used a MAC smoke injector and can't find leak. replaced hoses and still getting code up to two weeks after I clear code

I already have the A/C Compressor replacment and a labor quot of 160$ from my machanic, just want to make sure it's reasonable estamiate. San Antonio Tx

I have an 97 Integra with a B18b engine and its auto trans. Its having hard time reversing? What is causing the problem?

Headlights will just go out without any warning. Sometimes they will go out when the car is started after
stopping for fuel or is parked for a short period of time.

Works fine for about 15 minutes just long enough for engine to get hot then stalls in low gear and will not leave that gear. Once it gets cool drives and shifts like a dream for awhile until you stop for a stop for a light, after that will not leave low gear.

The interior cabin feels like the car is in a wind tunnel when travelling speeds above 30 KM/H. I have recently done tire rotation,balancing and also have changed the rotors.

Please help.

what to do?134A I bought>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When the engine is fully warmed up the noise almost goes away! We have pulled the motor and dis-assembled, all wrist pins are a little loose but #3 isnt any worse than the other 3.Also all rod bearings look good, and the main bearings on each side of the #3 rod look ok. All pistons mic to be standard size. Are there any odd causes for this type of noise in this year model motor? Please HELP!!!

i would like to know if its normal on 07 ml320 hard steering.

where is the neutral safety switch located

someone said i needed a neutral safety switch..not sure what to do

ended up driving 65 miles after first fail(nothing registered) at up to 95 mph. cat converter and evap wouldn't register, but all else did then. Its been 95 degrees and only had bout fourth tank gas. so gonna take in the morn and have 3/4 tank gas. Thik that it'll register?

what to do to stop the water from coming inside the car.

I had this problem a year ago and noticed that the wires, coming out of the sensor right next to the brake pedal, were burnt to a crisp. I replaced the wires and it worked fine for a year, I started having the problem again so i went to the same place and found that the wires were burned again. why are they overheating? the only thing that i have done to my car in relation to the brakes is putting in a sequential tail light conversion kit.

Car shifts funny when first started then fine after a min or so I have changes mass air and o2 what is going on grrrr trac lights on and check engine light please help its making me crazy