is there a relay braker or fuse for the ac fan/ raditor fan when both stopes working what needs to be replaced.could it be a bad connection in the connections

How much should I pay for the repair? One shop told me I will need a new exhaust gasket and the axle seal...is this true? I know I need the axle seal, but do they have to remove part of the exhaust system to get to the axle?

what could be wrong?

What needs to be replaced to make the vents get off the defrost and floor vents. The A/C works fine and also the blower motor. My only problem is I can not change the vent setting off of the defrost and floor vent setting. What can be the problem. Is it some vacuum hoses that are not attached are the control switch for the vent setting. Please help me out with this.

after a few or diving short dist will all work. the check

Speedometer oscillates violently when vechicle goes over any size bump


made a jolt when first backed up this morning, now has no reverse

It has happened 3 times in the last 2 months. It happens after the car has sat for 10min-3 hrs. It never happens first thing in the morning, after the car has sat for 10+hrs. It will eventually start, after sitting more time. We have added fuel additive to take out water and fully charged the battery to 100%

My Cabrio makes the alert sound - Beep,boop,beep - Beep,boop,beep - It Sounds like La Cucaracha when you first put in the key to start it.

This morning it didn't stop.
It keeps beeping and booping but sounds like it's under water. It's annoying to say the least

I need one that will allow me to reset codes as well as being cost effective.

Will blow fine, the air is cold. After a few minutes it will stop and then restart again. Is this caused by a resistor

Tried to recharge air conditioner but apparently the charge leaked out. Compressor turns when the system is charged, but will not run the next day and pressure gauge shows low. What is the most likely cause?

The steering wheel is hollow. The air bags have been deployed.

I set the ac heat selector to max and fan to the second speed. I would normally hear a rush of air as the recirc mode goes on but now i have to push the button to activate it when i switch the ac to max. is this correct?