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for about three miles on the highway. Is this a sign of low tranny fluid? I tried to check that but the designers of this car made that kinda hard to do.

what causes your car to go into engine failsafe mode
it has a slight hesitation when giving some gas

have spark at plugs and power at inj puls still will not fire,have fuel presser can start by priming intake with fuel

Just had new valves and head gasket replaced.

have a 2000 chevy 2500HD silverado 6.0 gas motor. I have an issue where when i start to go down hill and coast a little bit and let off of the throttle down to about 1/10th throttle the truck down shifts out of overdrive, sometimes i get a p0300 misfire with the engine light flashing. the wierd thing is this only happpens when im going down hill on deceleration. it will kick out of overdrive, sometimes the check engine light comes on sometimes it doesnt. but once at the bottom of the hill the tranny will not shift back into overdrive for atleast a mile or two. this is on the highway around 70 miles per hour. if i stay on the throttle or if im under load it doesnt do it but if i am on the throttle pedal just a little bit and i start to coast then it kicks out of overdrive. if i let off the throttle all together and coast say from 75 to 70 then back on the throttle it wont do it. so i have to speed up and let off all together to prevent this from happening. this is really anoying. i have a air intake, msd coils, hypertech programmer, eldebrock headers.. new plugs, new wires, new throttle position sensor, new fuel pressure regulator, new fuel filter.. I have heard people say crankshaft postion variation relearn procedure could fix this because of slack in the timing chain, i guess that would kinda make sense because that would be about the point that the tension would shift from pull to push or load and no load. please help, thanks

car runs ok for month or two then starts sputtering and losing power. Egr valve has soot in it.

Then the parkbrakes smell like they were burning.

i have change the distributon and rotor button

The cartridge is full of CD's but they won't load. I get the message magazine is empty.

Was told all of the memory was erased by someone who tried to program the ignition key. The old key code was erased now the vehicle won't communicate with the computer.

I noticed some slight smoke coming from under the hood. when I opened the hood I could smell antifreeze but could not see where it was coming from. The car temp gage does not pass the halfway point. It does not appear to be overheating. Not getting any dash lights or warnings

While driving my vehicle last summer, I would have the A/C on. During these times extremely cold liquid would come pouring down over my feet (often in sandals - LOL) when making a turn. It happens numerous times on the drivers side and once or twice on the passenger side.

Now, my A/C only blows hot air. How can I find out and repair this problem without a major expense (limited income)? Is this easy to replace?

Any ideas? Sensor is ok too!

Also displays climate control and other functions. It is supposed to come on when car is started but will come on after driving 10 to 15 min or so. Any ideas abot this?

We checked under the driver side carpet, remove the plastic cover on the side but there's nothing "removable" behind the plastic cover. Is it under the hood?