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For the past three days, this charging system failure goes on. I was wondering if I drive around too much, it will die on me on the highway. Do I need a new battery? And last summer i got a new alternator put in. ...
the internal shroud on my flywheel is cracked and rubbing. How hard is it to fix and roughly how much?
i have a 1993 mercedes 300E 2.8 i had to change the valve cover gaskit because i was getting oil pooling around the spark plugs i also changed the spark plugs. aftern that my car wouldnt start it turns over fine i rep...
How much is too much. Recommended gap is .054. They were set at .060. NGK plugs were used. 4 coils failed since the tuneup. Motorcraft plugs have been put in, gaped at .054, bad coils replaced. No problems since. Was ...
what is the going rate for replacing the timing belt and water pump
The sounds come when the ground is wet or snow or maybe anytime I have to acelerate the sond goes click click click
I have replaced the Steering gear box and the power steeering pump. this feels like the truck has a delayed response to returning to center
my van was running fine all of a sudden the check engine light came on and the niddle temperture showed overheat but that last five minutes andlight went off and the temperture went back to normal it runs fine but th...
It has been sitting for three years and i start it every once a while Just recently put new headers on it there has to be somethig wrong there is just no power in the car cant even smoke the tires what could be wrong
brakes go to floor when pressed before stopping....already installed new master cylinder and bleed the MC and all brakes...what are signs of a bad hydro booster and when i bleed the hydro booster there was lots of air...
seems like it's trying to choke off, stuttering. Have changed plugs and wiring. What might be other problems causing this?
where are the filter dryer and expansion valve located on the 2002 mitsubishi eclipse
Air bag light is constantly on. Is there a recall, can I repair myself. What is cost?
my front windows rattle can they be adjusted?if so how? began about a year ago
leaking antifreeze back side of block right behind the valve cover