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put in a new battery . but still went dead in a few days
i need a pic of where to plug my diagnostic tester into on a 95 ford contour?
The knob that controls both rear view mirrors and the heater for same just broke off. What's it going to cost to replace it? Thanks.
How do you unlock or tilt the seat? I need to but on a new assembly kit on the seat.
Can you detach the fuel line from the fuel rail without the compresion tool?
one day will driving my car went from 20 to 0 and it will start up but will not move
Hi radierron I didn't know how else to try to get a hold of you. I have a question about the brakes. I was able to put the booster I bought off of ebay in. the hardest part was the fishing the booster out and also the...
what is code p0740 and how do i fix it
Front passenger door lock does not unlock on either remote or key operation
Just started hearing this, like a metal clacking sound while turning tight turns
Went to start my van and battery was dead. Got a jump and van started, drove for approximately 30 minutes. When I shut it off I restarted it a couple of times, worked fine. A couple hours later I went to start it a...
my 99 grand marquis stays in first gear. the tranmission fluid is good. what should i do.
I recently replaced the right driver side bearing and hub assembly due to shaking when I brake. This problem was worse after a prlonged period of braking. The problem is still present. Greased the caliper bolt toda...
What all has to be change to tubro my 05 2.4l dohc pt crusier