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I would like to put a wider air dam on my truck I have the job 1 air dam which is approx. 3" wide. What I can't figure out and the parts guy at my local dealer was no help. Is the 8c3z17626B air dam 3 or 6 inches wide...
when I am accelerating or mantaining a speed the truck does not shake or vibrate, but when I either downshift to slow down and use my brakes the truck vibrates
i have a 3.4 liter what would be the cost of replacing the timing chain?
What could be causing my truck not to go in reverse and make the o/d light flash on and off.
What is the cost for replacement of the seal at the pump and all the hoses?
need to know where the computer is location
My digital dash goes off and on someone suggested central control module?
checked code and it indicates senor is not working
I am considering buying this model, but first impressions left me wondering at various minor electrical quirks. Having previously owned Volvos, I know the electronics are bound to go weird, but I also know I can trust...
car started to run as if missing and upon oping the hood my pos battery post was melted, what would cause this?.
My daughter has a 2007 Pacifica with all of the bells and whistles. She bought it used w/25,000 miles and in very good condition. She has a knack for locking the keys in the car. I had another key made for the door...
Hello, I've been told that my Catalytic converter is failing. I do not have the common symptoms:Check Engine Light, Lack of power, strange smell, loss of power. What I do have is a clanging, banging sound which, I w...
I just purchased used ,and i am wondering what this knob under the dash below steering wheel is, it turns left to right but i can't figure out what the function is
This truck does fine until I hook my 5th wheel on then the transmission begins to leak what will it take to fix this