the one in center of display screen that shows ok etc

3 beep tones

light came on before the brakes were changed thats why we changed them, but the actual brake ligh never came on. Had no brakes

will need to drop transmission, any helpful hints on doing this

Changed sensor and radiator

went to change the driving shaft of my camry 2005 le and afterwards i couldnt get my car to select gears smoothly and atimes the car disengage from gear itself and you can hear the acceleration sound and then picks up abit and on and on and on

The rear end will sometimes bottom out when going over a bump.

Is there any marks or detail for me to set the timing on the cams n crank for me to set the timing without removing any spark plugs

what is the repair cost to change the seals on my camshaft i seem to be leaking oil.

r Position 1 or Sensor 1. First, could someone clarify that for me. Secondly, could you please tell the location and how many O2 sensors I have on my pickup? I think 3. I just had Bank 2 Position 2 replaced about 3 weeks ago. Thanks

Lt1 engine, with code P1371

digital odomoder is not working,completely black.All other lights on the instament panel are working except that one

sometimes it will fire up for short periods of time.

There is a whining sound under the hood of my 1999 BMW 528i. It almost sounds like crickets... It takes the sound about 8-10 seconds to start making noise when the car is started, and stops when your accelerate. I only hear the noise at idle speed. Noise also stops briefly when shifting out of drive to park, reverse to drive, etc. Car is a 2.8 6 cylider automatic

stuck in floor mode, however it blows cold and hot out of rear vent. (How do I get to driverside air actuators and how do i know which one to replace?) I can get to the passenger air actuator easily through glove box.