i have a code p1391

also how do i set the gears..

a deer hit my car and tore up the right fender, liner,etc.

The abs light comes on at times but doesn't stay on. I encounter brakes not working and grinding noise not every time I drive it but more often now. Seems to be more at low speeds.

Nothing more to add

How often is it necessary and how many hours labor? How much should materials cost?

He says no one is able to rebuild a Mazda MPV transmission properly so they just buy new one from the dealer and install it. I got a quote of $4500 which seems exhorbitant.
I love this van but if this is an accurate repair quote I would rather sell it and start again. There is nothing wrong w/ the car now but it has 176.000 miles on it and I am tryig to make an informed decision as to sell or not.

Dealer claims the system is sealed and do not touch it. Is it a good thing?

Need to know where thermostat is locate. Ford over heating (temp light is on, but no leak). Also makes clicking noise when key is turned but will not turn over. batter is good and terminals are clean. need to locate starter motor to check for loose starter wire

when the weather is hot, my car shuts off while driving on freeway and once i start it quickly, it runs fine?


problem been around for years

What cause the evaporate to go out?

Must change Alternator on 1996 Jaguar Vanden Plas and trying to find the best way to do the job myself.

the engine shuts off if the weather is hot, why?