replaced battery with one of good charge.

They work fine any other time

what else should I check

i have checked for power at the switch and replaced the relay

On an irregular basis when closing the tailgate it will descend approximately two inches then return to its full open position. Upon depressing the closure button a second time the tailgate will properly close. It usually will not repeat this issue immediately following its occurance, but sometimes it can be duplicated numerious times. This has occurred dozens of times. Nothing has been obstructing the doorway. The dealer states the closure sensors are functioning properly. I got it to misbehave at the dealership one time. They are clueless. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

Also my check engine light comes on very often, from reading other blogs, I am thinking this might be something to do with the gas cap due to the fact it comes on sometimes and other times is off. My air conditioner just started to cut in and out and sometimes don't get any air at all. Can you tell me what is going on with my truck? It only has 68,000 miles and is having so many problems.

This is a 2008 2.5L Altima. Installing complete new AC kit.

I just bought this aspen and now the MIL light comes on and stays on; its code 3441; how much will it cost to fix this?
Also the red airbag light is on; why is this on and how much to fix?

lost keys drilled out keyset

When car was undergoing state inspection of board computer would not give any reading to state diagnostic computer

2010 Jeep Commander 3.7L I cant find a Haynes manual on it so any help would be appreciated.

Is the place where the "O" rings go on the condenser for the drier suppose to have some wiggle or some play in them?

Mechanics say it's sticking brushes! If so, how can this problem be resolved?

Origional balancer had the rubber sleve on it and the new replacement does not.

I was driving around 45-50 when i had to hard brake i heard a loud pop and realized i had no brakes unless i put both my feet on the brake peddle and pushed it to the ground nothing is leaking from the truck but my ac also went out after my brakes did