fuel pump not working need to check sys. before i change it

I have changed the brake sensor switch under the brake pedal but this did not fix the problem. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what may be causing this problem? There was no indication there was a problem until a coworker said my brake lights were constantly on.

does any one know any tips or tricks to fix 98 frontier instrament cluster reading 999999 and no gauges

replaced fuel pump

I have been told vss but am not sure. That seems to be the main problem. It registers between 20-30 mph while driving. Car runs great otherwise. Every once in awhile the check engine light will come on and the car will start jerking at about 3000 rpm If you accelerate fast if you go slow it will shift fine.

Where is the location of my a/c relay switch? I by passed this to
My ac compressor with a hot wire and the compressor kicked on but when hooked up correctly with the plug is doesn't work. Is it the relay?

interior lights radio and power windows stoped working check all fuses are good any sugguestions as to wat next

I got the car recently and it didn't have the manual with it. These cars aren't sitting around in junk yards. So I'll probably have to buy an owners manual

Chrsyler Town and Country 2006. Started making a whistling/whirring like sound then the battery light came on. Diagnostics testing said it was alternator. It was running at 12. when it should be at 13.7?

what all does it control in the fuel system

I just bought an 02' Buick Century Custom, its a great car except for the fact that when driving it sounds like there are crickets in the two front wheels. I brought it to the shop and they said it was a brake problem so they replaced brakes and rotors. Got in the car and it continued so I brought it back and they said it was now because the brakes were new... ive owned many cars and I know its not the brakes!!! what could it be??? cv boot?? I'm at a loss I hate body noise on my cars and can't figure this one out. please help.

My AC stopped blowing cold air in May. I took it into the dealership and they found a leak. They recharged the AC and it worked fine. This morning it was working fine but then the car started to shut off. The battery will be replaced next week, but now the air compressor will not come on. Only outside air blows, even when I turn on the AC.

a/c cools on left side, but warm air is coming from right side vents. is the system just alittle low to cause this? also where is the charge valve for the system, i trying not to have to take everything apart to find it.

Thank you. :)

was driving 2001 pt cruiser blinking battery light came on replaced battery but light still blinking. Replaced alternator but battery light still blinking what could be the problem