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The coolant level in the container keeps dropping but there is no external leaks. There is a very strong odor that is inside and outside the car when driving or parking & idling. Do you know what the problem might be?
ok turn singnals and hazzard flashers dont flash they just stay on . so i was told that it was a flasher fuse gone bad. please help cant find it under the dash.
My MB is actually 82 It will start in nutral,could it be relay?
How to open the door. The keys are inside.
I just replaced both the alternator and the battery. Now the charging system warning light continuously lights up for a few seconds the turns off while driving or idling. The voltage gauge reads 14 volts. I've driv...
I have no break lights,I have checked the bulbs,fuse,harnes,everything looks good,went to check sending unit,it is not where it is on most trucks!anyone know where to look? Thanks
the jeep was driven 40 mile and overheated. i waasn't driving.. had head replaced due to crack. one piston all rings. . still opne cylinder registering presssure 35. do you think the block is cracked? how much is a n...
something is wrong with my fuel line. The car drives fine & then just cuts off. I think its my fuel filter as i've previously used regular gas instead of premium. How do I change the fuel filter
how to install fan belt
Hello, the back tire has just started a clicking sound. I had a four tires replaced 2 months ago. The van has 104000 mile on it. Do you think it is the rear axle shaft? what is the estimate for a 1994 Dodge Van 350. ...
Engine light on. P0171 code error replaced o2 sensors. Replaced Fuel pressure regulator.
working on my Cutlass Ciera finally after a long time leaking every i went. finally got the pump removed and we me and my good friend were so happy we forgot , to mark the bolt so now were very confused were they go c...
trans works fine in all gears just will not shift into overdrive changed fluid & filter input and output sensors cleaned and checked all connections
do i have to remove the switch from inside the column after taking the steering wheel off, the collar does not come off the column,nor is there a pin hole to release it