It's lock but the glove compartment is unlocked seem like latch is stuck and not opening

when in derive i noticed wobbling at the wheel motion but if i press the clutch the car moves smoothly i changed the deriving shaft, upper arm, and engine seats but still the problem persisted

if the gas gauge is at half full, when the van is turned off is stays at half full.

on my car and now it reads abs/service stability system my muffler is not soo good could that be the problem.

My friend bought a beautiful 2006 Ford 500 and has had it in the shop four times for the air compressor. She's had a new one installed twice with the dryer and all the new parts so the warranty would still be good. Now, she's got a check engine light on for the "fuel rail" or something like that. She's had NOTHING but problems out of this car and she has been loyal to FORD for many years. NO MORE FORD CARS FOR HER.

the leak just started and it is leaking near the firewall. both lines appear to have a lot of rust.

The doors dont work to change air flow to Mid or Floor. I've checked vacuum lines and appear to have vacuum to the control unit. Is it my electronic climate control? This occurred after I installed a new engine. At the same time I cant get the ecurity alarm to clear.

We have already had the fuel level sensor failure problem fixed and have replaced the gas cap when the check engine light would come on intermittantly. Took the car to the shop for maintencence and they could find nothing wrong that would cause the check engine light to be on, so they reset the light. Subsequently, the light came back on (incidentally right after we hit a pothole) and has been on ever since. Any one else have this experience?

I've locked and unlocked the car with the key and the alarm wont stop. I've pressed the the panic button and the alarm wont clear. Do I have to punch in a code to get it to stop?

The engine light appeared just after starting the car(P0491 code)and took it to a mechanic, had the air injection pump replaced and two days later the light came back on. Took it back, had some valve replaced, light returned again two days later. Brought it to the dealership, had thermostat, coolant housing, radiator cap and relay contacts replaced and STILL the light returned days later. The dealership recommends that the Power Control Module be replaced but before I sink any more money into this "possible" repair are there any alternatives?

I have a 06 Colorado Z71 FWD. It has 100K miles. Since the truck had 80K miles the FWD has not worked. The FWD dash buttons just flash. I changed the front diff. actuator and nothing improved. Button lights will flash in all positions but nothing happens. Could this be an Encoder sensor problem or other?

My heater/AC fan will work all the time in high speed. All other speeds will not work sometimes. Have you an idea what’s wrong with this?

i have a code po335 i replace sparkplag and coil i still have the code

jaguar techniciana looked at and no codes came up

The front blower has not worked for several weeks now.
What can be done to check and fix this problem. Is it a bad switch?