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heater wont shut off
Instead of the pricey Honda ATF, can't I just use Valvoline or Castrol with Lubeguard?
no code. problem started about a month ago, if we use it on a short run it's ok, it will start up again, but on longer runs it won't start up again once you are ready to use it again. if we let it rest for a few hour...
wher are the oxygen sensors located?
My car won't start. For about a week before this happened, the )/( dashboard light came on & the car would not blow out any heat. Also the temp. gauge would not move off of the C even though I would be driving for a ...
The light on my fan knob and temp knob went out, could this be as simple as a fuse or possible climate control issue?
My wife's E350 (auto) after stopping at light will start making a "grinding sound" when she strts to give it the gas. Won't move much until she pulls to the side and runs through the gear shift. Then runs great the r...
how to replace roper casta if itis broken and worn out?
srs airbag replacement
Ok the car runs great while driving, will a bad valve cause the car to smoke, orrun bad, get really bad gas mileage, same thing with bad rings??
no problem just a need to know.
how much will it cost to replace my clutch and it needs full tune up ? it has 90000 miles .
shake and shutters shuts off
my brake pedal goes completely to the floor, the brake light is on, pedal feels spongey
flushing the cooling system