I removed the ash tray and plate below the radio but there are no screws visible to remove the radio. There are 2 screws going vertically up into the radio but they are so far in back they cannot be reached. The clearance space is only 2 inches by 5 inches deep. I got a print-out from the dealer and it shows that the front instrument panel must be removed. This is not so. Maybe this is another version of the Accord.

tested the spark plug connectors, and they appear to be firing okay. i have no ideas.

Have 1989(not 4x4). Went to start it and starter wasn't working. I replaced the starter and now nothing. Only clicks, Battery is charged, cables tight. Just getting a spinning sound when the starter spins. Is something wrong with new starter or do I need to look elsewhere?

car runs good tho

happends if the car is running or not

battery is good (disconnected and reconnected) tried both keys, not sure what problem is worked fine last night and this morning its not :(

Was hoping to get replaced without dropping transmission. was told by one transmission mechanic that he could fix by just removing side cover. will this last or not?

The motor revs itself up when it is sitting idle. We replaced the Cam shaft sensor. That is what the diagnostic said was wrong. But it is still revving itself up and the battery light is still on. What else could be wrong?

when i turn the heater off or the car off the fan is still runing

ive tries 3 new bulbs and still no lights

When I turn the key in the ignition, sometimes it will crank but won't start, but always starts on the 2nd or 3rd try. Also, what should it cost to replace the crankshaft position sensor, and the starter? Please respond asap. Thanks

what might the prolem be? * cylinder 302

where is oil sender switch and oil pressure switch just started today could there to much oil should i get oil changed first

The vehicle stopped moving forward engine just rares up when i hit the gas, but it will move in reverse! The van gave me no warnings or slippage to just make me consider it's the transmission! I do know that the front right axle was dripping a thick grease when i got my tires changed that what makes me ask about the axle! I had to drive my vehicle backwards home because it would not move move move forward!

When I bought the car few months ago the car had a bad shake to it when you was going 50 miles and got better the higher speed. Come to find out from hooking it up to a computer it was a misfire. Changed the spark plugs( they had the wrong ones in) and the oil. Now it seems to doing a different shake.