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Have replaced the ignition lock but has not eliminated the problem. Sometimes it will start and sometimes nothing happens.
fuse good, wires connected but horn won't work
About a week ago I smelled burnt wiring briefly coming from the dash area within moments after starting up and driving, but it quickly went away. I have been having problems with the gauges all malfunctioning off and ...
this problem occurs all the time after i repaired timing gear
I want to install it myself but the manual has no directions.
truck is losing fuel pressure from tank to moter
my cadillac seville sls is hesitates when i accelerate actually more of a studder.. what can be the cause of this? i think its the sparkplugs and wires because it was sitting for about a year. do you have any suggesti...
I have a automatic car started in it, and sometimes when i start the car, it makes a belt scratching noise. From time to time, while driving. it'll make a scratching belt noise, and its like the more I accelerate the ...
When driving down the highway the truck will start to jump side to side. When I let off the fuel it stops jumping. It is the original suspension (350,000 KM) I was told by one person replacing the struts will tighte...
I just replaced the battery in my 97 grand voyager. now the battery light comes on after the van running for only a few minutes. Im assuming its an electrical problem but where should I start.
took theormsact out fan comes on at 225f pushes waterout starts up fine firsttime
how to change oil pan?
my brake fluid indicator light is on a the reservoir shows min, what type of fluid do i put in d3 or d4? I do not want to drive it 35+ miles to the Jag dealer for a couple of ounces of fluid.
How much can I expect to pay for a front wheel bearing replacement. I had an estimate for $267.00 this seems a little high.
How do I repairs these emission code errors. I had the cam shaft sensor replace but the codes still showed up. Can any body help me?