We are not able to get the caliper to close and the directions said to disconnect electrical brake pad wear sensors.

so for a week my truck was overheaing and it was leaking coolant all over the place. I could poor it in the coolant tank and it would poor directly out of the water pump. so I replaced the water pump and the thermostat.checked all of the hoses and valves and made sure everything was secure. now that the truck is not overheating or pooring out coolant there still seems to be something leaking and it looks like water but I am not sure if it is normaml or not. Its not alot but enough to concern me now being that I just put in a new water pump where the obvious leakage was coming from the first time. oh and it doesnt apperar to be dripping from the waterpump area this time

how much am I looking at for a transfer case? I have a Z71 and it was just confirmed that this is my problem. Loud noise when im driving like someone is ginggling chains underneath the front part of my truck. And is this any easy job to replace or difficult?

car has sitting over a year replaced fuel pump used a cheap ignition tester have spark at all plugs, replaced cap and rotor wires and plugs, coil, coolent level drooped enough for light to come on

I would let it run in the morning for 10 minutes before I take off and I get about a mile from my house I make a turn and it cuts off, summer or winter. First thing in the morning when I start it the car runs rough as if it was going to cut off, and especially if I have the air condition on. I had the car tuned plugs and wires air filter fuel filter. When it is idleling I notice the altenator gauge moving a lot so I replace the altenator.

The button on the side of the transmission lever just won't depress

Whenever I press on the gas regardless of my speed, a loud rattling sound comes from under the car, usually happens after I make a stop and start to take off again, I just replaced muffler and that didn't make a difference.

Have a 2002 Freelander HSE with 90,000 miles. The Service Engine light was on and there was a significant decrease in acceleration. Took it to a local mechanic who said that the catalytic converters needed to be replaced. Replaced both including 4 oxygen sensors. Could not clear code P1471 and occasionally P1472. Replaced Mass Airflow Sensor. Code P1471 still would not clear. Removed engine cover, including the intake air filter. Car ran great, no problems. P1471 code cleared and service engine soon light stayed off. Replaced the air filter with a high performance air filter, attached to the Mass Air Flow Sensor. This seemed to solve the problem for approximately 20 miles and then the Service Engine light came back on. What's the problem? Can you help?

Been to the dealer twice now. Still not fixed. What do I do?

Started about two months ago and now brakes are very hard to depress.

when i start my car it will run about 45 min.then the check engine will come on and it will knock off but it will start right back up and do the same thing.

after about 10 min. of driving,the loud humming starts, untill i let go of the gas, any idea?

timing belt replacement

When turning the key car doesn't start at all, no sound or anything.

My oil pressure light will come on when I'm idling at a stop light/sign. I've had the oil pressure sensor replaced and the light still comes on. I've also noticed that when I go up the mountain, the oil pressure light comes on then but not when I'm going back down the mountain. I've been meticulous about doing my oil changes every 3-4000 miles. I currently have 168,000 miles on her.