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(1)When driving approximately over 50m/h, inside my car is so loud. It is hard to hear each other. I started the car and checked engine and everything seems fine. Any idea?
(2) Also my check engine light is on. It came on, I changed the fuel cap, reset it but came on again. I went to a mechanic, he left the hood, and there was a loose hose, he plugged the hose back, cleared the check engine light with his computer. After a month, the light came on again. Please help thanks

could this be a problem with the transmission

what should the man hours be to diagnose a faulty oxygen sensor and to replace on a 2004 S-Type Jag?

when I went to purchase the car I told them these lights where on and stayed on they said theyed fix it now im wondering if they some how just disabled it. will this damage the car.and is there a way to tell if they did
one reason I wondered this is when im in slippery part of snow the car slides and the light doesent turn on

It is in the lock position and won't turn to the start position, so i can't push the release pin

i have replaced the pmd 3 times still shuts down could it be the lift pump? i also know it could be the oil sending sending unit.

Have replace front brake line/hoses and one of the calipers. Went away for about a week but it is worse than ever now. When I drive it the brake pedal is soft but the more I drive the harder it gets. Also. If i stop somewhere and let it sit for about 30 minutes the brakes drag so bad I cant get out if 2nd gear.

At how many miles should I have a brake fluid exchange?

The drive is rough.

also had serpentine belt replaced smells like rubber burning car is running well. smell occurs on aceleration

comes on red and then turns yellow is this indicating beware of ice

not turn over and the steering wheel was locked up

What vacum lines would I need to rplace and where are they located

transmission filter location

they still work when i use them to wash window with washer fluid setting