After running out of gas, I left the blinkers on for about 15 mins so that I could go get gas. When I came back, the car wouldn't even turn over. It just clicks. The clock had reset itself and the inside light was dim so I tried to jump it thinking it was the battery, but that didn't help. Any ideas??

Does not grind.
Have not been able to get it out of 5th. All others have been fine. Now none will go in gear.

Usually we smell it after returning to the car, especially if it's been a short period of time. Mileage remains the same so it couldn't be much fuel escaping.

there is a little hole on the right side of the engine and antifreeze leeks out

Intake air temp sensor 1 circuit high input and random misfire

I get about half the miles I am use to getting. There is no check engine light. The air filter is clean. What things can I check. My budget is low so I can't go and "try this, oh that didn't work, lets try doing this now." Anybody had anythings like this going on with theres? Thanks for taking a look at my post and advice will be helpful.

only has 64,000 orig. miles
Is it still under warrenty

location bank 2 catalytic

Clanging noise right after I shut the engine off

I am troubleshooting code P0171 and P0174

I bought it in march 2011. (from the dealership) what's up with this. does anyone know how much this is going to cost me>|?

I took motor off to fix harmonica balancer and main bearings when I put motor back started right away. Now transmission sometimes shift when hot. i changed fluid and filter and that still wont help.

does loss off power also happen with faulty lifters

I loose about a quart of oil every 3000 miles. Can I ignore the leak and keep topping up? The leak appears to be near the exhaust pipe.

i have a brand new battery from the last time this happiend. iwas on my way to work on the freeway and the car started to jerk and when i pulled in the parking lot it died as i put in the park.tried to start it and it was dead, whats going on ?