It looses most all horsepower staggers Rough idle won't be able to get above 800rpm missing

Got into car to start and the message came on " Remove Key" and "starting disabled." no other messages,

Hazard light came on while driving. Pulled off road and slowly all power was gone. Nothing worked. Got a jump on battery under hood. How do we charge the big batteries?

Began after driving to Door County from Chicago, about 4 hours.

The rpm will intermittently increase when up shifting, acting like it is in neutral, before going into gear. The check engine light (or any other error light) does not come on. This happens when it is cold and sometimes under acceleration. Is this a TCM problem or does the transmission need to be replaced?

Sometimes my car gets stuck in park. I have to shut the car completely off. Then restart it. Sometimes, I have to repeat these steps two to three times before it will work. Why does this happen?

The lock button to lock or unlock or trunk button to open the trunk or with the control nothing happened. Why ? Thanks

What causes misfire to my car?

When driving van will start to backfire and act like its going to die. Usual happens when the gas tank reaches a half tank.

the alignment is terrible and it feels like the wheels are going to break from the car. whats going on>

Where is voltage regulator on 2002 dodge intrepid 2.7 liter

Around how many miles does in need to have to start experiencing proplems. What are the major an more common things?

I know 2014 bolts for transmission don't line up that y I asked

It in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or reverse. How do I fix that problem.?

Just had 90k m check at 88k 3 days ago, car would jolt when accelerating after having been stopped, muffler rusted thr apparently too on the same day! Bought in 2014 at 70k m pd $15k