problem been around for years

What cause the evaporate to go out?

Must change Alternator on 1996 Jaguar Vanden Plas and trying to find the best way to do the job myself.

the engine shuts off if the weather is hot, why?

There is no a/c on at all sometimes.

what is happening to the car?

What is the recommended major Service at 160,000 miles and the cost, I had a oil and air filter changed at 158750 miles

My battery in my car died. So my car sat for 3 months. I keep having things done to it, thinking it's this and that what is wrong with it. The battery died and had it recharged recently. But my car keeps wanting to stop and not run good. When I am stopped at lights, it makes chugging sound and sometimes it dies and I have to restart it. I was told, it could be my relay box. That the points on it are sticking. Could that be the problem with my car? My brother who is a Certified Auto Tech., said it's probably a sensor. It needs to be checked. I called Sears and they told me, in order to do that, the engine light needs to be on. Sometimes it's on, and then it isn't. Does that light Have to be on to do any kind of testing? I need my car. And I need to know what I should do to get it repaired.

I removed two screws which holds fan motor in place but can't see how cage, fan motor is mounted in, is removed?

When I am using the breaks my break lights do not come on, we just bought this car and I am not familiar with it yet.

My check engine light came on and I took it to an auto parts store. They said it was an o2 sensor. The truck makes a loud rattle underneath.Its louder with the a/c on. Could this be my catalytic converter?

I have a Z71 and been hearing a loud chain like noise coming from the front of my truck by the tires. A couple of times the red neutral like went on the one underneath the 4wheel drive button and i could not get it back into 2wd unless i turned truck off and restarted. One day the neutral light stayed on then i got worried. One mechanic told it was my 4wd drive shaft? it has chains and sprokets? The truck runs fine, actually great. It goes into 4wd now and back into 2wd no problem but the noise is always there when im driving. Does anyone have any advise for me please?

I failed emissions due to the issue above.

First it was not taking a charge, I think the compressor may be damage but, the mechanic told me that i may have a problem with the accumulator. is there a way i can do this job or how much time does it take for a shop to do this work. thanks.

I had the fluid drained and filled at 27000 which was July 2010 I have 59000 miles on it now; should I just get the drain and fill again or the actual flush and filter change?