car will not start

How do I do facetime from my iPhone 4 to an Ipod Touch 4th Gen?
How do I do facetime from my iPhone 4 to an Ipod Touch 4th Gen?

i was driving when it just went on free willing.i pulled over.restarted the engine ,put on drive but after 50 meters it did the same thing.i have to restart engine ,drive 50 meters and the cycle repeats.

I have not seen or heard seems unusual to me for a camshaft to go out and what would normal cost be to fix

I was going 75 when all of a sudden my whole right front end gave out. I'm assuming everything is bent up under there (cv joints, struts? So assuming everthing is shot, what is an appropriate labor charge for all that stuff under there?

Just got it back fromt he mechanic a few weeks ago, replaced the transmission. Since we got it back, It shakes when u get to 50 mph, it makes a lot of noise. It also while on the freeway doesnt really jump, but has a hard time accelerating. I got to the store and as I put it into park the oil light came on and it died I couldnt start it, oil was ok added a little more, it got me home but has a hard time starting, I have to keep my foot on the gas petal. Any ideas on what it would be? I did check and there isnt anything indicating that the engine block is cracked and fluid is leaking into it.

fluid leaking between fill tube and transmission

I was told my breaks were metal on metal and needed to be immediately repaired.

Temperature gage stay low below 50c even new termostate being replaced.

a couple weeks ago i drove to town (2 miles) and my stratus died as i entered my driveway and would not start. it would turn over but not fire. did fuel system check and all was good there. check engine light was on, so i had 2 friends with different scan tools come over to check it out and neither tool would read the code. at that point (out of curriosity) i tried to start it and it fired up and ran great, after about 20 min. it started misfiring, wouldn't gain rpm but would idle, then just die and not start untill it had cooled off. i replaced the plugs, wires, and the ignition coil pack today. it fired right up, ran great (again for only about 20 min.) started thinking that it might be plugged up cat. converter so i went to pull it in my shop to pull the exhaust off, it started right up but now it only has spark on cylinders, 1 & 4. barely ran long enough to get it inside. checked spark at the coil and have good bright arc on 1&4 and nothing on 2&3. i have checked compression (good all the way around) i took the new coil off and put the original back on with no change. checked engine ground straps, (good), i have checked wiring connectors (look good), moved wires around while engine is running (no change) any help would be greatly appreciated :)

I have a 2002 Trailblazer LTZ with the airbag light and the phrase “Service Airbag System” scrolling across the dash in the info area. The Code reader shows only one code, and it’s B1000 which is ECU malfunction 2, according to my code reader. If you try and erase the code it says it is successful, but upon re-link it comes back. I already had myairbags.com reprogram the airbag module and get the same B1000 code. If I unplug any other sensors to the system then I get a code error for each of them. They disappear when the sensors are reconnected. I have no idea which component is causing the error. The Electronic Control module is communicating with the airbag module just fine. Is the Electronic Control module faulty? That is the module with three connectors located on the engine.

i changed fuel pump and still does same thing

this happened twice now i had the car from 2008 and i can not take long trips because i am afraid of getting stuck some place without a car . the maintenance guy said it was the fuel injector. and i was wondering why would it shut off going down the highway isn't that kind of dangerous.was this ever on recall?

last year i had my timing belt replaced do i need to have it replacd again or will it be ok to just replace the water pump.

when i turn on the air both fans go on.when I turn off the air,neither one works,???confused,I took out the relay switch and the cooling fan goes off,but the air fan stayes on.?