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I am getting conflicting information as to the location of the bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor for my bmw 740i. I am told bank 1 is the side of the engine that cylinder #1 is located. I am also beeing told b1 s1 is lo...
what is the cost of the knock sensor and the labor for installing. Is it for sure that I should replace it? or is something else causing me to get that code? How soon should it be done? what harm in waiting? Car ru...
It started this past winter season, 2010, after the vehicle is all warmed up and I set the cabin temperature control to a comfortable setting it will get hot by itself as if someone had turned the knob to high heat. W...
i just had the transmission replaced
When I shut down heating system it continues to blow hot air.
Where can i get a print out of how to specifically rest the drive cycle for emissions passing.... what , when and how to do it step by step
i have a shkeing problem at 50plus i had new, brakes. new tires, new rotors, new calabers. bal, alignment still shakeinging
2000 Ford E350 (gas engine) van is misfiring. Previously, this has been the ignition coils and I've paid to have it done. Is this something a weekend mechanic could do? Where could I find instructions for repair?
How do I gain access to the bulbs on the instrument cluster of my 2008 ford explorer? I do not see any screws to remove the panel and bezel.
what does it mean if I need to reprogram my body control module
mixture problem witj gas ans oxygen
I have a 2002 Saturn SC1 my drl wouldn't turn off even after the car was shut off, i removed the relay from the fusebox but they still stayed on. i would like to know what else i could try. Thsnks
just i went to auto zone and they told me about the problems the car has
my 2000runs great,has 170k.between oil changes the oil level is between the two holes on the stick for the last year or so.doesn't seem to get much lower.(I have to check it once in a while now,though)...any concerns???
coolant light stays on temp gauge shoots up instantly, car has been checked by two different shops and they say they cant find anything wrong, car stalls at stop lights, smells hot but fluids all full. just had speedo...