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everytime i encounter a pot hole my front end feels like it want to break down. the noise it makes sound like cla, cla, cla. i hope i described it well.
how do i replace front brake pads
how where do I set up my shop ph# 815-692-4015
new sensors have been replaced in all tires
what @ flush and alinement prices
how much does it cost to replace both exhaust manifolds and gaskets?
Need to replace wires. Three of them are below the plenum. Can I work around that or do I need to remove the plenum and replace the gasket? How do I do that without really fouling thigs ukp?
on idle when gased it pings sounds like its coming from intake manifold...
what is estm. for replacement of timing cover and how long does it take to do it
was changing a cig lighter fuse,didnt have one went to start car the abs,brake, traction control lights stayed on and tire oressure was not working
WIll Suzuki do anything to help us??
i have 3 power windows don't work on my Taurus, 1 of them worked right up until today. and the other two i got from the guy with it like that, there is lights showing on the driver side controller but they aren't wor...
how much mileage the car goes ? when almost the battery will be consumed? how often the IMA problems be ?
Can anyone give me information on the difficulty on replacing valve seals with the head still on the vehcile. I have done this on Ford 289 engines, but haven't work on a BMW before. Is there any special tools needed t...
the car hesitates once engine is warmed up and accelerated but wont do it in park or neutral...we have changed the coil packs,plug wires,egr valve the cat has even been cleaned..its not the tranny for sure because tha...