starts fine but after driving 5-6 minutes it shuts off. There are no lights to come on to warm me. I just dont know what the problem could be. Any ideas?

speedometer, brake indicator brake systems warning, battery power indicator, etc. are all malfunction. A previous answer hear suggested the alternator might be bad, but a mechanic and a dealer serviceman say there is no alternator. What could be wrong? Thanks.

I have to have new brakes on 2009 Mitsubishi Galant 4 Cylinder & I am not sure what type is the best to put on.

i followed the line and cant seem to find it

There is a problem getting the right part. Why should that be so hard?


The flashers are working but the turn signals only work when they want to. I have already replaced the multi function switch on the column.Is their a seprate relay?

when i was backing up..it just snapped off.

when my boyfriend sprayed with starting fluid it started then cut out..fuel pump??? is it in the tank?

out the a/c drain tube could tis be a problem a/c seems to me working ok

not often, fuel pump has been changed,

The cruise light comes on but the cruise wont engage. I worked one time for a few miles then cut off and wont work again. What can it be

There is antifreeze dripping out of the edge of it.

For Toyota Camry Hybrid was changed the motor oil for Castrol 10w40, for the next day car displayed a massage Check hybrid System. Today we havd computer diagnostics Toyota dealer said that we should change the battery. Cars mileage now is 160. Can we don't change the battery, or do you have any idea?



a local mechanic said possibly the switch, but I'm thinking power is on or off in a switch situation. Any ideas of yours would be greatly appreciated. It's my friends truck and I thought we should try more freon.