I have a 1989 Buick Regal 3.1,last year I changed the fuel pump and fuel pump screen , and it ran fine, now this year it started missing real bad, so I changed the plugs and plug wires and it ran fine for a bit then it started acting up so I put a new air filter in it and fuel injection cleaner in it and its still acting up only will go 15 mph and then dies , after about 15 min. I also had the catalytic converter checked and its fine and the fuel pump is working to, so please what could be wrong with it this time?

I have 1989 Buick Regal, 3.1 ,last year I changed the ful pump and the fuel screen . Thaen this year it started missing real bad , so I changed the plugs and the plug wires, and it ran ok accept no power , so I put fuel injection cleaner in it and a new airfilter and it will only go 15 mph for about 15 min then wants to start dieing out.

Fixed muffler but the car still makes loud (engine) noise as if there was no muffler.

When I accelerate from a stopped position, I have to completely let off the throttle for at least 5 seconds until the engine switches gears. If I continue to accelerate the RPM's go through the roof and it does not change gears.

cleaned injectors, cranked engine and the inlet port caught fire. Put fire out discovered injector o ring bad, dumped too much fuel. replaced o ring but still wont start. fuel going to throttle body but not coming out of the injectors.

My son bought a 1995 ford escort with a 1.9 engine about a week ago, very clean and ran great. All it needed was some dash bulbs replaced, heater lingage hooked back up and I had to pull the manual shifter back up level with the floor. I went to pull it our of my garage and and it was strange, I had the key turned forward not in start position pushed the clutch in and it tried to start. Once I did start it and pushed the clutch a little past half way it sounded like it was grinding. Any way the starter went bad replace it and now it will not startor even turn over. Like I said I replaced the starter, jumped the safety switch on the clutch checked the ignition and the battery and Altenator are good. This is making me so mad. PS: the ignition wire to the starter selonoid is not getting power but the hot wire is hot all the time. Note: I hear the fuel pump come on and all the dash lights come on but no click, not turn over nothing.

I recently changed the Hydro boost due to excessive power steering loss. I bled the Power steering and still no luck

Truck running fine all day. Shut off eng for about 30 minutes and cranked back up. Immediately felt misfire/hesitation condition. Got blinking check engine light. Had auto parts store run codes (P0300, P0301 & P0304.) Checked plugs and wires, ok. I have 2 ignition coils; 1 for cylinders 1 & 4 and 1 for cylinders 2 & 3. I'm confused about the the following during troubleshooting. Removing one spark plug wire from the ign coils at a time and cranking engine: When I remove #1 plug wire from aft wire "port" on forward ign coil and crank up engine I get a very intermittant (but strong) spark jumping to nearest ground location. When I do the same thing by removing the #3 plug wire from aft wire "port" on back ign coil, the engine hardly ever stays running and I get the same intermittant spark jumping to nearest ground. Both cylinder 4 and 2 ports on ign coils have a continuous and strong spark jumping to ground when removed one at a time and cranking engine. Someone mentioned a possible bad crankshaft postion sensor. Only other info to add is that I had a check engine light (steady) back in September that eventually went off after a couple weeks. Ran codes at local autoparts store; P0441 HELP Please

Did Full tune up also change airflow sensor exhaust feels like its not breathing but doesn't miss fire it's not getting the full power i even change the supercharger samething it idles fine just not acellerating the way it should more like 65% of power I had a spear transmission and change that 2 samething did comp check what else can I do

car has a po420 in current codes but exibits no running issues at all.

it is a 2.0L engine, my rpms wont go over 3000rpm which is stopping it from shifting properly, wont go any faster then 110kms and sometimes only 70kms.i have back pressure in my gas tank, but whas told that that is a good thing. my epc light was on but i changed the throttle control valve and it whent out. i also did a complete tune up,plugs,oil,air filter etc. i know it is something small and simple but im just not sure where to start.. any ideas? thanks in advance

by just remuving the manifold cover.

The headlights will turn on but the tail lights and running lights wont work. Would it be a relay?

10 and 30 min key relearn is not working. The "Security" light comes on when the key is turned to run and start but immediately goes out. It does not flash or stay on when the key is left in the run position. The car is seldom used and this has happened before. The 30 minute relearn worked the last time. Any suggestions?

I pulled over and retightened the cap, the light did not go off. I tried to redo it again and shut the car off to reset the computer and restart the light still remained on. This car is a 2011 Nissan Altima