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What steps are required in removing and replacing both valve cover gaskets on this car. I can not find specific instructions on what items to remove to gain access to the cover.
the central electronic module quits and the entire inside of the car shuts down, the only thing that runs is the engine -low beam headlights-and brake lights. The electronic shifting also stops working. The dealer sa...
engine starts and then after warm-up stops as if the fuel was shut-off. occurs every morning after cold starts. once engine is cold can re-start with same result
My roof is leaking and I am pretty sure that is it is leaking from the satellite fixture. Do I have to take the entire headliner out to access the rear satellite? Could I do a temporary fix of just sealing the outsi...
I've bougt complete headlight assemblies, but not sure how to go about installing the new ones or removing the old ones.
when the car is cold runs good but when thw car warms up it idels fine but whan it warms up idels rough and push in clutch pedals it cuts off i was told it was the crank case vent valve ender neith the the intake is ...
How would i decompress the back bumper that was compressed by about 2 inches and no damage is done to the plastic itself.
Disconnected the radio to do some work on it. Connected back. At time to start the car on, the accelerated went very low almost to nothing.
My 1998 Boxster slips in forward and revrse gears to the extent that the car will not move. Is there any repairs that can be done ?
My car hesitates and jerks when I step on the gas. I use regular unleaded. My check engine light comes off an on and flashes. Its on while driving around town,I just came off a trip and it came on and was flashing wh...
Can a new key factory made key cylinder be installed without new replacement keys?
Where is the fuel pump relay location? There are 4 to 5 relay located under the hood on the passenger side by the radiator but don't know which one is it.
Just bought this car from a friend who owns a used car lot. Drove fine . Car has 83k+ Miles on it . Drove it from Philadelphia , Pa to Allentown , Pa & it broke down . Car will start but won't pull in any gear . Check...
Could it be a motor mount, or something in the gear shift itself.