am trying to adjust the valves but dont know what they are adjusted to

after the tech put in a new pump a week later we have the same problem i dont hear the pump ingauge is it a defective pump or something else?

after a few minutes ok to switch back to Auto

coast for power steering pump and maintence coast

My 2004 Pontiac Grand AM GT has a P0420 code plus change oil light on. The Oil light came on first, and a day later, the check engine light came on. I checked the code and it was P0420 code, which is a catalyst efficiency low-bank which could deal with a bad catalytic converter or an engine misfire, large vacuum leak, or engine oil leakage into exhaust value guide. It does smell like burning oil when I open the hood. The oil was changed in the last month. What should I do? Has anyone had this problem before?

The rear right door is dented when parking. how much is it to repair dent in the door at Minneapolis, MN? Thanks

new O2 sensors, new spark plugs. MAF checked out okay. EGR cleaned. IAC cleaned. runs great when not warmed up. no codes.

The AC Compressor only comes on when the controls are on high. Tried 3 different resistors still same result. I even replaced the controls nothings changed, it only works on high.

engine light on

Thank you! The Red Brake light comes on when I stop and then the Yellow circular light comes on as well.

don't understand the whoops

I want to replace the lite bulb on the right headlite.

Trying to get it smogged

Now- when I turn the car on, after it has been sitting, there is a rumbling noise that goes away once I put it into drive gear- then it seems fine. I am worried that there is something bad going to happen and I do not want to get stranded on the highway I use. Can you think what this might be? I have given up on the dealer in the area...way too costly with shop hr rate. Just want to know if this might be a serious precursor to a bigger problem.

Have replaced crank and cam sensor and fuel relay. What can be causing this?