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When I turn the key, nothing turns on. What could be wrong. We just replaced the starter. I was thinking it could be the key ignition because it has been getting stuck lately, and maybe it broke.
My rear passenger door suddenly stopped latching and would not stay shut. I overrode the sliding door mechanism, which stopped the beeping noise that results from an open door. I have struggled with this draining my b...
also is there some way to check a/c behind dash
i found out that it was most likely the ecu so i had it repaired and installed the new one but the brakes are still locked. do i have to bleed the lines to release the brake pads....not sure what to do?
battery,both wires,waited 10 minutes,now shows code PO117,son's car. its got a crazy miss,seams like its not missing until you start down the road
I did a tune up and put it back togethor and now it wont run inless i unplug the MAF sensor. It was running before i did the tune up,so i am lost. Please help
The car has been taken care of an just has 189,000 mfiles.The catalyst convertor has been removed an problem remains.Any help would be appreciated..
I can turn the vehicle over I am getting fuel pressure about 55 pounds but I am NOT getting any spark on any cylinder whatsoever
problem it was not the fan itsel they said is some cables not connected what you think is the problem/