I have a oil leak i took took it to a mechanic he told me the O-ring needs to be replace, how much would it cost me to replace it?

Gauges are correct but still blowing hot air. Can anyone help?

I've only had this Kia since April and the battery had gone dead twice. Had it recharged, it's a good battery. Then had the alternator checked and it tested good, no problem. What else could be causing the battery to die? I do not keep anything plugged in such a my phone charger, I turn off the radio and fan before I shut off the car. Any suggestions before I pay too much for a service check?

Does this car require a two wheel or four wheel alignment?

I have pressed the traction control button on and off, as well as the suspension "sport" mode button. Both dash lights stay lit.

There is NO dipstick?

vacuum leaks and it chugs like it has bad gas. it does run a little better after its warmed up. whats wrong?

Does it really make a difference whether or not it's a flex fuel for alternator replacement? some stores ask, some say it's not an option.

Does it really make a difference whether or not it's a flex fuel? some stores ask, some say it's not an option.

with a spoon, only when the van is turn on.

this problem occurs once a day, the traction control light beeps with alarm and the front tires locks as if am matching the brakes. Afetr some time the vehicle continues a normal movement, this is very dangerous.


this is the second problem i've had. i had just replaced the heater core. could the compressor cause the problem? it won't even start at all. an mechanic said it's the motor, but it was no warning at all. it just shut down. please give me some clue what's going on.

I have a p0715 code, some of the issues is dirty or bad connection, so I'll start there the lest expensive. The trani does go into limp mode sometimes, not consistent.

How can I remove it?