already removed out of vehicle

replaced oxy sensor, plugs, changed oil, 2 new injectors

po352 and po355

mymechanic put my car on the scanner and it came back that it was my camshaft position sensor so he told me to change both put im not sure it has 2.

Have a friend with a 1999 Saab 9-3 with a 2.0 Turbo, she thinks the water pump is bad, where is it in relation to the front of the engine?

i have changed all the pulleys, it still squeaked.
so i changed the alternater and it is still squeaking.
i asked about the belt but the belt the auto place recomended was too big. so i went to another and the gave me the same belt that was too big. so i am out of answers. help!!!

Drove for 2 days after pad replacement then brake warning light stays on. Found the front reservoir EMPTY - back one is fine. Removed caps prior to forcing pistons open for pad replcmnt. Still driving (and stopping) for a week but find the front res. empty daily. How do I proceed?

the rear passenger side? Now after body damage fixed my car is making a serious noise in the front left. The person who hit me was on the rear passenger side that damaged the rear wheet that had to be replaced. Please help, the person who hit me her insurance company is giving me tough time and saying it is not due to accident. My car was not making any such noise before the accident and had all four new tires with less than 1000 miles on each. I appreciate your answer and time.

It's throwing a lot of smoke... sometimes when i first start it it doesn't blow any smoke, after a while of revving the engine it starts running rough and smoking heavily.. I'm really at a loss.. only 100,000 miles I think it may have to do with the fuel injectors as i don't see a cause from anything else.. No blow by gasses from the oil filler the engine sounds good... no knocking.. would clogged injectors cause excess smoke and poor idle? Undrivable in it's current state.. i know it has got to be something simple. PLEASE HELP!

type of automatic transmission fluid to use

The Green light is on but the cruise control will nor engage.

car lunges forward cannot check fluid on transmission. cannot go faster than 20-30 mph

car will not start want even turn over when u try to start it

both epc, battery, and engine light are left on when trying to start the car hence the engine light was on before but hope this help more once the key is put in the ignition the head light turn on automatically but once when trying to start the vehicle they get cut off also there is a clicking noise but that always has been there every time i start the vehicle

I was driving and the van wanted to up-shift (like it was going up hill). Now I can't get it to go any faster than 30mph, it will shift fine. When you start it, it sounds fine, but when you step on the gas pedal, it sounds horrible. What's going on?