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i need to remove door panel and replace passenger mirror
My wives 2002 aztek just lost the transmission. I dont know yet if it is the solenoid of if its shot. What I would like to know is if I change out the whole unit which model GM cars and years are compatible, or where ...
I have a 4 button 4WD system and all four of the lights came on and stay on. What could cause this.
Does anyone else have a problem of paint chipping/cracking around the door handles. About 3 years into owning the car I noticed rust running down from the door handles and now the paint is chipping away and rust is fo...
transmission leaks around seal was told that this is the reason it shifts slowly. just wanted to know if that could be true before i invest in another transmission
a couple of days ago the transmission in my vehicle began to leak horribly. when i pour the transmission fluid in one end it pours out the other end. what could be the cause and is it expensive to repair
while cruising, engine started hesitating, no acceleration for 1-2 seconds then kick back in. Engine died while driving 50mph. 1/8 tank of gas. Filled tank. Engine cranks but doesn't start. First few attempts to star...
I got a 98 dodge 2500 will not start unless I push on the gas a little bit and then it runs shut it off and will not start y do I got to give it gas
typically all vehicles have lights that turn on upon opening a door, right? well my jimmy doesnt have lights that turn on, im almost sure that nothing is blown or broke but still everything anyone could tell me to loo...
What does it mean when transmission lines are leaking, and what is the cost to repair them?
i have a 92 slc vr6 corrado and i would like to find directions to removing the water pump so i can replace the gasket which i do believe is leaking. any help is appreciated tyvm...josh :D
I bought a 1995 bmw 540i from a guy that said it needed a starter. The mechanic said the starter was fine and that it would not start due to the anti theft security feature. How do I get the car started??
cost of parts and labor to replace timing chain in 95 grand cherokee limited 8 cyl 4 wheel all time.... time without vehicle and is it a real b*** buster to do?
low decible noise when reaching 20mph to 30mph sounds like snow tires are on vehicle. So I replaced all four tires. Needed them anyway. Still noisey ride not smooth.