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On my 94 olds cutlass the door locks always work but sometimes you open the door and the doors lock or close the door and the doors lock without a key in the ignition.its like the locks have a mind of their own.Anyon...
first thanks. that problem happen when start engine. car start after several time .hent my battry good spark plug good my engine 1400 4cylinder petrolim (92) help me pls
after running on and off my speed o meter quit. what is the possible cause?
wipers only work on high speed 2001 grand marque
The speedometer and rpm gauge do not move/work. Fuel and Temp gauges work normal. Cruise control still works. Have to idea how to troubleshoot.
wipers only work on high speed
I have a 2006 Suzuki Forenza sedan and while it was up on the lift recently for a routine check the mechanic told me that both of the front shocks were "leaking" oil and that this in turn had started to cause play in ...
Just had rack & pinion replaced in fall. Shortly thereafer had to replace component in steering wheel that controls horn and airbag (told it was screwed down too right when R&P replaced- broken clock spring?). Then ...
trailblazer is stuck in 4ld and will not shift out to another setting
Trying to replace thermostat, need to know where it is specifically.
when the car warms up i get a howling in the middle of the motor sounds like a air leak but i checked all the vacums and there good could it be the intake gaskets it will only do it when it wants
hi my name is allen i am looking for a engin for my pontiac sunfire 4cy front wheel drive manual used and 1997 if you or someone you know has one please call me at 386-249-3594 thank you.
I, was low on gas, put3gal in. drove 2 miles car lost power.Restarted it,won`t take gas when pumping pedal.I think bad gas possible. What do you think?Changed fuel filter, already.
put another engine in this car,drove it for about a week,that when this occurs,turn but won,t crank up
sometime while driving my car tries to die but it is a manual trans. so i can easily restart it while driving. but sometimes when comming to a stop when i press on the clutch the car idle starts to flutter and dies un...