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my 2011 toyota highlander ac is not working will

I have no pressure to my brakes and there is a leak coming from the rear of the vehicle. Any ideas what this is?

What causes code P0 1383

No code came up. I just dont have any airflow coming out of vents.

I put a code reader on it and it said i wasnt getting power to the port so I checked all my fuses and found one blown. I replaced the fuse and the pedals still wont adjust. I havent hooked the reader up since replacing, but theres no service light on so im not sure it will tell me anything anyway.

river side window regulator stoped working

When we are driving down the road and we get the speed up the car starts to cut out then it will just stop some days are really bad

i had the car to a shop they said it needed 02 sensors replaced all4 did nothing code still says 02 heaters cant go on letting this guy replace parts at my cost thank you jim

How often I should change my engine n transmission fluid?
Do I have to use TOYOTA oil brand for my corolla?
THank you

front driver side window stop workin

also it is a little hard to start when cold

Shop indicates that the oil filter housing needs to be replaced because they warp, approx. $1000. Other threads seem to indicate the only the gasket needs replacement?

how do i refill the hydraulic fluid on 1995 Audi cabriolet top

Any ideas on what this could be........... loose connection or do I have to replace unit (very costly).

how can I tell which tire it is