Car won't start, but there is a noise that sounds like a high speed electric motor rotation. I think I need a new starter, but am tired of being over charged for repairs. How much should it cost to replace my starter?

my fuel rail has scratches on it

Its been doing it right after I bought. So about a couple of days now. Only does it when easing on and off the gas. If you hit the gas hard it doesn't do it. Changed plugs, wires,cleaned idle air control. What else could it be? SOS

I own a 2000 Monte carlo SS it has 50,000.miles on it.
is this a common problem with oil leaking into the radiator and intake . I have found there is oil in the radiator also hose's are gummy coming from engine.
And is this a easy fix if you where to do it youself?

Car runs fine with just a small hint of maybe a skip. Checked radiator and overflow and found what seems to be oil in both. Car seemed to be burning lots of fuel during usage. Thought of head gasket but exhaust seems to be o.k. NO SMOKE.
Any suggestions??? 1990 Sedan DeVille

i try to read the codes but there was no codes for emissions what could be the problem truck is 1997 v6 ford f.150 pick up

Do you have instructions for replacing fuel injectors?

My MKZ has 30,000Miles. In the last 2 mos., it has failed to start on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd tries, but then does. Prior to this problem, my battery died and the dealership replaced it. When I took it in this time, they tried resetting the code on the key switch thinking this was the problem. Now, they think it is a short in the ignition switch causing the problem. So far, my bill has been around $375.00 for battery and the labor for the key code etc. They are saying that this new short problem will be around $699.00. What do you think ? Thank you,

replacement latch cost of repair ?/

today i put the old one in and the car didnt stall but check engine light came on with the new mass air sensor
the check engine was off what would the car to run rough

I don't have any leaking, excess rocking when I brake. Does that appear to be a shocks problem to you

also speedo stoped working. what could be wrong?

Car starts normally. No colored smoke from exhaust.

The head gasket blew in my 1999 volvo s80 and I am trying to find out what the total cost would be to fix the car. i need to know the cost of changing the head gasket parts and labor...

My truck currently does not have heat, but the air conditioner works just fine. My thermostat will rise in the summer time with the air conditioner running, but when it is switched to hot air, the thermostat does not rise at all. I occasionally hear a clicking coming from my glove box area, but it is not a constant. My coolant levels seem to be just fine. Help!