Just had my transmission rebuilt about 2 months ago and I went to use 4 wheel drive hit the button for auto and light just blinks and does not engage does the same for 4 wheel high

Restarting the engine seems to reset the sensor.

when engine is hot or cold engine will crank & crank but not start. when you turn key off & back on engine cranks then fires right up.

When changed the idle sensor and intake manifold pressure sensor but it did not help.

I plug in at any temperature lower than 20 F or else it won't fire. Today the car was parked for 8 1/2 hours outside to day and wouldn't fire but turned over fine.

My wife drove the MDX the other day and said it started to shudder suddenly, and the D5 light started to blink, but she drove home. Now when I start it and put into drive(any D1-D5)it drives sometimes but sometimes it does not engage into a gear. When I remove the dip auto transmission dip stick,it seems to have a bit of a burnet smell. Can anyone make a suggestion to what the issue could be?

P1250 is PRC Solenoid circuit malfunction
P1477 additional fan relay circuit malfunction. It has been to the BMW dealer ship three times and they have not fixed it yet

Passenger side head

i put on a brandnew harmonic balancer still doing it when i stop on the signal light the whole dashboard shakes friend of mine told me could be the timing

the cars starts dragging once you reach miles per hour speed with a flash on the dashboard (red triangle. however once the esp switch is activativated, the movement becomes smooth, but the above light will display continuously on the dashboard

Car is misfiring and need to know how much it would cost

My 1993 MX-3 failed the low idle hydrocarbons test at the DMV. Can anyone help me with this problem?
(I am unemployed and cannot afford the $800 estimate that a garage gave me to replace the spark plugs and the oxygen sensors. I was told they needed to be replaced due to oil leakage.)

Thank you, very much.

I have a 99 navigator and the 4x4 light stays on. I had it tested and it show a p1838 code. How do I go about fixing that. Everything shifts out and drives fine.

problems in rear

could this cause a noise in the rear