smokes out the exhaust pipe

few days ago my check engine light came on i put the code reader to it. it gave me po 304. from what i have read it has a mis fire. it has new timing belt distributer cap and wires and plugs. where do i go from here?

I hear a rubbing sound every time i hit my brakes all the way down or even sometimes when i turn and don't even use my brakes.

Have already changed out the two larger blues, and replaced the fuse,...they still don't work, what else can it be?

Or what the starter engages?

It keeps blowing the ECM fuse among others what could it be

i researched this online and took the advice of a post from your website that said to remove the red portion of the battery for 30 seconds. i did and the lights were off for about a week but then came back on after going over a speed bump. do you suggest i take it into the shop now or try to remove red portion of battery again?

after about a minute the noises go away. When starting the car again there is no sound. Despite the noises the car runs good but there is a smell inside the car and then it goes away

The alternator was fixed but now the car will not move because of the restricted access feature.

I read somewhere that it could be the cap.

fan switch works, all positions work ( defrost, dash, and floor.) the heat is always on.

Where can I locste the fuses for the windshield washers ahd the horn

Ive replaced the booster 3 times

beeper sounds solid beep.

fob functions open and lock but can only open door from inside