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How do i fill the transfer case what oil does it take?
Transmission fulid gets hot and overflows from dip stick tube, this only occurs when A.C. is on ,please note that A,C, will not give cold air at idle or at low spweeds but will work at fast speed driving
My 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 truck had to be towed to the Dodge dealership. The factory installed security alarm will not shut off. The dealership has had it for two days and can not figure it out.
air conditioner blows hot air. had freon checked and was told it was the electronic board behind air conditoner panel. Is this common and how much can I expect to pay?
How do you properly flush the transmission cooler when replacing the old transmission with a new one.
what needs to come off to get to the rear valve cover on a 3.0
is there a battery in the trunk of the SLK 350, If so where is it at ? I was told by my Mercedes Dealer there is one fro accessories
my 2003 mercedes e500, dash info. visit workshop and car with arrow, if i leave the car without use for a whole day, rear left will go all the way down and then the right side will do the same, i dont here the pump wo...
how do you remove transaxle from transmission
I bought A 2006 KIA sorento it is grate. my chick engine light came on ,tell me where to take it .thank you
Car was driving then out of the blue the car didn't want to move when I put it on drive it doesnt move
I have a 1990 toyota carolla and I noticed that when my car was parked tonight there is a tiny leak of antifreeze comming from the bottom center of the car. I drove it for awhile tonight and it didn't overheat, and I ...
when i try to lower the top i get slow movement to roll bar and fluid leaking from drivers side sun visor? so im not able to get the top off this car,any solutions?
car shakes and rpms fluctuates when car is idling. want to know where the IAC is located
Transmission knocked and shifted hard one (1) time. On two other occasions it slipped and did not move when the gas pedal was depressed. This was confirmed by electronics. How much should it cost to replace the pressu...