my 99 nissian pathfinder jus died while driving. cranks but wont turn over. checked the fuel pump and was pumping. pulled thrittle body off an sprayed starter fluid sitll wont turn over . pulled spark plug wire to check for spark ,no spark. took distributor cap off to check if rotor spins it does.checked all fuses all good.checkd power going to distributor got power checked crancked sensor for spark none does this mean my distributor is no goog since the ignition coil is built in the distributor.... please help never had any problems with mypathfinder till now this is the first time breakdown dont have money to buy parts an it not be the problem

i replaced blower motor and blower motor resister and still no power all fuses are good

I have used a slide hammer,pry bars and tried to hammer the axle out and can not get the left side axle out. I think the c clip is bent. I think I will have to cut the axle and split the case. Dont know what else to do. If I have to split the case any tips.

it has a 5 speed transmission

runs allday until i turn off.. then needs jump.. also,cuts off while idol sometimes.. and when i smash gas pedal, it kinda jerks... whats wrong???

This occurs when approaching a stop.

All fuses are good!

I turned on the a/c today and discovered that air only blows through the defrost vents. The center dash climate control know controls the dash vents, lower vents and combined dash and lower vents. But only the defrost vents seem open. In addition, the MAX air conditioning mode will not blow harder like normal

can u bring it forward a little to close gap?

i just went over 60,000 Miles. I was at an intersection, stopped waiting for the light to change, as It changed, and I stepped on the gas to go... the car woudln't move forward, I was stuck in the middle of the intersection, it was HORRIFYING, people were honking.. ugh! Anyway, I turned engine off and on, because I saw "Check Engine" light, I thought maybe I had stalled... I started it up, it still wouldnt move... it slowly started moving forward, and i made it to turn section again.. thinking ok. it will go now. NOPE! I totally punched it and it was like... lagging.. it finally got up to speed, and I got home safe to park it... Has anyone else had this happen, or do you have a suggestion I tell mechanic? I DON'T Like Mechanics.... I didn't buy it from a dealer.. so I have no warranty (its too old anyway).. ANYONE?

top goes up & stopes but will not release from top cover how can i get to axxcast inside top resease

increased emissions message is on my dash ...i put the computer up to it n read ..dmtl leak detection. oil conition sensor. fuel system dia diagnostic bank 1 . activation clutch. ? whats wrong with my car n how much would it cost to get fixed?

do I need to remove the pitman arm and the steering gear box together on a chevy 4 wd? it seems that there is not enough clearance to to detach the pitman arm from the gear box as it sits in the truck.

I have replace both crank and cam position sensors,placed injectors, replaced spark plugs, and swap coils and I still have no fire to cylinder #4.