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have fire to coil but no spark out of coil or dist cap to pulgs

the first time I try to turn my car on but fail my brother push the gas pedal and turn on the engine start working but after that my car start smelling like burning, when I start driving smell antifreeze I thought there was a leak somewhere but I did not find anything, the internal leaking could be inside the motor?

Will run good for a couple months then start again.been going on for two years.other then stalling when clutch and break are used it runs great.keep it serviced have had it in shop they play with it. Change a part but it starts again. They tell me its to old for there computers. Its been a good pickup only 114000 miles. Really frustrating.

So far I've changed out all plugs and coil packs for cylinders 4 and 8 because I retrieved codes P0304 and P0308 and P1000. My truck continues to throw P0304. I've also used an EXPENSIVE injector cleaner. What else can I do, Could you please help?

got access to belt (coolant resevoir out inner fenderwell cover off...belt tensioner is inverted towards engine so you can't get belt off without taking tensioner off ??? also looks like you have to jack up engine to get to star bolt on tensioner ?? will taking off stabilzer bar on top of motor allow motor to be raised or am I DOING THIS ALL WRONG ?

Could this be a thermostat problem if so how much will it cost to get fixed.

just a daily driver 30-40 mile daily running somth some times starter will stay engaged

and would not start check engine lite blinked 10 times and stayed on with a red dot lite

Have replace plugs wire twice, EGR Valve, intake gasget twice, and fuel sensor.

My serpentine belt slipped off all the wheels; I re-attached the belt on the wheels according to the diagram . THe Tensioner wheel moves ,but none of the other wheels don't . And the Alternator is not charging my battery . Why ?

I'm unable to move the shifter out of Park. The brakes are operational, but the lights don't come on. The turn signals and reverse lights do work. I checked the fuses and they seem fine. I found online someone mention a brake sensor, but couldn't find that part in the estimator here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hoping sensation when driving uphill at slow (20mph) speeds..?

i used one from a 1992 lesabre

while changing the lower balljoint, i pulled on the hub to get it out of the way and something slipped out of place. Cant slide it back into position. Maybe the cv joint ??

Air/Heat will blow out of the top vents(defrost) and middle vents, but air will not blow out of the floor vents. The cables are connected from the control knob to the side of something located on the wall between the engine and inside of the car and they move when the knob is turned.