I was told by a repair shop that the radio or whole unit ha to be taken out.

Di I need to remove anything to replace it?

engine died while driving tried to restart it it cranks but no lights on dash comes on when switch is turned on still no start acts like its getting any fuel at all

also my temperature gauge for the outside temperature and the direction you go in the car is off. Also the miles left on the gas of tank in the car is off. And the gas gauge always say full and then gauge with go to empty and the low fuel light come on.

This problem is driving me nuts, i have replaced the tires and had them balanced. i think the problem is in the engine, while drining at highway speeds i shifted into nutral and the shaking stopped, shift back to drive and shaking starts again.

could this be the spark plugs or wires.

car has 90k

will start up and do it all over again

Almost 150000 miles and the trans is starting to slip. how much does it cost to get a new one?

the van has 188,000 miles. transmission started slipping when i was driving on hwy. i pulled over, checked fluid but it was fine, not burnt in color and no leakage, juast a high pitch whistle sound. started driving again and it started off fine but slipped out of second so i slowed down until it caught again and i just kept driving for another 100 miles at 45 - 55 mph at approx. 4500 rpm

The carpeting started getting wet this summer. It dries if the car sits long enough but gets wet again when I drive. I also hear water sloshing (I believe near the front passenger side of the the car) when I stop or when I accelerate.

do i need to replace entire line or just hose

ones, i was told it should read about 300 millivolts at idle and 800 millivolts at higher rpms.

My car vibrates at high speeds. What does it need?

Car was running fine...yesterday go about 1 mile and the motor would heat up to RED zone. Water pump and termostat
changed a week ago. That corrected earlier heat up issue. I
thought I had it resolved...Now, I noticed when turning on the inside heat it doesn't blow as hot as it use to...Prior to heat up after new water pump and thermostat. Any one know what might be the problem.

NOTE: I am still looking for what took my tail lights and dash lights out...All fuses good...hood and rear seat. Checked trunk wire harness...can not find wire break???? If
any one knows what harness I should be checking in the trunk area...to bundles/ lines with multi wires run back there on the left side of the trunk as you are looking in. Which bundle the BIG or the smaller of the two bundles. Also, advise which color of wires whould I pay most attention to?
gsummers@woh.rr.com direct contact. Zip...thanks for the leads on checking out the light issues...So far no find.

gsum gsummers@woh.rr.com direct hit.

try to turn car on key want work.

It starts up and the engine is fine. If it sits for about a hour it will run fine for about 20 minutes and then it will begin to shake and lock up again.