got the 0420 code, replaced the O2 sensors as well as the Catalytic converter. The CEL turns on after driving for about an hour (going through the drive cycle as well). The car has 195k miles and most of the parts are original except the motor itself that I purchased from a recycler not too long ago with an estimated 50k miles. Not sure which direction to take to troubleshoot. Registration is expired and need to find a solution. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

5.7 hemi replaced no rear heat. could something have not been reconnected.

new idle aircontrol motor. changed the hose to the EVAP solenoid and EGR solenoid. change spark plugs and wires, but it still idles irracticly when in park or neutral. took it to pete boys but all they say is it has vacuum leak. what do we do

Installed thermostat with a 195 degree temp.Replaced water pump and coolant. Ran water threw heater core, both sides. still no heat to heater core. both lines to core cold. warm day ran truck for 30 min got engine to 200 degrees still lines to core cold. radiator nice n hot. don't see coolant circulating back to radiator from heater core.

My ford explorer will start for awhile just fine then all at once i will drive it somewhere and turn it off and it wont start back for 30 min. the fuel pump is suppose to be new but when it dont start i dont here fuel pump kick on then all at once i hear it and it will happens about every 2 or 3 weeks. my husband thinks its my fuse box under the hood.

This has been a great vehicle for us but now it is idling rough in the mornings but is ok after warmed up. She said there was an unusual smell coming from the exhaust during the rough idle. Does this sound like catalytic converter gone bad? If so, how much would it cost to replace??

New rear shoes, good front pads. I have been thru 5 M/C. Still have no front brakes. Pedal goes almost to floor, then rear brakes engage. No leaks, no air in system when brakes are bled. 207k miles, work truck. Tried little bleed screw on side of rebuilt M/C - no improvement. HELP!

The flanges on my exhaust system are very rusted. In fact, my muffler has just very recently disconnected from the rest of the exhaust system. My local repair shop has told me that starting from the exhaust manifold on back will need to be replaced. Is $1100 reasonable for that? This includes the catalytic converter and O2 sensors I believe.

when i lock or unlock the doors doesn't make any sounds but when i m pressing the panic the horn starts! is any settings that i can make? thanks!

Recently replaced a broken ignition switch,battery,alternator and starter.I can smell fuel if I pump the gas pedal when trying to start.It tries to start but wont turn over completely.My wife runs the fuel very low in tank quite a bit and has run out a few times .Could this be a fuel pump problem or just a dirty filter leaning torwards filter

This 1997 Toyota Tacoma is a 5-speed manual shift. After the engine gets hot (after driving about 30 minutes or so), then turned off and it sits for about 20 minutes, it does not want to restart. It winds and winds but will not start/crank. I have gotten it to start by rolling off. I have replaced the fuel pump, the fuel filter, the plug wires, the spark plugs, and the water coolant sensor. The throttle body has been cleaned, the mass air flow sensor has been cleaned, and then replaced with a new one. The fuel pressure checked out to be alright. The catalytic converter was replaced about 6-8 months ago, and the fuel injectors were changed out about a year ago. The battery has been tested and is good. When trying to restart the engine, the truck seems to act as if it is flooded, and it smells like old gas but is not old gas. This has been going on for about 2-months. The truck always starts with no problems when the engine is cold. The check engine light has not come on. Any advice or suggestions? Thank you.

Its stating pad lamp inoperative. What is a pad lamp?

would that be caused by mixing up a couple push rods, and what do i do? or what do i look for?

fuses for the ignition may be blown how can i tell

even when i turn the steering wheel left to right that dosn't work