I also would like to know if the oil temperature light is on does that mean Im losing oil or I may have a problem with the oil pump or oil line. I aslo like to know what I must do to fix the problem need repair work done to fix

heater not blowing hot air

How do I fix this without replacing the fuel line? Thank you for your help

i dont have the owners manual

Lost my keys-too expensive to get a locksmith

Just replaced rotors and bearings

engine is completly warmd up

the passenger side changes from AC to heat with no problems . the driverside will now only low AC.

There is no over heating. But antifreeze did seem to be leaking from the ac/ heating area.

the shifter moves freely up and down, but does not shift into gear

including labor. thank u

My remote broke and I need a replacement, the part the key ring holds. I have a hard time locking my door because sometimes it doesn't even come on and now the part that goes on the key ring is broken. HELP!!!!!!

I have 06 Tacoma: 4 cylinder, 4x4, standard. The E-brake pull is below the dash. Despite pulling as far as possible, it will not grab. Where is the adjuster located, or, what is the process to solve the problem.


recently my son rear ended another vehicle. he swears he was wearing his seat belt. his air bag in his steering wheel did deploy but his seat belt is lock in place like it was never been worn. he claims that when he took it off it coiled back in place. is this possible.

purpose of valve clearance