somebody told me that it could be a bad heater core how do you get a heater core out

when am driving i hear some noise (it sounds like something rubbing or hitting) and i think it comes from the wheels, i replaced the outer wheel bearings about a year ago on the rear tires, the noise stops as i slow down, because am driving i cant tell where exactly comes from....

My car recently started to jerk while driving, or like it whats to stall out, but doesn't completely. More like it's choking. What can that be?

all odf them

I purchased a new ABS control module for my truck, and am picking it up tomorrow. My question is simple: do i need to program the module? I purchased it from a dealer.

Thanks in advance!

Diag code P0444

It has been regularly serviced by a main dealer - should this have been picked up

interim , full or major service

Our son, who is a capable mechanic, was trying to jump our battery using his cables and there was never a spark...then went and got new battery and new cables--still never a spark. He thought it was odd and I was wondering why we never saw a spark no matter what he tried?

i was looking for the reverse backup light switch. i looked on the manual shift council--- wrong place--- i know now its on the trans axle--- but i ended up disconnecting the emergency brake switch in the lower manual shift council thinking that was the backup switch now when its reconnected the brake light comes on the dash and the chimes ring continually until brakes are applied if i disconnect the switch altogether it works o.k. no brake light or chimes i think it could be something to do with the brakes itself---- fluid is o.k. fuses o.k. any reply will be thank full

i replaced the battery 3 times, replaced the alternator 3 times install a new battery cable (positive)replaced the starter, replaced the the alternator plug and check all the fuse in the fuse boxes under the dash and under the hood and still no charge.

I remove the two bolts and loosened the strap but can't figure how it comes off to change the filter.

why does my car emits grayish or blue smoke when I start it up in the mornings.

Once it warms up 15-20 minutes,it will remain cranked but jerks into gear. Sometimes at a red light I will need to have my foot on the brake and gas to keep it from cutting off. Please help.

It seems that window motor works, but the window only goes half way up. I looked at the window pannel to see if I could remove it, maybe the window is off the track. I could use some info please thanks.