 together. I will figure this into the negotiating price for the car. Right now he's asking $6,500. Thanks for your assistance.

need to know how to change my fuel filter and my oil filter along with what tools i will need.

I was getting an alignment done and the dealer told me the rear control arms are all rusted and they cannot loosen the bolts to get this done? They told me i need to replace the control arms and it would be $1200. that seems a bit steep to me.

The area around the pullys makes noise until the vehicle warms up. I've recently replaced the serpentine belt and I'm worried that the bearngs in the water pump are going bad or the lower pully may be wearing out.

when i drive i hear a high pitch fan noise

The Dealer says it's a faulty Booster Brake and an expensive fix. Do I need a repair at all?

I keep my car on a full tank because gas gage dont work,after every fill up I set my trip miles to 0 and when it gets around 100 miles I refill the tank, one day I let it get over 100 miles and when it got to 145 miles the gage will drop off of full to a little over a half of tank of gas and start working not sure if its the right gas in there but its about right. I filled back up a few times and it always starts working after 145 miles. when you turn the car off it shoots down to empty start it up shoots to full...any ideals on what is causeing this? can it be fixed or replace parts?

Mechanic replaced belts with water pump. Sound comes from inside air compressor.

seems like it is not getting gas on the first try,once it starts then I turn it off it stars fine it only starts hard after sitting over 8 hours it has anew fuel filter

I have a freeze plug leaking. A friend said to use block sealer to stop the leak. Good idea?

When I start my car in the garage and back out and put in drive it wont shift out of first gear. It is a little cool in the garage. If I drive around the cul-de-sac for ten minutes, park, reverse, on and off, it may start to shift. Or if I park it and come back later it works. What is weird is when I park outside and it is warm (75+ degrees) it usually works fine. It does idle rough at first til it warms up but I have dumped over 4 grand on this car in the last few months (tune-up, coil springs, relay for supercharger so on and so on) and dont want to dump too much more. I took it to aamco and they checked it over and said it was ok. Still have the problem though. The only codes are for air cond.

the new surpentine belt keeps coming off every time we start it any suggestions?

can this be done and an estimate in cost