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My car still will not crank had test run and no codes come up checked keys and they were find conclusion was it got to be the remote starter i had installed when I purchased it in 2005. We have tried every trick to st...
changed gas cap twice, garage replaced vent valve but have code. Do not know where purge valve is located but saw evidence of leaking in the rubber gas fill hose from filler to gas tank. I think I need to replace th...
Had good breaks went out all at once
I have changed the plugs and wires, changed the coil and coil module along with changing the crank sensor but still no fire to or from the coils
When I start the engine it starts nicely but wont rev up totaly
Have power to & fuse(Fuse is good) but none to connector. This fan is for the A/C condenser. Can't locate the relay. Any ideas where it might be. It's not in the fuse/relay center. A/c is cooling fine. This fan should...
How long will the 07 impala ss run for