Can not start truck at all - I am useing Quik Start Spray after the truck pluged in over night
Had a code: Feul Pressure UP/DOWN Don't have the code !

the outer pulley that the belt rides on turns with on problem but the inter part of clutch will not turn is this clutch or compressor

driver side window stopperd working

this happens all the time

4wd 2000 chevy silverado stuck 4wd.replaced switch,& accuator-no power2stepmotor


Last week I bought a brand new Mazda3 Hatchback. Only 6 days later the check engine light went on. I immediately brought it in to the dealer. When they started it to take into the service bay, the engine sounded horrid.

Long story short, they ran the computer and at least 5 codes popped up, originating, they think, with the oil pressure pump. They said neither they nor Mazda corporate had ever seen anything like it in a brand new SkyActiv Mazda (their words).

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

At this point they are going to replace the oil pressure pump. I am not satisfied with this, fear long-term damage, and would like them to replace the car. It is only 6 days old.

Any thoughts or info is much appreciated. Thanks!

but does not un lock on the passage side the lock button does not work win you can get it lock you come back and it is un locked and win u drive it the doors try to lock but they dont but they do un lock win u put it in park

service engine light came on

My car won't accelerate when I push the gas,The RPM goes up but the truck coasts along, Could it be the computer or do I need to replace the transmisson? It burns gas when I drive it... it never did that before...

2006 ford fusion

after changing oil

when never you try and move it usually dies but if it runs it has no getup or go put the car in reverse and she will move anywhere,i have put new tps,map sensor,new fuel pump,newfuel filter,new plugs and wires,i have run out of things to putback new,new ign,new coil packs,took the injectoers and put new seals and such also,they done a test that says delayed timing,now they say needs new timing chain what's could be next,can anybody help me

turn key nothing check all voltage points power everywhere could not get to park netural switch to check but i think it's ok. have not filled fluid level in steering pump till it is running.

its never happened before...just after being gone 30 min i noticed it wouldnt heat up

changed out the whole rear end and now the speedomoter jumps when i get to 50mph.It jumps to 100 then back down etc.