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I'm looking to replace the lamps (internal to the headlight unit) only, not the entire headlight unit

I have looked under the seat and behind the driver back tire.

On this site I've seen the note that on some cars it is a good idea to replace the slave cylinder when the clutch is replaced in order to save costs over having it done later. Is this necessary on my car? I received one quote in which the slave cylinder was included without my having asked for it to be.

4 wheel drive 4 speed with overdrive 141116 miles

I used the trick to tap the key with a hammer to start the car then bought a new lock cylinder from JCWhitney and had a locksmith rekey and install it. Problem is, within a week, the key will turn but frequently won't start the car. It's as if the key is only turning on the accessory. The Chrysler dealership says there is a gear mechanism that might have gotten damaged by tapping the key. Anyone know the details? What is the technical name for that mechanism (dealership wants $340 + 1 hour labor).

Please email if you have the answer by Jan 2013.

i forgot i also change the heater control valve it worked great for a few days then started blowing cold again

what the dash board sign for servicing?

i have changed the thermostat the blower motor resistor the air blows out defrost and floor so what else can i do could it be a relay

i have a 2003 lincoln town car signature 4.6 eng. i had a problem with the air bag light after diagnoses the mechanic told me that the air bag modular is damaged i bought a new one but he could not reset it and he cant retireve the old data from the old one
is there any software tool that can overide the code and my second question does the car have the air bag data stored somewhere else like the main system computer?

i had a blowout on the rear passenger side and did alot of damage i have replaced the bent and broken parts.

When I start up the car and shift into reverse, the car jolts a little, this is while my foot is still on the brake. Then when I move it slowly out of my parking space, it will sometimes hesitate, with a light spasmodic sound off and on, like something is clogged. And sometimes lately when I'm braking the car seems to have a light hesitation. Any ideas on what this may be? Thanks for your help.

both bulbs replaced, connector plugs replaced, and all fuses are fine. Dont know what to do. only highbeams work.

when depressed , brake light does not light.

I want to replace the air filter and need to pull the air flow sensor.