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When you mention P0133 code possibly being cause by an exhaust leak what kind? like fron the exhaust mainfold? the flex pipe? I notice lately that my car sound a ittle louder than it did before. and I already replaced the oxgen sensor on bank 1 sensor one and erased the code and now it just came back. so I'm wondering if it is the exhaust leak. looked for amaged or cracked vacuum hoses did not really see any or bad connection or wires.

I need a diagram or step by step directions

alarm system will not let car crank. It is on and will
not go off. I just want to disconnect it completely
My email address is

I live on a narrow windy track and drive mostly in 2nd gear until I get to town. When I slow down to go round a bend the revs fall below 1,500 and the car won't pull away up the hill with out the engine jumping. I then have to put it into first gear. It never used to do this. What is wrong with it?

The noise is when the car is cold. Goes away after 1 or 2 miles. Friend said it sounds like a bearing.

My tahoe's check engine light came on and there was a rattle in the vehicle when it idled and when I started driving. I took to small shop in Madisonville and was told it was the Catalytic Converter. But your website said it was important to have shop identify why the catalytic converter failed because failure was almost always due to another problem, which if not resolved will quickly ruin a new catalytic converter.

Bought my truck in May and everything was fine until I used the heater. The battery died and it seems I may have deeper issues as the CD player keeps trying to load cds when there isn't one inserted. The battery dies, I jump it, and everything is fine for a week. I'm thinking about detaching the battery cable when I park at work and get home at night.

The clicking sound is sporadic and I think it is some kind of electrical switch causing the problem.
Any ideas what can cause this?

Rattling is worse when driving on bumpier roads, hardest shifts are first reverse out of our driveway, and the fluid leak is brown and we were told that it seems to be a combo of power steering fluid and oil, but I am not sure which oil.

We recently had the starter and a leakygasket replaced that was causing a check engine light about 20 miles after each fill-up (PO466 code).

Since the speed sensors send data to the navigation system, would a sensor going bad make the navigation system think the car is moving and gray out the destination selection? This problem is intermittent but is happening more often lately

Brake pedal not spongy, braking works the same. Fluid was down very little, added some & level has remained the same. WHY??

It was taken to a Buick dealer 3 times and still the same. Help me ,PLEASE.

They were working perfectly and one day they stop working.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? I bought my car a few days ago. I hope that I wasn't sold a lemon!

i have replaced fuel pump and filter and censor.