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I need to change timing chains in my car. I would like a book on how to do it. and other repairs if needed, where can i find one
there was oil in my spark plug sockets so i changed the velve covers and spark plug gaskets on the valve i blew the oil out with an air chuck...and i still have absolutely no acceleration even after changin...
How do I replace the light bulb for the odometer on a 2000 Toyota Avalon?
Need jump, hood won't open, did wd40 where I could without going under car, I'm a female and don’t want to be ripped off, need possible costs and what could be wrong
it just started today my car is sputtering on takeoff i just changed sparkplugs and wires today , but it is still doing it i also put a bottle of gumout fuel cleaner in the gas tank
Just traded for a 97 millenia, ran good except for a miss that would disappear when accellerating. Already replaced the crank sensor, distributor cap, rotary button, wires and plugs and the rack and pinion. The other...
We were told the transmission needs to be replaced. Cost and Labor $1500.00. This is a station wagon.
How do you tilt compressor and power steering pump to replace water pump? Thanks
Will my Regal still run when it needs fuel injectors replaced?
Does this estimate include the cost range for the 3.6 as opoosed to the 3.4 engine?
rpm surges while driving worse at lower speeds. not as much when cold but gets worse when running teperature. Please email
valve cover gaskets oil leek and smoke odor come in the car
couple weeks ago, my car start giving me some knid of problems like: I can't get to gear "2" and the shifter wasn't smooth. The reverse lights stay on even if the car is on "D" driving. I can change gear even I do no...
I'm replacing my water pump and thermostat. What do I need to make sure is included when I purchase each? Gaskets, Housing, Water outlet....???? Also, what's a dependable brand of thermostat? I've seen bad reviews...
I received an estimate from the dealer for replacement of upper & lower intake gaskets w/coolant flush. The estimate including tax & shop fees is $1,104.00. Sounds high to me - what do you think?