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I have a 2001 Ford escape V6 automatic transmission. My problem is that the gear shift will not go into any gear when I start it up. The shifter feels very loose and it just goes up and down. Please help!!
I keep havin fuses blow, now my brake lights are out and I can't find the fuse for the brake lights. Is there a exmaple or picture some where i can get to easy excess instead of going to a manacanic paying $20 for a r...
Which brake pads and rotors are best for my car for longer wear?
how do you test the switch terminals for the suspension on/off switch. where do you find the air compressor?
I disconnected my acura car battery and i loss my radio code can u help me with the code?.Serial # is bd017393.
Turn off engine and turn back on and runs ok. has occurred 3 times, twice in past 2 weeks and once several months ago. Check engine light always goes off before it can be diagnosed.
didn't make any noise was working fine parked it for the night got in the next morning and now it won't go in reverse. have checked linkage and fluid but it won't go in reverse. still have all other gears.
I have been told that I have a dead cylinder, and no one knows what to do or how to fix it? I am looking for some guidence as to what to look for? Or how to fix the problem?
When I drive my 2001 T&C in hot weather with the air conditioning running on a long trip, the passenger side carpet gets saturated with water. Why is this happening? Is there a recall for this? How can I stop it?
Where is the fill location for the hydrolic fluid for the power top system on a 95 500 sl convertible? will powers steering sealer stop the leak in the visor locking area?
the engine want accelerate lack power
I recently went off roading in my 2WD Santa Fe and before i went off roading, the ride comfort was incredible, you could hardly feel the road when driving. Afterwards however, the ride became rough after returning to ...
I was wondering if you may be able to help us diagnose a problem with a 96 Subaru Legacy Station Wagon. My friend in Kentucky owns this car. Have had it hooked up to 5 computers and they all say nothing is wrong. Wi...
Having a problem with my 98 Kia Sephia. It runs great and idles fine from cold start, but after 10 minutes or so of warming up, at idle it will suddenly die. It will start right back up, but will die within a few seco...
Failed CA smog test, NO(PPM) levels were at 512 (MAX) 88 (AVE) and 747 (MEAS) which is what caused it to fail. Is this related to the EGR system? How much can I expect repairs to cost if it is the EGR system? Car r...