has no problem going into gear

It it the mirror switch or the whole motor?

I can't find it again and I think this may be the prob
replaced fuel pump fuse is fine and filter is too

We cannot get it open to undo the child safety lock. It won't open from inside or outside.

can it be repair and how much will it cost. I have to keep adding freon to keep the aircondition working will it be expensive to fix.

even when the car is off what do i need to check

for a short time along with the outside temp.but it crashes after the temp.guage goes up.

when iam stoped at a red light and let it idle for a min it dies. i have put a new fuel pump on it what else do i need to look at

My car is leaking oil to the tune of about 4 quarts in a 2 week span after driving it 100 miles a day 5 days a week, getting worse by the day. I just got the water pump replaced and the plastic nub above the water pump replaced(a leak that was horrible and drained my radiator fluid in about 5 minutes) that went bad 2 weeks ago. Could my mechanic have done something wrong? Also if the mechanic overfilled my oil which i had changed..... which he did 5 quarts when it was supposed to be 4.6 could my seals have gone bad? Most of the oil is as the rear of engine beneath the water pump and not from filter or drain plug. any ideas?

2008 Infiniti qx56. As soon as i turn the ignition, air blows thru the vents. When we engage the A/C it works normal. Havn't tried the heat. But even when all climate control is OFF. Fan still blows air. PS the "fresh air" symbol lights up too. Thanks for any help


replaced fuel filter, pump, strainer, o-2 sensor, coils, ign. module,

when cranking my car it has a really bad miss. the code reads random/multiple cylinder misfire. I just replaced the plugs and wires. I also tested the coil packs to check the firing and all produced a big blue spark like they should. what is causing this to occur?

i looking to buy this jimmy, but when i got in therer was like 2qrts of watewr pooled up on the drivers side floor. the guy tried to tell me they left window open but the seats were not wet. i really like truck but i think there is somthging really baad with it. the guy said they replaced the intake manifold gasket, but i think that is the problem

It's going through a lot of power steering, but it's not leaking on the ground and I can't find the leak.