car keeps overheating and has a new water pump and all good hoses and radiator been flushed

noise comes from front end and I beleive its associated with suspension. what could this be. any recalls for this problem?

I had the radiator replaced several times, recently new timing belt, new water pump and tune up. Headed out for Alaska and it over heated...Another new radiator and another overheating...Now I am told a new head gasket will take care of the problem. Could it be something more?

I was told that rust where the gas cap screws on will cause a sensor to trip and turn the check engine light on. Will sanding the rust help by making better contacy?

how to remove the lid on the center console

At on point we noticed we were leaking gas. We attempted to patch it with some gas tank putty stuff, but didn't have any luck. We had a shop patch it and it only lasted 5 months then started leaking again. I have read and heard that this a common occurrence with this make of vehicle, and one even caught on fire. This is a safety issue and a fire hazard, there should be a recall on the gas tank for at least 1997 Toyota's. I would like to know what the process is to start a recall on this part?

where does the vacuum line that comes from the manifold connect into

this is on a 2000 pontiac grand am gt v6 3.4liter

changed the thermistat

I made a short trip, and when I got home the car was hissing, opened the hood and there is a little green liquid leaking. Only 1 drop on the ground, but I see some on a hose. I need to get it checked out, I just wanted to know if it is safe to drive to a shop?

warning light cam on for a loose gas cap. replaced it with dealers authorized part. two days latter the light comes on again along with check engine light. now what do i do?

on the way home from out of town we had the car on cruise control and all of a sudden it revved up real high. We took off the cruise control and slowly eveything started shutting off and car died at. We pulled it off to the side and tried starting it and it would not kick over. We got my car towed back home and had a friend do a diagnostic test on it. He said it came back as the timing belt needing to be fixed

Aspen Auto Clinic came up when asked for a quote to get a timing belt replaced. The price you said was like $275-$350. But when I asked Aspen about this earlier in the year, they quoted me $700.

i have a code p1391

also how do i set the gears..