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itray the pass DEQ my carfail dont pass the inspector give to my the paper and the results say Diagnostic Trouble Code P0456 andExhaust 1N/A Exhaust 2 N/A Evaporative System Lines leaks
air does not come through front vents,when you turn knob ,on front of dash control panal.whats the problem, and how do i fix it
nead to replace my heater fan
i own a 1995 s500 W140 and the rear self leveling hydraulics broke and i need to change them how do i do that
When accelerating my Ascender makes a real high pitched whining noise from the front end. When I decelerate the noise quits. I am unsure where exactly the noise is coming from. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....
the check engine light is on and a code relating to vanos system problems. does anyone have any ideas. I have heard of lots of problems with these system. help
my 2000 maxmia gle only runs hot when its drove for a period of time. Especially when u get above 60mph! cant figure out the problem need answers asap!!!
After first starting the engine, the oil pressure gauge reads normal and within the first ten seconds the gauge drops to nothing and wont go back up at all. My first thought was to replace the sending unit yet I cant ...
the air bag light came one today and will not go off. i have disconnected the battery cable to try to reset the computer but it did nothing... what should i do to fix this problem.?!?!?!?!
My a/c in my van blows out little air when I go on long trips.It starts off cold and blowing good then it gets warm and only alittle air blows out.
My truck started misfiring on cylinder 1, and the engine light came on
automatic transmission wont shift into high gear.Does not seem to slip,just wont go into high gear.
the car overheated. I put coolant in it, but it leaked out as fast as I put it in the radiator. it leaks only from the back of the engine, not from the radiator or block.I cant get to the freeze plug to replace it.
what causes the door locks on my 2007 Chevy Colbalt LS to lock and unlock on their own?
Need to know how can I tell if the car phone cradle is functional. bought the btum and blue light will not come on to pair to cell phone. can anyone help- was thinking mayber a fuse is blown?