Afterward the speedometer and tachometer would not work. Tried the trip odometer reset trick, never saw it go into self test. Do the engine and wheel speed sensors send signals to the ECM? I also had to manipulate the relay box to R2 the ECM. Is it possible I've screwed something up there? This thing is driving me nuts.

My car takes ti time to start also leaks oil when car heats up

I do not want to worry of another bulb to change.

car dies as drivin down highway have done so much work to it over 1000.00 .. have changed ignition coil,ignition module,cap rotor fuel filter fuel pump starter battery catalac converter .. just bought ignition switch still have to put that in .. An my ignition nkey an steering column heats up the key is hot to touch ... i need a obd 1 an no one has that
computer for my car

fuel gauge does not work,move slightly on start-up ,then nothing. interior lights dont come on anytime. gauge cluster illumination lights dont come on anytime. all fuses are good.any leads on related relays and there locations, trouble shooting tips etc. would be greatly appressiated

truck hass 300,000 miles on it and when it sits for a few day and you try to crank it it turns over fine for 10 seconds but doesnt crank. and then it starts jumping as if it isnt realsing the compression or something what could this be from?

when i push the pedal after first starting its hard and weven when its driving the pedal still remains hard

There is a whining sound when I turn the wheal. Im guessing this is power stearing but I am not positive. I am trying to figure out what the problem could be and what I might need to do to fix it. I am trying to save money by doing repairs by my self.

and 70-100mi loaded is this to much Ihaul campers and this is driving on interstates only and never overloaded

when the car is in gear it starts moving but the transmission will not shift

I got my mechanic to change the brake pads, then this problem started. He keeps telling me its the SBC, and I need to replace it with a new one, and for months he is yet to get a new sbc with the appropriate vin number to match my car.

all wheel drive with ABS and how to repair

The heater in my truck will run with the engine off until I manually turn off the heater. It has run for hours before running the battery dead.

Even though no symptoms exist, and vehicle was brought in for service due to battery terminal ends on motor listed as reason for non-starts/battery-drain causing non-starts. Is it possible to need an idle control motor replaced even though no symptoms exist? There's been No erratic idle, no abrupt shut-offs etc. Should i replace based on their word and should i ask to view diagnostic code error. Thank you. I'm not sure how big of an issue/important to replace given the absence of symptoms.

(95 Accord LX 2DR coupe F22 SOHC NON-VTEC) Within the past 5 years ive replaced the fuel pump, the fuel filter, the entire ignition system,the V.S.S, Cleaned fuel system and injectors multiple times and ive checked all of these in the past few days. The car has been running perfect for years besides those few problems, hasnt sputterd or stalled or had a problem shifting at all. 3 days ago i put it in reverse backed up about 3 feet and it died and hasnt started since. The D4 light started blinking and c.e.l light came on when i went to re start and it hasnt stopped since. also The fuel pump is not running as it should before start up now. ive checked the fuses and ive checked every plug on the tranny and the motor. ive checked the tranny solenoid wiring and found nothing. ive pulled the main relay, resoldered some cracked joints with no effect. i also pulled my ECM and TCM and found nothing wrong with either one.The codes the car gave me are #3-Map sensor circuit, #4-CKP sensor / engine speed (RPM) Crank angle sensor or circuit, ECU sensor, #8-CKP sensor / engine speed (RPM) Crank angle sensor or circuit, ECU sensor, #-13 BARO sensor circuit BARO sensor or circuit, #-14 Idle Air Control valve circuit / ECU Open or shorted out ignition signal circuit / No signal to ECU and #-42 Oxygen sensor heater - right side Oxygen sensor / heater or circuit. i checked alll of the wires for that bundle of sensors and found nothing. i also pulled a vac and volt test on the map with no problems. I checked all of my Vac lines with no issues there. Alot of people assume it to be the vss but ive crossed that bridge before and had completely different problems than what i have now. Again... backed up, car died, D4 light flashs,check engine light came on, and fuel pump stopped priming system and car wont start all at the same time, car just turns over and over without luck. i havent jumped the plug on the pass side to get my codes yet but i plan on it...pleeaase help