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it will go forward but won't back up?????
i bought a new oxygen sensor,deleted code,after 2 days it came back on, same code,i did it again with a better one still came back p 135 why every one thinks the same but they all wrong?
where do you add transmission fluid at?
The driver seat is broken on the right hand side. As a result the seat reclines almost to the rear seat. This conditin hurts my back. What is the best course of repair?
The Dealer told me the rear rotors were down to 5mm, but my pads were fine. They said that I need to get the rotors replaced...I have almost 20,000 miles on it.
I installed a used 4.0 with a 1997 casting date on the block.had to change the flywheel & a/c brackets. i used the ones from the old engine that was in this truck.I used the dist. & pick up also. The engine would not ...
My "S" light flashing my transmission well not change gears but I have to change gears at stick to drive
About 2 weeks ago I took my 95 Toyota T-100 into a local Toyota dealer for an oil leak in the valve cover gaskets. They cleaned the whole top end of the engine (intake manifold removed and cleaned in ultrasonic cleane...
Where is the voltage regulator located?
need step by step details on removal of power steering pump & resivoir 4 replacement
My car has this weird thing it idles ruff in drive fine in park neutral and reverse just when I put it in drive
significant wind noise approaching higher speeds--appears to be coming from the windshield area. is a prob on our 98 as well.
why would my flashers come on when i take my key out
wipers work fine if you are not signaling a left turn or using the high beams on headlamps.