However, the tail lights and back up lights works please advsie me what could be the ptroblem

mydodge 2500 diesle suddenly died and it will start but engen won't power up and go?

It has 277,000 miles and is always serviced. It just making this sound when I turn the key in the ignition. It stops after 30 seconds or so. Is this some kind of waring signal, like maybe it wants to retire??? Thank you!

I have a 2006 Ford Expedition with 48ooo miles on it. I got this code about a month ago and the oil dip stick was not seated correctly. I pushed the dip stick all the way down and the code went away when I started the engine. Now the code has come back and the oil dip stick is seated properly. another suggestion i got was a bad O2 Sensor for Bank 1 Sensor 2. Where exactly is bank 1 sensor 2 located?

please advise me of solutions

i need visual aid please

radiator missing 4 bolts on the bottom...2 on the right and 2 on the left

i need some visual aid please

I have a 2004 F150 that is giving me a vent valve code. It refuses to start in the mornings or at night when the temp seems a little cooler. I have replaced the vent valve but it is still having the same issue. I checked the wiring as best as possible. Any suggestions?

the air bag lite and asb lite came on and the kept blinking i pulled over and shut the car off now it wont start

I changed the flasher switch and it worked for about 10 hours and the hazard lights started flashing again.

Is there something I need to replace like a fuse or the lights themselves?

where is the part located and is it hard to replace

Also my AC starts to blow just cool air when the temperature gage starts to rise in the hot zone. I have a 2000 dodge caravan. I'm not sure but it seems to happen sometimes when i'm driving over 45mph. I turn of AC and slow down and the temperature gage goes back to normal and the AC will blow cold air again until the scenario happens again, whic is frequently.

the car runs great going forward but the car wont go in reverse