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how do i let the backseat down in my 1995 gmc safari. i found the mechanism to slide the seat back and forth but can get the back part to lay down?
panel under outer doors are all rusted out.How do I repair them?
How much does it cost to fix the security system
The A/C doesn't come out on the front vents. It comes out through the bottom.
the left rear wheel is making noise when i drive
I recentley wrecked my buick regal. I flipped it upside down and it was driveable but now it will turn on but will not go anywhere. I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with it. Possibly transmission problems. I have no...
My truck just die the other day, I thought it was the fuel pump, so I replaced it. Engine started and I drove around the corner, it died again. I installed a new fuel filter, it will start, but dies after a few second...
problem just occurred and it was diagnosed. do you recommend a n independentdealer ?
The car ran out of oil and the engine rod blew.
standard trans, the four bolts that holds the shifter in place. Some how the four bolts fill out only found one.
A-C blow cold air on driver side,but blow warm air on passenger's side, Why?
WE were on an extended trip and we took the battery out of the volvo. When home put it back in and stated engine. Everything Fine but when I put it in reverse or forward it would not move. Hand Brake is off. Help
Everytime I turn on the air conditioner there is a smell of gas. Do you know why?
Hello, my truck will not reverse, but will drive. I heard a clunk when I put it in gear. What is the general cost for tranmission repair or rebuild?