Is the place where the "O" rings go on the condenser for the drier suppose to have some wiggle or some play in them?

Mechanics say it's sticking brushes! If so, how can this problem be resolved?

Origional balancer had the rubber sleve on it and the new replacement does not.

I was driving around 45-50 when i had to hard brake i heard a loud pop and realized i had no brakes unless i put both my feet on the brake peddle and pushed it to the ground nothing is leaking from the truck but my ac also went out after my brakes did

Engine is in good condition and has 100,000miles

car had been making a siren like sound and sometimes a rattling sound between 20 and 40 mph. Trans mechanic said vacuum leak or turbos gone bad. Mechanic said turbos don't go bad bring it in to check it. Today the siren noise stopped for a minute and when I accelerated huge clouds of smoke came from the rear of the car almost covering the entire street behind me. I could smell oil and and the muffler was covered wet with oil.Now the mechanic says the engine is blown. Engine,turbos, or ?

This started a few days ago. When I turn the stero\eo on it displays the station, but I have no volume. Also, my dome light and seatbelt warning lights come on. My door locks started working itermittant at the same time, and I even had one instance of the car not starting until I disconnected the battery for a few minutes and let the alarm system reset. Don't know if this is an alarm problem or related to the stereo or something else. Any ideas?

i have a 92 prelude with a 2.3 dohc engine. It has 190000 miles on it. My problem started with when i had to slow down fast or come to all most a stop. When i began to give the car more gas it has no power and acts as if it wants to die. I then would feather the gas and it would pick back up, and run fine. This only happen off and on for a couple of weeks. Yesterday this happened again but now there is a miss in the engine and now it has less power and feels as if it has a slight miss when running at speed.

i was driving and then i realized that when i went to eccellerate

Alternator and battery was keeping full charge had to be charged everyday, took to an auto store they diagnosed it to be a bad alternator now this is brand new and now these lights came on....p1684 says just that the battery had been disconneted within the last 50 starts

recently replaced one sensor..( driver front)...light seemed to go out and everything was cool, 2 weeks later it pops on again

Just bough the car 2 wks ago assuming the recall for the valve springs repair done recently is the cause! not totally sure.

am trying to adjust the valves but dont know what they are adjusted to

after the tech put in a new pump a week later we have the same problem i dont hear the pump ingauge is it a defective pump or something else?

after a few minutes ok to switch back to Auto