The noise gets louder the faster the engine runs. It sounds similar to an alternator or power steering pump going bad but is coming from the rear of the engine.

This problem began about 2 months ago. I checked the oil level and found that it was up to the max (but not over). Then I stopped the engine, let it cool off for a few, then started it again -- and, this time, no oil engine oil light came on. This stopped for maybe a month - then it started again this evening. HELP! What is the problem?

My car will not start and I have bypassed the main security system and changed the fuel filter, pump, regulator, crankshaft sensor, and spark plugs. I have also changed out the fuse relay. All the parts were brand new from Auto Zone and Pepboys. My car still will not start any idea?

at idle with truck in nuetral it runs smoothly. has new plugs, cap, rotor button.

I have a refurbished ICV. Need directions on getting to the old one.

The car wouldn't start and I'm being told the air compressor is frozen and won't allow the car to turn over because it's on the same belt as many other components. Is this possible? Thanks,

I would like to know where it is on the engine. Thanks.

so what is ther next thing i should do?

Now though... this no longer remidies the problem...

the recline on the drivers side seat does not work but all the other adjustments work. what could be the problem

cannot replace now but need car. if compressor is removed can belt bypass that and car still run?

how often and what milleage

traction control off light is on so is abs light, why

new engine sensors, fuel injectors, fuel pump,catalytic converter.when temp is under 60 degrees you have to push gas to floor. and you have to use gas pedal to keep it running until it gets to about 105 then runs perfectly.About all I am left with is pcm any other ideas car is running me broke

traction control light is on is there a fuse or sensor i can change