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We just replaced the temperature sensor but the temp gauge still shoots up all the way to red and my engine light stays on since then.

about the car it has 125,000 on it.needs struts back brakes.should I just junk it?

Just recently started having this problem. Light comes on, then after 2 or 3 short trips, light goes out and everything works normally.during the time light is on, no remote start. This cycle has repeated 3 or 4 times now. I haven't checked for any specific codes but I did check for simple fixes such as loose gas cap and obvious loose items inside engine compartment.

How much will it cost to fix an alternator in a Cadillac Deville? Or Average cost. Battery is Good, dashboard just started to messge: "Battery not recharging"

how difficult is it to replace trunk moter

after shuttung trunk lid it closes then open slightly

Replaced my transmission a few days ago car seems to be running fine but the tranaxle warning light blinks sometime

My car won't start at all. the )/( dashboard light came on .
light everything is on but, not crunk on. I'm even able to turn the key on but nothing.....

Car is a CLK 550 Convertable.

tried to restart van it rolls over but wont start. there was no sounds or indicator lights or gauges the let on to be anything wrong. ran in my driveway for about 30 mins got five mins away from my house and it just died and wont start. tries hard to start but wont. help me please

I can't seem to find the part anyway but I am wondering how much parts and labor typically go for

I know there is a lot of electrical uses in this car, but the charging system is poorly designed if I need to drive 45 minutes to charge it. I am retired and try not to drive for all kinds of reasons. Any one else have this problem?

lost 4 wheel peel. turn the switch and the light on dash comes on, can hear something engaging or sliding. wife turned the switch from 2h to 4h and back and forth. the actuator is not moving at all. need i look somewhere else or replace it. is it hard to replace for a diyer.

All of my brake lights fail shortly after entering reverse gear and do not return immediately once in 1st gear. I have insepected the fuse and it appears to be unbroken. What could be the cause.

fuel sensors good.IAC motor good air intake control