I replaced the lights on my car,with no reaction so i checked all the relay,after i pulled all the relayies nothing happen,i played with the switch and the lights started to work,the low beam works,but thare is a low beam light that stays on

Shop says head gasket. Any quick fixes I can try before eating the MAGOR expense?

what would cause the break lights not to work or come on even though fuses have been replaced and no burnt out blubs

just put in new ign.coil ran good for a day now sounds really
rough with chattering from alt.

silley question doe,s any one know where there might be a 210 datsun besides the junk yard or china?their not much to look at but they last better then a v.w and coast alot less to fix

I have already checked for a clog, there is none, the fuse is good and I already replaced the washer pump at the bottom of the holding tank. what else do I need to check to find the problem?

i have a 71 super beetle what would make a few of the larger fuses pop out when driving down the road the flashers or trun signals where also brighter then usaual

still have prolbem no light on dash and no codes found now

confused about which gear to shift or a miss . Mercedes says nothing wrong dont show up on computer.

When you start the vehicle there is a loud knocking that goes on for about 1 minute. There is no air coming from the front vents. What is the thing that shifts the vented air around? I wonder if it has somehow become jammed? Air works from floor and windshield vents.

Tried everyuthing..could not figure out why the back seat door cannot open from inside. Right door ok.
4 people in car in rain foggy windows. Go and come back 2 hours later car still fogged up. Takes long time to clear with defogger.

Need capacity in liters and gallons of my 1999 Honda CRV and is the dash indicator in miles of kms. Cannot get back seat door open from inside on left.

sparks and wires looks good dry no crakings

the light is on and the level registers low until the car warms up then the light goes off...

i had a towing person out and they said that the battery was good, but maybe it could be the starter. Is this the case.