It had rained earlier in the day that this started. It has continued over the last 2 weeks on and off, however, I have a work vehicle and tend to only drive the vehicle 2 or 3 times a week for 30 mile at the most at a time. However Last Thursday, I started driving, and this happened, and the check brake system light came on, and the traction control turned off, and so did the ABS. I made it to my destination, and when I left the light was out, and hasn't comeon since, but I can still feel the brakes grinding. I even went through the car wash thinking maybe if I got them wet, it would trigger the issue. Owners manual says it may be something with the brakes and engine. I'm conflicted as to see if its still under my warranty, or just under my brake warranty! I guess have to go with the brake warranty until the lights come on! Any ideas, what this could be?

2005 commander jeep.

noise from rear differential?

Need to know estimate of cost for parts and labor to replace catalytic converter on 1999 Buick Lesabre

this model and year has alot of known problems, turbo,fuel injectors ecr, etc, alreadt expeirenced 2 of 3 so I need a good Mechanic that may be able to help me prevent or change out to keep these continuing problems from happening, ford knows of these issues and will not help

Truck makes a groaning sound when wheel is turned all the way (left or right) and just taking off, as in making a u-turn. It never makes that sound when turning at regular driving speed.

I was told rear tires cannot be aligned without this. I have no idea how this happened. Could a repair shop actually leave off a part and the car still drive???

what would cause my car to suddenly drop speed while driving and pick the speed back up? Also, sometimes it just cuts off while driving but it starts back up. What would cause these two things to happen? Ive recently changes the spark plugs and wires and i had the fuel filter changes. Please help if possible

Only on the left side(driver side) spark plugs (not) inside of the engine, there seems to be antifreeze on all plugs, the check engine just turned on. The car after a certain speed starts skipping and at stop lights feels like is going to turn off. I will need to replace the wires and spark plugs, but how can i fix the antifreeze from going in there and what causes this.

Occurs during driving

evrytime i run over a significant pot hole the car goes off and i have to put it on neutral to start it back on,i thought it was my ignition module connector that was loose as it was a little loose the screw that holds the wiring harness in place.i tighten it but still i got the same problem when i go over pot holes.stupid car gos off.please i would appreciate if anybody knows this problem and knows the fix.cuz this car does that to me on the highway too and thats dangerous.i dont want somebody to rear end my car and possibly get kill or injured in an accident.thanks.

hesitates before finding another gear

I've ridden in the back area next to the hatchback. The rattle appears at any speed over 50 mph, disappears at lower speeds.

when I am driving and push the accelerate it spits and coughs and when I turn of the engine it makes a ticking noise for a while after I shut off the engine

4x4 173000 mi