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I inspected the boot, it's not cracked nor greasy. It has a tiny bit of play on the end going into the transmission. Does it need to be replaced ? When driving I hear popping sounds mainly when...
This happens often (the "Security" light comes on) and within a short amount of time, the car will not start and is completely disabled. The malfunctioning system can be over ridden by turning the key to the "on" pos...
Turns over and only starts sometimes
I think this is the second radio manual didn't work
I hooked up obd reader and no codes present. . Checked all fuses especially door locks. All fine. I can smell fuel at tail pipe. My key fob works. Im home alone so I haven't checked for spark yet which I know is my ne...
up to that time I had a rattling noise that came and go
Acts as there's no fuel no spark. But doesn't happen every time. Could it have something related to computer without battery?
Do I take cover off that u push to blow horn? It will blow sometimes when u turn wheel. Got upper n lower cover off behind wheel. Sounds like ground wire or something is there one under cover?