Is there something I need to replace like a fuse or the lights themselves?

where is the part located and is it hard to replace

Also my AC starts to blow just cool air when the temperature gage starts to rise in the hot zone. I have a 2000 dodge caravan. I'm not sure but it seems to happen sometimes when i'm driving over 45mph. I turn of AC and slow down and the temperature gage goes back to normal and the AC will blow cold air again until the scenario happens again, whic is frequently.

the car runs great going forward but the car wont go in reverse

as I drive down the road my truck drive to the side

how to correct this problem?

My truck was sitting in the driveway when I heard it running. The truck was locked and no one was in it. I put my key in the ignition and put it in reverse then I put it in park again and turned it off. It turned off but then turned on again. This happened over and over so I finally disconnected the battery. This has never happen to me. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

My suburban has not been able to work the electric door locks since I purchased it! everytime i click em my dome light flashes is that normal? but my door locks do not do anything! How can I get my door locks working? what could i do to fix this? Ive already cheked fuses and the switch and they seem to be ok.

all the fluid leaks out as soon as i put it in,

I was told by a repair shop that the radio or whole unit ha to be taken out.

Di I need to remove anything to replace it?

engine died while driving tried to restart it it cranks but no lights on dash comes on when switch is turned on still no start acts like its getting any fuel at all

also my temperature gauge for the outside temperature and the direction you go in the car is off. Also the miles left on the gas of tank in the car is off. And the gas gauge always say full and then gauge with go to empty and the low fuel light come on.

This problem is driving me nuts, i have replaced the tires and had them balanced. i think the problem is in the engine, while drining at highway speeds i shifted into nutral and the shaking stopped, shift back to drive and shaking starts again.

could this be the spark plugs or wires.

car has 90k

will start up and do it all over again