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brakes were bad lot of trouble getting drums off replaced with new drum bearing assemblies and nut one side has gone bad twice now wheel has firm shake no slop just noise tires are new
This vehicle has a 6 liter engine & 4 spd. auto trans., has 164,000 mi. on it. I purchased it with 75,000 from a dealer. Since that time I have had to replace the flywheel 3 times and it needs it again. The last time ...
I have multiple warning lights on. About 8 months ago dealership said probably the ABS controlling and hydrolic modules. I opted not to replace ($2800!) and problem disappeared after reset. Now it has returned. ABS...
Engine runs fine when Idling,when you accelerate with warm engine is when the missing starts. Runs fine when engine is cold. replaced fuel pump, filter.
After that, i'm oblige to cut the contact and leave few seconds befor restart and the problem is still present.
Can you advise what might be causing this issue (relay)
Shifter can move but nothing happens car stays in park and just revs when I push the gas.
Okay so my dad got his first transmission fluid replaced at 150,000 miles... yes i know that was dumb but now it keeps slipping from out of overdrive into overdrive. Currently it wont shift into 3rd gear. I need to ac...