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with fluid other then the transmission

all forward gears work fine, But when I go in reverse you can hear the engine idle drop like it is in reverse car will not back up. I let the car sit for two days after I changed the filter and fluid thinking that would solve the problem it didn't. I checked the car again ( after the two days) transmission goes in reverse strongly no problems. Drove the car in reverse for about a 1 block down the street worked fine. backed the car in the yard shut it down. 30 min. later no reverse. is this a computer issue or a valve body issue. please help

It cranks without firing, get frustrated and wait a few minutes and it starts. What is the issue?

LED lights will light on the bench using jumpers, but not while in the car.

happens all the time it also has a fast idle and dies sometimes when I come to a stop

The relay is 80 bucks is there a way to test it reset it to see if I need the relay or fuel pump ?

was told oxygen sensor needs to be replace but after driving for a while check engine light comes on again. I have changed both oxygen sensors,the spark plugs and wires,the mission/master(not sure of name) coil, and when I take it to Advance Auto to have a diagnosis done,with Actron Autoscanne, it states all the cylinders 1-4 are misfiring and on circiut 1 injector circut higher

Just had the two top hoses replaced as well as the belt, after doing this they topped up the cooling system with new coolant and then supposedly did a CO Test on the cooling system and told us their was CO in the coolant, up to getting the leak from the top hose we never lost any coolant and the engine has never gone past the middle of the temp gauge except for pulling the camper trailer across the Nullabor on a 51 degree celcius day where it went up one bar past the middle. Even the oil level has never moved, vehicle is serviced by the book and is coming up for its 95000km service. Have been told that this will cost me anywhere between $2000 to $6000. To me it sounds suspicious since as I said the car is not going through coolant and not eating oil, also their has been no power loss or smoke coming out the exhaust, since putting the new belt and pipes on everything seems to be back to normal again. Any help would be appreciated.

My 328ix has the sound like a pulse going down the road around 40-60 mph. Not a thump thump sort of thing, but a louder hum ever couple seconds consistently? Where do I start? brand new Michelins with less than 200 miles. alignment, or x-drive issue possibly? thank you.

The car idles a little rough and every now and then the check engine light comes on and sometimes there is a smell of gas can anyone tell me what could be causing this and how to fix or check it? We do not have money to take it to a dealer or shop - we had it two places already and they both say something totally different with a price of 600-2000. Times are to tough to afford that. Please help!

what is needed too replace hydraulic clutch /master slave cylinder on the zo6 corvette ,2003 model ?? or roughly how much is dealer cost to do this i heard the entire rear needs to come out of the car?????? thank dv

My volvo, seems to have developed a leak of an oily substance that is making its way from the drivers side through to the centre of the underneath guard plate at the front of the engine bay. There are no aparent signs of leaks anywhere, although i have a few drip marks on my drive. its been suggested that its from the intercooler, but i am not so sure... anyone have any ideas please?

Yhe miles were incurred in a period of 4 years equaling 6,696 miles per year. Thanks for your advice.

my truck 2 minutes staring like running out of gas

I the truck stopped on me on the freeway at a high rate of speed, I later found that the converter was clugged, I had it cleaned out and now it runs good. But now starting it up it slowly drags as if battery is down or starter is going out. But I dont no which one. How can I test this before buying something new.