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dionostic code says misfire. do u think it is the exhust valve?
what is causing this and what do I need to do?
Procedure on changing out the spark plugs on my Nissan Titan truck. Gas miles is starting to suffer...125K miles.
Dealer replaced tie rod ends, idler arm, shocks, brakes, rotors, tires and had it aligned and it still shimmies when decelerating starting at about 50 mph.
When i accelerate it dosent do it fully it
i get code on my car, what is meaning....po1730, p1738, p1739. what parts i need for this
after driving about 20 miles engine will not start when left over night it starts and then die again
At least once a day my car will stall while driving. The problem seems to be less noticeable when I leave the car idle a while before driving to a destination.
When I'm between 10 and 30 and not pushnig hard on the gas pedal, the car seems to have a slight sputter, or hesitation, it is very slight but can be noticed.
everytime i encounter a pot hole my front end feels like it want to break down. the noise it makes sound like cla, cla, cla. i hope i described it well.
how do i replace front brake pads
how where do I set up my shop ph# 815-692-4015
new sensors have been replaced in all tires
what @ flush and alinement prices
how much does it cost to replace both exhaust manifolds and gaskets?