by just remuving the manifold cover.

The headlights will turn on but the tail lights and running lights wont work. Would it be a relay?

10 and 30 min key relearn is not working. The "Security" light comes on when the key is turned to run and start but immediately goes out. It does not flash or stay on when the key is left in the run position. The car is seldom used and this has happened before. The 30 minute relearn worked the last time. Any suggestions?

I pulled over and retightened the cap, the light did not go off. I tried to redo it again and shut the car off to reset the computer and restart the light still remained on. This car is a 2011 Nissan Altima

Manual: driving my truck on 1st gear, as it goes there's a jerking motion like the gear is hitching back or feels like it's slipping then I shift to 2nd gear and it does the same thing...I shift up to 3rd and its becomes ok. but this happens every time.

I couldnt get my truck to ride up the hill on 1st and 2nd gear...I had the hardest time...I rolled back down and started very slowly up hill til I got to the top. I get out of truck and there's a very heavy smell as if I burned something in engine.

I'm told it's the rear differential and berrings rear axle area of truck...

your advice would be much appreciated!
Thank you!

My 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera stalls after extended driving and restarts after cooling. It has a 3.1 V 6 engine and the head gasket was just replaced. I also noticed that it does not like idling for long periods. What could be the problem?

Engine Oil Pan Gasket

could this be a relay and if so which one to replace

had code checked and it said gas recurculation flow insufficient does anyone had this problem

how do i replace the radiator

i lined up the crank shaft on its marks and the cam shaft on the number one plug mark put timming belt on and turned morter over by hand it went around two turns and stop is something not lined up rite

Have to keep foot on the gas pedal for several minutes to keep it running until the check engine light goes off.

have check everything with wiring. Any suggest where I could find the bad connection? I have purchase different switches replace them. Please help single gal needing help.

How do I get the crank shaft and the cam shaft lined up after bad timing belt?

ON DODGE RAM VAM 1997 2500