The car has had new spark plugs, wires, both O2 sensors were changed, lots more but cant seem to get this problem. Would changing the trans filter help?

Recently I let my vehicle sit for atleast two months after replacing BCM. So I finally replace my transmission filter but now I hear a tapping sound coming from the engine. I have replaced spark plugs and change the oil using synthetic oil also. Now temperature stays at normal level. When I put the vehicle into reverse it tends to jerk. Once I put the vehicle into drive it begins to drive but acts as if its missing until I get into higher speed and runs fine until I slow down. Also I my check engine light flashes on and off.


come out with the wires or are they attached in some way, do I leave them in after the wire is out or will they becoming out with the wire. Do I really need them if the wire is not near the manifold

It is burned out and I have it apart and don't know which lite it is. I need picture or diagram of the back of the module to figure out which one it is.

Like i said the engine mounts were just replaced along with an oil leak fixed. The said that was the issue for the hard shifting and heavy vibration. I got it back from the dealer and the vibrating is absolutely no better and the shifting has gotten worse. I plan on taking it back, but just wanted somemore input on what else it could be. Thanks

checked module/fuses - over head console lights and back passenger lights stopped working - cleared all fault codes on computer - lights light from computer - but not from open doors unlock/lock

SOmetimes when starting up my Van, before engaging Transmission, I will hear a rumbling coming from what seems to be passenger middle to back side. The rumbling will go away after driving. This has been going on for 20,000 miles.

lower speeds and rpm light comes on.Higher speed and rpm will stay off until I reduce speed to 2000 rpm.

can't find any othere thing leaking.

All windows and doors are affected. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I started to pry the control panel on the driver door up to see if I could check for a loose wire and the came on but went out again. I think the problem is with the driver door. I did not get the panel up. I was afraid I would break something. Do you just pry it up? I see no other way to access the wires.

are there parts I can purchase

I just purchaced the truck and the previous ouner just replaced the battery and never drove it after. I failed emmissions and the check engine is not on and the tech at the emmission place said that it says the readiness monitor is not ready and it may need to be driven. I just need to know what I need to do for this readiness test to say ready

the plenumwas removed because the battery was very low and when the motor was cranked the valves got bent. so after the repair was done, there was no signal to injectors. i bypassed them andit worked but now again it wouldnt start so i bypassed again and the transmission wont change gears .

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am also trying to remove the drain plug on the oil pan and it is stripped. Is there a way to easily remove it and fix it? Thank you very much for the help. :-)