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but will not come out,,do you need some kind of tool? Please help!!


I just took the 05 chevy cavalier after replaceing the front wheel bearing. I think its the tires they say the bad tires sound like wheel bearings so I stuck between a rock and a hard place so what would be my next step. besides the tires

this is my first time having this problme. help me out trid wasteing money on gas

when i put my car in park the shift light doesn't come on and it gets stuck in park and the key wont come out. Ill move it around and play with it then the light comes on and it works again, whats the problem? how do I fix it and is it expensive??

Local diagnostic detected no reading (not certified mechanic) I would need to travel 110 miles to the Ford dealer..I reside in a remote area.I would like to have some advice on driving it there without causing further damage.I have referred to the guide book as to reset and after 10 minutes it lights up again...

this car doesn't have speed it doesn't have power the engine makes noise when idling and it takes a lot of fuel. i recently changed the oil, plugs, air filter, oil filter and petrol filter and it didn't solve the problem. i took the cylinder head for scheming, changed rings and gaskerts still no change. it's a fuel injected engine.

the stop light in the windshield works but the rest of rear stop lights do not. I replace the bulbs and still nothing

200,000 miles on 1992 toyota paseo,what is recommended fluid for transaxle

Can someone tell me EXACTLY...what I need, how much of, how many of, the length of, the size of, everything I need to replace the brake lines.

I notice yesterday my rpms going up while accelerating and my truck was moving very slow with high rpms and today it was working normal stopped by to pump gas took off little later starting to have problems my truck didn't want to move so I stopped tought it was the tranny turned it off for a while so I when I was going to restart it it would crank but not turned on need a little advice anybody know what it could be 2004 Nissan Titan just bought and going through these troubles already

i just replaced the spark plug and the coil for a p0303 on my 05 f150 5.4, but it still gives that light "bucking" feel under light excelleration between 42-53 mph. any suggestions?

this does not happen in 2X4. not sure if it is the axle or what.

and lite keeps coming on
after a month

no classic symptoms of blown head gasket,sounds like it has an exhaust leak at engine, told leaking exhaust into coolant system - idles oddly,last 6 months have replaced almost all coolant parts except heater core & radiator from springing leaks,