The dash lights, and gauges stop almost every time I restart my truck. I need to know what part causes this, how much is the part, and how do I remove the old part and install the new one.

i have a 1994 Bmw 325i and have just had to change the battery in the car. National Tire and Battery sold me a battery that is not the exact battery that was in the car, but they assure me it would work just fine. my car does start better than ever but now my temp guage starts to rise almost immediately and im wondering if its something to do with the battery itself or if its something to do with the car resetting after having changed out the battery.

bought a speed sensor but don't know where to put it

Truck starts hard, idles rough, has no power and brake pedal is stiff. ????

I need to find the location of the chip. Thanks!

2001 buick lasabre custom may take up to four tries to start.
I wait a few seconds after turning the key part of the way & then all the way to start the car.The problem started with two tries & now it takes four tries once in awhile. The engine is usually cold when it takes 3 or 4 tries to start. 95% of the time it starts ok.I have had this problem over four months. Is it the key, computer, starter or something else? Battery is 2 years old.

No diagnostic codes (DATC); repaced DCCV today, no difference. Followed thread to get to the point I ma now, could use some help. Thx, WJL

I amt trying to find out what cost would to do the repair work. It could so many things how to they find the problem

Thank you,

have to admit haven't taken very good care of this window and being in SC pollen country yellowed the window and window is scratched from snow brushes - I tried what the internet said was a great idea - 'toothpaste' well that hurt it even more - any thoughts on how to get this window at least to a point that I can see out of it ;(

3 times in the past few weeks,while turning a ben my steering wheel locks like when the car is turned off, what could cause this to happen.

WHERE CAN I BUY THIS?!? i cant drive the car with out it or all of the lights go off on the dashboard. it's for a saab 9-3 turbo. please help!!!

I believe it has a short or is going out sometimes it clicks and smoke comes out of steering area. also i smell a burning smell. I have a new battery and starter.

How can i fix these problems.. I replaced the sensor for code p0118.. plus had a new radiator put in..... plus a thermostat replaced.. now its sending out this code p0481 481 plz help on fixed income it only has 82207 miles

When driving/accelerating only.When in idle or park no noise is heard.It is def from front end can hear like a grinding noise and feel the vibration of the grinding on the floor under my feet when driving

is fully charged chacked fuses relays is ok i changed a/c heater control unit[used]same result.thank you