it doesn't fire and fuel pump don't come on. the dakota i tried every thing on it. finally give up and took it to another garage. he just replaced wiring untill it started running. any body got any input!

The car is not drivable. It will start, but when put in drive or reverse it loses power and shuts off.

warning light is coming on. starts out as white warning then switches to a red warning. there has been some fluid on the floor near the right front tire.

they replaced fuel line hose with non-pressurized hose. leaked fuel and smelled like fuel all the time they said they fixed it and it was not. replaced sensors and exhaust and catalytic converter. Would the leaking fuel filter and improper hose lead to this prob. had cosed P0156 and P0157 codes?

car isnt running hot.kills battery unless disconnected

A/C intermittenly blows cold then hot. Suction line from port forward was cold but from port to accumulator was warm. High side was at 75, no higher. Help!!

The dealer charged me $1,218 which seems excessive. Is there any justification for this.

I have to keep giving it gas then it shuts off then I have to do it over until it runs on its own. Once started it will keep started unless I leave it over 4 hours then I have to do it all over again

It only does it on occasion, it has fluid

I have a 1996 Firebird with 3800 SeriesII, no add ons. I have an extreme chatter, almost a rattle/ticking under the left bank valve cover. I've tried the oil additives to avoid opening up the top end.No help. Any advise?

gauge indicates normal yet under the hood everything is so hot i cant touch anything

Low air flow from heater/air conditioner.

while not in motion the front end has a loud squeak when i turn the steering wheel.

breaks make the back breaks lock up also

when i try to go from air to heat the control switch does not seam to work still get air or cold air