My check error light was scanned by a local parts store. They said the code was for a coolant temp sensor. Where is this part located on my car? If I can reach it I can probably fix it myself. Thanks.

no precious to thefuel injectors

check engine light has been on for about 3 years, auto zone and my mechanics code reader said crankshaft position sensor. Bought one, tryed to put it on, after having one hell of a time trying to get all of the bolts out of the timing belt cover, there was one I still couldnt get out- think the very bottom one- cant remember for sure. anyway gave up, car has ran perfect all this time with check engine light still on, mechanic said usually when crank sensor goes bad, car dies right then. Suppose crank sensor finally just went all the way bad, or something else? I know it could be many things, just curious about crank sensor...

My backup sensor system is alarming all time. Reverse, forward.

4x4 switch got push how do i disable the 4x4

158k - oil pan gasket blew. Took to NTB - first gasket failed. Installed 24 HR gasket and upon the 10 minute idle seal they say truck started sounding like a diesel. I drove .7 mile home and stalled 4 times and the engine light came on. Manager came over and got P0115 ect circuit code. I showed him oil is barely touching dipstick and he swears he say his tech fill my engine and that he doubled checked level to be at 2:nd dot on stick. Engine sounded great prior to gasket change. What can be wrong?

What are the best tires for this car?

or lunging forward when braking?

350cc engine

350cc engine

is the sensor on the front of the engine or underneath the engine

well as my engine light,just wanted to know if it just needs servicing or there is a serious problem.I don't think it's been serviced before.Maybe a plugged filter or??????? or just needs ??????

318i 5 spd all lights come on charged battery real good no
start tried to push and jump start it acted as if it wanted to no fire to starter wont turn over?

did a complete tune runs good at idle,now right at 2000 rpm's it cuts on and off,you can slow it dowm and it will rev higher but it won;t hold.why does it pulse back and forth ?

I'm trying to figure out where it went without tearing apart the whole dash