it vibrate so bad most especially when i put on the cold air or heat

baught the car with this problem doesnt throttle as it should. by disconnecting the battery will have more problems? or is there a reset procedure? Car showed a po121 code among others it has issues im sure thank you Jim

there's no way i can just drive 25 around the neighboorhood and then get to 35-40 without braking . the other thing it says is after a cold start you need to get to 55 , it will take me 10-15min to get to the expressway . im in chicago , these tests are not possible and i can't pass the emissions cause 3 say not ready , how in the world do i drive around without stopping ? my car will be hot by the time i get somewhere so i can go 55 and costing to a stop around here will get you killed . this is nuts , any help please ???

I have a 4 cylinder automatic that will jerk hard at times when accelerating at 40 and 60 -65 miles hr I have replaced all belts and sensors within 2 years could this be transmission or another issue ?


truck doswent come on so it wont start

So the fans check out I also tested the 3 Relays under the fans, check out ok too. Fans will also work if the air conditioner compressor is on. But not under normal driving with Air conditioner off. The car starts to over heat until it is moving then the temp comes down rather quickly. The fan circuit has a problem. So tracing back what’s next? So far I checked the fans, tested OK. Then tested each relay, tested OK. What feeds the primary circuit to the relays?

is it safe to drive, i was told it could be a bad sensor

Pump just replaced, wondering what to do next?

The dash light don't work. Checked fuses.

Need to know where sensor is and is this an easy fix?

do i need transmission or is there a sensor or something that needs to b replaced

Sometimes it is okay when hot, if the engine cycle is in one position and not another. I have moved it in gear, just a bit, and I could start it. Mostly though, I start it on compression, on an incline, if it won't start when hot. Yes, it has a standard (stick) transmission.

We have replaced the fuel filter, fuel injectors, the coil packs, catalact convert,spark plugs, head gasket and for a short while that seemed to fix the problem. But now it is acting up again with the same issue as before. When you step on the gas to go forward, it has little to no power, but if you put in into reverse it runs fine.

my heater fan does not work all the time I turn on my car. When it works I will get some heat,only after giggling with control knob.