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they changed the speed sensor on my car and now it doesnt want to start, it sounds like the gas isn't passing what can it be?
beleive that differential fluid is low, told that the sppedometer cable end was the dipstick.
what does it coust to replace the transfer case
Have lack of clutch pressure if I torque pressure plate bolts to specified torque of 12-14 ft/lbs. Specifically, there's too much distance between release bearing and pressure plate. Pressure plate fingers are nearly ...
took off steering wheel to change steering bearing in colum reassembled and car wont tumble over
1996 Nissan Maxima ever since I put a new battery in my car the radio and the clock do not work. Checked all fuses all are fine. What could it be?
my aiebag and abs light stays on most of the time, it's been that way about a month.
My 1999 Boxster (70k miles) has recently become louder while driving. It starts to get loud once the car gets up over approx 25 mph. At higher speeds if I place the engine in neutral the noise does not diminish. I...
was having problem with oil pressure guage going high then low then engine sputters.replaced sensor and worked fine for 3 days and started acting up again. this time code said tps sensor problem so replaced. ran fine ...
when my cooling fans stop working my ac and windows don't work also
Need to replace lower control arm bushings, but did not see them on the estimate list. Looking for price. Thank you.
I can smell something burning. A friend told me my caliper is locked up. I can hear a clunking noise when driving.
stering makes clicking sound when turning, have to make wide turns, have power stering fluid but feels like manuel stering, sounds as if stering wheel will break off when i turn. stering is tight.
Had problem with batteries going dead.isolated IOD as problem. Need to find out exactly which item is causing problem. Think its the interior dome but don't know how to find out. How do you go about finding out exactl...
Sears put in max valvoline and when i called valvoline in oswego N.y. they told me the oil which was put in should have been type IV(4) or ask the mechanic to put an additive at least 2 pints,this is really frustratin...