i replaced caps and thermostat it boils through the overflow tank i even took out thermostat and still does this please help

smell burning lik overheating every so often but not consistent and check engine light popped up as soon as i put 80 miles on it after failing a emission test due to system not ready beacuse i changed the battery

When driving

what causes my car a 1999 dodge intrepid to start and drive around for miles And then when i stop and turn the car off It wont start up again If i wait a few minutes it will start

i bought the truck with 126000 miles truck runs

Is my timing off? I have everything apart and need to fix this myself. Do I have any hope? Or did this guy leave out a step?

the truck was ideling for about 10 minutes than the check engine light came on, any ideas where to start?

Car spins over fast and strong but won't start. Did this twice before but started an hour or so later. This time not starting. No one local has a diagnostic device compatible with this vehicle.
what I know:
No spark
has fuel pressure (EFI)
timing belt is not broken
has new distributor and components
crankshaft position sensor
ignition module (if there is one separate from distributor)
engine computer
This was my main vehicle for mail delivery - using the back-up vehicle (another corolla)

had a friend of mind do my radiator in i beleive he mess up cos now i hear noise a in notice some fluid not coolant leaking on the left side of my van it does not look red what could it be

what are those mental grey tubes on the lower left side of the raditor in what fluid do they tranfer aroubd in what are they connecyed too

How should I go about getting this diagnosed & repaired without getting taken advantage of. Code P0740

I went to an auto supply store and they changed my battery.They plugged something in to keep the memory intact.When they finished I went to start my car and no gauges worked nor did the a/c.I also heard a compressor pully noise I associated with that.Checked all fuses that I knew of.Fuse block on both sides of the dash and 1 under the hood all was good.I bought an a/c relay and no fix of either issue?????

It just started this about a week ago. I checked the fuse box and all the fuse are good. I push the roll bar back in place and as soon as I make a turnthe roll bar comes up. Is this a problem that a should be concerned about?

Driving down the street one day and power steering went out. bought power steering fluid. Come to find out, it is electric and does not need powere steering fluid.

check engine light is on and shop said it was the sensor