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have replaced the push button switch on dash and have replaced the motor on transfer case. Works great in (2whl) and (4)low, cannot get into (4) high. Please help!!!!!

needing to replace fuel pump

The volt meter is reading almost to the high red range.

I have had an overheat issue. also water/steam comming out tailpipe. pulled intake manifold and found gasket was bad and manifold was cracked at center rear cylender. I dont see the conection between the water and the intake crack. is it more likely that the head gasket needs replacing as well or is it common for a bad intake manifold or gasket to creat this problem

Changed head gasket. Car turns over but won't start. Changed spark plugs.& sprayed with starter fluid. Haven't got a clue! Help?

1994 mercury grand marquis

Is the side of the engine nearest the radiator of a Ford Windstar 2003 Ford Van the intake manifold?

we have only had the van for a month; it has happened about three times, twice when I was there with it and recognized it. (The van was a gift and never had this problem before, even so Free is good :) We wiggle the steering wheel and the shifter we have tapped it with a hammer and sprayed Lubricant in it each time it unlock after 15 or 20 minutes of frustration and then acts like the problem never occurred, till it happens again. I'm trying to determine what is wearing out by driving it around till the problem re-occurs and I'm paying close attention to everything I do with it. If it was the Cylinder would the dealer have to replace that in-order to reprogram the new keys, because of the presence of the immobilizer 2?

i just got a new belt, water pump and changed the spark plugs

and passenger side stays on 65 degrees.. pls help me.. thanks D
. sweeper

97 Buick LaSabre. Usually has the problem in the morning or when it is really cold.

Ok this is first time i have came across this. Bought a Kia Sportage and been working on it, last night got real cold and had someice in radiator, didn;t freeze though. So ran some water out of it and added antifreeze and replaced thremostat. Now when I run the vehicle ten minutes or so I have to add more fluids, theres no signs of any in the oil, no signs coming out of the tail pipe or vehicle missing. Where can it be going? On other thing is that the top hose doesn't have any pressure on it when running the vehicle and doesn't get hot until car turned off, so guessing water pump may be bad but where is teh water going???

ABS light is on in the dash. The car just got the transmission rebuilt, but it has not been driven in almost a year prior to the transmission work.

Is It possible Ill have to change the evap canister if I found the black soot in my gas?

I changed the fuel pump and bled the fuel line til it ran from the injector lines, so I know and hear Its getting gas, but now I have a new code (46)- It ran for 5 mins andI still have the same problem, Im hoping its not the voltage regulator- I know where that is.. battery and alt tested and good and new cranksensor, I have a box small relay looking with connection that are NOT bolted back to the frame on the side of the battery like the foudation broke and dont know what thats for- had a little back box with 2 prons (prons connnect) component just not grounded - will only start with starter fluid and has a half tank of gas!It ran for 5-8 mins yesterday died, and refused to restart. battery was fine this morning didnt need a jump and after a few 5 trys jumped one time trying to start 17degrees here. Left alone so I wont have to get a nother jump in case I get time to try later. after running tryed to drive in forward and cut off before the thought completed-- thanks again- Use to start with no problem! and only had problems during driving