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I went out to leave, my car cranked then went dead. now it just turns over but won't fire. It's giving me the message that "engine power is reduced."

I have a 2002 Grand Prix GT 3.8L. Just had the upper and lower intake gaskets replaced, the valve gaskets replaced, a new radiator, and a new 4th gear shaft put in my transmission as the car was not shifting from 3rd to overdrive (this works fine now). The problem I have is that when I depress the accelerator 1/4 to 1/2 the way down (seems like the same type spot each time), the car starts to jerk and the rpms go up and down during acceleration. Once I push the accelerator more to get past this oint, the car accelerates fine. This mostly happens when going up a hill and trying to maintain power going up the hill or, when accelerating slowly. When I punch it, no issues.

Change plug wire cap rotor wires checked codes none cracked fuel psi fine

engine check stay on in 96 honda accord,scan get no code did the removal of the 7.5 amp negative wire, didn't work.

can the engine light come on if the air filter is dirty?

i just got a new radiater, thermosat, sensor and fan motor. if the top hose is swelling up is that because it has air or what else could it be?

Okay, about a month ago I was driving to the store when the electrics started acting up. Every time I braked the speedometer would surge. About a mile later my car completely died. The lights would still work, but the engine wouldn't even crank. Wouldn't jump, had to hook it up to a battery charger and once it was taken off the charger, the battery light would come on. So I got a new alternator and had to wait a few weeks for my friend who's a mechanic to swap it out. That happened this weekend, also changed the alternator belt and accessory belt at this time. The car started and ran fine fine, no lights on the dashboard. However, every so often when I stopped at a stop sign the engine would idle at about 500 rpm, and sound very rough. After about 10 seconds it would go up to about 1500 rpm and sound fine. The second day had the same problem after the car warmed up a little bit. Then that night not only would the idle get very rough, but pulling away from a stop sometimes, there would be almost no power, until the revs hit 3000 and then it would hit in a surge. Finally as I was about a mile away from home the Check engine light came on, and twice it would flash 3 times and then go back to steady on. Since then I have not driven it. I started it once, idle was stable at 2000 rpm and the check engine light was stable.

is that possible?

when I apply pressure on my brake pedal to stop sometimes the pedal is hard to apply and the is hard to stop. Other times there no symptoms..I just replaced my brake hydra booster with a AC Delco reman. I flushed the p.strg fluid out several times, I still have the hard pedal intermittently. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

please respond to

thanks in advance to whom ever is reading this



just bought vehicle. only buttons 1, 2 are illuminating at dark, along with only one side of the temperature slide for vents. Nothing in manual about illumination. Hard to see them at night.

Car is a push start, keys were in my pocket. I pushed the button to start....nothing, tried again....nothing. I wiggled the gear shift, wouldnt move. I got out, closed the door, the car beeped as if the keys were in and it was running. I got back in,the dashboard lights were on, and the message "key out". This is what happens if I get out with the keys when its running, remember, it wouldnt start, was not running. I got back in, repeated the entire process with the same results. Would not start. Got out, and again, beeping. Got back in, same thing, dash lights on, "key out" light on. This time the gear shift would move into reverse, drive and so on. I put it in neutral, pushed the button....started up. Realised at this point, the clock was set back to 12 and the odomotor was at 0. There had been no power at all, like the battery was dead. But why the beeping? It was as if the car thought it was running? Why did it eventually start if the battery is dead? That was this morning, started good the rest of the day. I have only had the car a month. First issue I have had.

Need to know how to take raquet pinion off a 1986 cadillac deville, not a 1990, also how to put a new one back on, if any one has any suggestion please let me know. Thank you

While driving the truck will go to reduced engine power. I can stop, turn the key off and restart within a few seconds. It will then run fine, sometimes for a few miles, sometimes for weeks. Some times it will clear the engine hours, sometimes it won't. Also sometimes the check engine light will come on, sometimes it does not. What could be the cause of this? I have not had the codes read yet.

I had just filled the gas tank to the top after gas pump shut off automaticly.