A grinding noise can be heard as soon as the car moves forward. Also a vibration is felt but only when accelerating in 4th and 5th gear (there is no vibration in 1st, 2nd or 3rd gears and accelerating does not appear to be an issue). Vibration stops after reaching a steady speed in 4th or 5th or foot is off gas pedal. Grinding noise and vibration may or may not be related. Additionaly, the clutch was replaced 2.5yrs ago and there is no difficulty changing gears up or down what so ever. Brake rotors may need to be resurfaced/replaced; however, braking does not appear to be a problem at this time. Could the vibration indicate a transmission problem? Thank you for any suggestions and/or advice.

I have replaced heater matrix but there is trapped air coming back up into my water tank it bubbles and overflows if i take the cap off after driver. Been told its the head but no creamy stuff on oil cap or dipstick and no white smoke. Also the air blocks from pipes have been cleared..any suggestions please?
Its a peugeot 307cc

Car was driving fine until maintenance work was completed and environment inspection was completed.

engine is not overheating, blower works

are there any special tools required to do this job?

no power to brakes on a few occasions brake pedal goes hard while trying to brake

Does it sound like wheel bearings or the rear axle?

I want to change the air filter of A / C cabin and not donte is located or how to do it

have changed the belt and battery and still has the same problem, sometimes the light is dim.

There is 135,000 mi on the van. I located a repair description on you tube for a 2007 Freestar. Is the repair the same as fir the 2006? The person said that the resisters need to be resoldered and the corrosion cleaned off to get the readout to come on. I live in Roy, Utah and want to know where to take my van for repair. I don't have the equipment to do the job.

Will not activate, it just pops open again...any suggestions for a quick fix or do I have to replace it. thanks

My husband and I are able to start our 2008 Niesan Versa but when we attempt to shut it down we are not able to turn the key to the lock position and remove the key from the ignition. Also, will this run the battery down or allow the car to restart by itself?

Our problem just started.

As it moves in to higher gear the noise stops. There is also gear slipping in first even after the trany oil has been changed.Thanks

It did start after shaking back of car but will no longer start it seems like gas is not going to the motor

I lived in Florida for four years and the steering wheel appears to have faded from the sun exposure.