I have new crank thing. Also I have replaced all spark plugs and oxygen sensors. Replaced mass air flow sensors. it has to be something with air intake something small I'm thinking. Please help

The air seems to only kick on when you stomp on the gas. It will stay on for a little while then it will drop off again and it will have to be refer up again. It is serviced within limits and is freezing when it is on. Doesn't matter if its in max or normal modes or how high you have the fan settings. Trying to figure out what to try and change first because ac parts aren't cheap for these vans.

I went to a carwash and manually washed my car with the brush and the high powered water device. After that, I did notice a black wire but it wasn't on the window it was on the side mirror. Then I notice that the window would not roll down anymore. I had just had my windows down right before I went into the carwash because my air conditioning does not work. The effected window is in the front on the driver's side.

I have a 2001 Durango. Bought it new, currently has about 61K on it. It is a 4x4 4.7L auto trans, 3 range electro shift trans fer case. Started yesterday wife was in town called me saying the thing was making grinding noise especially when going thru holes or over rough uneven pavement. Got home tried it out and it is a very prnounced noise but it is a loud snaping noise lik something is slipping and catching when you are moving. speed or 4WD setting does not seem to change it much. It is eneven and sporatic but never stops. You can actually feel a lurch or catch & snap phyiscally as well as audible. Thought it might be a ball joint or CV but they seem to be ok. Jacked up off all fours and put in drive but it will not do it then only when trying to move vehicle. Buddy tells me that there is alot of transfer case problems with these. I do not know but I am looking for help and direction.

I start my car, it sounds fine, I drive for a few feet, and the engine sputters like it's running out of gas. After a few seconds, it starts running normally again, and continues running normally for the rest of the trip. It might happen more often on humid days? Not sure.

Occurs after driving awhile in the heat and gas runs out onto the ground after parking and engine is running?

did a live data scan tranny showes N R 2 does not show D or 1 . it also does not change out of 2 . have codes 53 gear ratio error in 3rd ,36 malfuntion immediatly after shift ,po733 gear 3 incorrect ratio. can you tell me the problem

repaired by replacing the vent solenoid for the 99 ford taurus se

AT first I thought it to be a hose based on age of vehicle, however further investigation has it leaking without the engine running. I found that when I added coolant as it began leaking immediately and I found it on the back side of the engine next to the firewall. Before I just start taking it apart is their a procedure that I should use and/or is there a freeze plug located on the back of the engine or what should I be looking for or can test to see what it may be? Could it be something I'm not thinking of.

My check engine light is constantly on. My car has been stalling and cutting off when stoped at a light or stop sign. I've been told that it has something to do with an ETS motor that is attached to the Throttel Body. I need to know what does ETS stands for.

I have been drying it out every time it rains or I go through car wash. I have recently removed panels in trunk and they are soaked. Any suggestions?

It seems to happen when a/c on?

i recently purchased this car and try to remove the drums but they have a cover over the hub nut and could not remove it !!!!

The alert came on a few weeks ago. My mechanic friend says "It could be many things" and referred me to his pal's shop who has a tester and can repair. What is the range of costs I might expect to see? Are there any typical scams?

My sister-in-laws car started leaking oil. Brother got it home. All oil was gone. Oil all over back of engine. He fixed that problem. Then fans wouldn't come on when car was started. Dad tried to by-pass with toggle switch. Didn't help. Now car will not start. Turns over but never starts. Any ideas??