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As soon as I let go of the ignition key, the engine will die. As long as I keep the key cranked the vehicle will run, any suggestions??
how does the filler neck come out of fuel tank
We were told that it had bad flywheel and starter at beginning last week.Then two days ago we were told that it had rod knocking.Is this possible when it had no symptoms prior to sending it to the shop?A day before it...
When I first start my Truck, it won't run at Cold Idle. It will stumble and run erratically until it is warmed up. I have replaced the Air Charge Temperature Sensor and the Coolant temperature sensor without any resul...
after replaced spark plugs check engine ligth is on ses random misfire the hole raigt bank dont work sometimes do somebody have a clue?
This truck is a standard shift, 6 speed. It does'nt matter what gear its in but when the tack reaches 3000 rpm the engine misses when the accelerater is to the floor. Sometimes when its missing the engine light will b...
ARE all rear struts on the LSS air?? or did some come out with a normal strut? How do you know which is which. I dont hear an air compressor run?
we have no lights, high only
How do i replace the signal light flasher so that it will flash again?
How do i replace the left side mirror of this previa?
recommended to clean fuel injectors when the recalled PCM is replaced. does that make sense?
On a 2001 Intrigue that turns over several times before it starts. The fuel pump or the crankshaft sensor? Thanks for all help.
My Explorer would be in 4X4 mode everytime I turned it on. I would drive about 30 feet and it would release from 4X4 mode but wouldn't be in auto mode when a rear wheel would slip. The cycle starts over everytime I ...
What is the cost range (parts and labor) to replace a belt tensioner on a 1996 Mercury Sable.