The front heater will blow hot but when you stop for a light it will start blowing cold but will again blow hot when you speed up and the rear heater never blows hot. What could cause this problem?

varies with speed seems more prevalent during deceleration. any thoughts or experiences to share

It occurs at speeds above 50mph when the brakes are applied it has a slight vibration in the steering wheel also.Should I have my brakes and rotors checked?

Tcs lite comes on trac control car runs slow

A couple days prior to that I heard whining noise when car 1st start then when I drive to repair shop and engine is warm noise is not heard. Today had to stop and cut car off several times to get to repair shop due to rpms rising and car not accelerating. Never had that problem before. No check engine light on, temp is normal also.

1 chime and the diagram of car with trunk lid up appears

replace spark plugs ,wires, coils, M.A.P. clean thottle body, change fuel pump, fuel filter. map sensor, and many more and still Code PO 306 ....clear the code and in 10min. it will go back ... please help..

engine light does come on while driving then goes off with the key and does not come back on until its driven again

Engine has 130K miles. Timing belt replaced in January, head gasket replaced in June. Yesterday apparently blew a rod and the engine is toast. Was told "sometimes this happens after having the head gasket replaced because of the compression difference". Doesn't make sense to me! These engines should last 250K+. Should I invest the $4K they are quoting me for a new engine or just scrap the car and start over?

is there a reset switch or some fuse that needs reset or is my tranny goning out

Rear air shocks do not level for a smooth ride. Rear shocks rides high and car bounces over bumps like being on a boat

muffler replacement is not an option when looking for estimates.

I need repair/replacement proceedure (R&R) secondary a i r pump. Code P0410 appeared on scan. Is this a repair something a shadetree mechanic should be able to do?

Car has 78,000 miles. I just had front brake pads replaced. Afterward, steering wheel has been shaking when I brake. (Never did that before.)The service shop (a Honda dealership) said they resurfaced the rotors, applied the pads, and their measurements were fine. But, they said that after 3-4 resurfacings the rotors might get too thin and warp, even though their measurements didn't show this, and that I probably need new rotors. Are they telling me the truth? Is it safe for me to drive the car in this condition? Are new rotors to be expected after 78,000 miles?

The horn was very sensitive, all I had to do was brush it with my purse or elbow,etc and it would blow. It didn't stick or stay on but was annoying. Had my garage people look at it and when they got done, it didnt ever work again! They denied they did anything to make this happen. Now the horn will not work at all..O'rileys man said it could be a connection under the hood.. Already checked the fuses under the dash, any other fuses I should check?