I own a honda accord 2001 lx, recently I visited a honda dealer they told me that there is leak from my transmission, they advised me to replace the transmission but it cost me around 4grands. My question is who can in detail inspect the severity of this problem as they are not ready to open the trans, If it's not much severe I can use the trans which I got on vehicle else no choice left replacing it. (Approximate mileage is 82,000 and my monthly mileage is around 900Miles).

front or back only work off the drivers door switch, tried a new switch not a fix

My engine will shut down to a fast (1600rpm) idle while driving. By stopping,shutting off for about 1 minute,you can restart and proceed. However,this may repeat several times. The info center simply states "Reduced engine power". Any IDEAS??

Throttle body?

This is a 7.3 lts International engine with a O.D automatic transmission , truck does not shift to 3dr and O.D. Transmission has been change by a guy a year ago and its not shifting. I suspect some vacum lines and electrical wires are unlpug or placed wrong . Please provide vacum and electric diagram for it.

i installed new lower control arms and front struts on my VR6 jetta - now the top mounting plate does not sit flush against the car. their is a 1 inch gap on boths side. Help?

not close to locksmith - will using fob over the phone work?

Initially, there was no radio, headlights, dashboard lights-- then it quit and would not start.

The blwer switch only works on 1 thru 4 settings

I changed all four oxygen sensor.
I also only drive in O/D should i not drive that way in the city.

Every morning when the engine is cold and when the engine warms up for the day it runs great

How do you do this?

I went to get in my car this morning and the keyless entry button on my key ring wouldn't open the door. I tried the key in the door and the lock would not let me in the car. How do I get in the car and what is going on?

po 0261 injectors short to ground p1117 p1435 p1425 all short to ground checked ground under battery cleaned reinstalled . ????

when i turn my heat on it blows cold air i never get heat but the blower is working good.