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Pops regaless of turningor not tturning
Occationally when i turn the signal on it clicks once and then stops working. If I wiggle the handle sometimes it starts working and sometimes not. A few times I have turned on the right signal but the left one sign...
Sometimes it will reset by turning engine off/on. What is the issue?
my nozzle broke from the bottom of the housing
transmission seems to be fill past the top mark on the dip stick
they replaced 2 of the air shocks and now my car wont leave down to normal. you feel every bump . ts in worse condition than prior to the air suspension being so called fixed. they told me it would drop after drivin...
My friend changed my oil and my car cranks like normal but when you press the gas to go it revs up but does not move
I check the brake pad they are good all springs are good, parking brake is off