Seems to be running on 5 cylinder when under lug but runs fine some of the other times. Starts and idles fine.

will not turn off with the switch or the brake peddle. what part or parts do I need.

Gas Cap and Chk eng lights.

where is the horn relay located???we cant find it labeled anywhere

this is a plymouth voyager, 1994 with a 3.0 engine

the heat nor the air are working.

if buying from parts store or have oiled changed @ wal- mart

Replaced plugs ,plug wires ,rotor and cap,and ignition coil about 7 months ago,actually saw ignition coil arcing to ground,ran fine. Having similar problem now,but don't see any arcing, after engine warms up ,runs well. Advance auto read code " multiple misfires" not much help.Thanks em

Its my fathers car and I just start driving it and it has just been sitting in his yard since 2008. I know I need a tune up. Could that be the problem that I need a new fuel filter.

(mazda 3 sports, 1.6, 2004 model,sedan.) Everytime when i accelerate over 120 car will cut off drive light and produce a slight jump when the drive light cuts off. the light will then comes back after some seconds. car vendors drained and replaced ATF, replaced air flow sensor, replaced speed sensor but still the problem exists. the car even went through the car computer diagnosis, no problem is reported by the diagnosis. help

I have less than 25,000 miles and had to have the second battery replaced. First in Jan., my driver's side went out, now Nov., the passenger's side. Both times, truck went dead....any ideas, the dealer replaced one each time.

days before showed an electrical malfunction, and after a car wash, It does not work anymore, only the fan work, seems that there is some trouble with the compressor.

the clicking sound occurs sometimes when turning. the grinding underneath is constant.

MY air used to work,right before it got cold,then used heat,worked fine,went out,no,air,defrost,nor heat.IS this just the thermostat.What do ido.need to get it resolved,before it snows.Please help.

there is also a check engine light sensor that appears