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when brake engaged the vehicle stops but pedal goes down towards floor (as if losing air out of brake system). The master cyl has been replaced, brakes have been bled, valve around master cyl replaced, not losing bra...
it is wet and cold out, and first thing in the morning when backing up my breaks my a loud sound and I just bought the car a week ago
I am needing to change the front pads and rotor on my 2004 bmw 745li. What all do i need to change and how.
my child proof locks are sticking? no matter if its up or down the door will not open. what should i do?
both headlight comes on when I turn one the light and when I start driving the left light goes out. Have changed the headlight hoping that would sovle the problem Still happens with the new one) Sometimes the electri...
Every time I try to start it it dies unless I push the gas pedal then it Idle sometimes The air filter housing has oil in it and the PVC hose that goes from the air filter housing to where the hose goes to is clogged ...
when i hit 55mph my truck makes a noise like its like the transfer case.what can his be? it seems like it rumbles when i hit that speed an go higher.
The code 0455 Comes up annually when it is time to get an emission test done. What can I do to permanently resolve this problem? Thanks!
Connected scan tool got 3 codes P1407,P0171,P0303 plz help
how to put transmisson fluid in
want to know how much it would cost me a new engine and to install it
replaced transfercase switch....what's next ? send reply to
had a timing chain repair & when I FINALLY received the mountaineer back(it took them 2 wk-had to get a special mounting tool & then ANOTHER special mounting tool) the RPMs were out of wack (lower than usual),they did...
What is the average cost for replacing upper & lower ball bearings, including parts & labor?
I haven't done auto work for years. Is changing these plugs a big deal? Need detailed instructions and/or pics. Thanks