keyless remote, powerlocks, back up sensor, trunk release, gss latch release, interior lights ciggrette lighter, i checked all my fuses and they were all good and replaced the micro relay to the trunk release and gas latch but they still dont work is there any power source that feeds these problems other than the battery that they feed thier power through also caddlliac dose not carry the orignal relays but they have upgraded them with a new part #

if usend picture woul be even much better

6/12 Had car checked at Galena Chrysler, they said they fixed the transmission problem & that lots of cars do this when it's trying to find the shift position. They did nothing!! It's 2012! I can not believe that transmissions are preforming so badly.
We had transmission problems with 2 other Chrysler vehicles!! Do we live with this annoyance or can some thing be done so the transmission works smoothly?


Bought 4 new Uniroyal tires (80K tread life warranty) on Oct, 2008. Just had fuel pump replaced. Occurs while driving 45+ MPH.

When you hit the gas pedal it doesn't move, it seems to happen randomly but mostly when driving over 45mph. Mechanic has confirmed that the car is losing fuel pressure - they recommend replacing the fuel pump ($600 repair on a $1,000 car), however they can't be certain that repair will resolve the issue.
The car also has other diagnostic codes coming up including one for the Maximum Shift Adapt - which is transmission related.

there's no apparent other damage

I had a safety inspection of my new pickup, and they told me that there is a small, small crack in the timing cover gasket. The mechanic said it would be $1000 to fix. however, he said we dont necesarily have to fix it. We can just check the collant level every week for a while to see if it goes down significantly. Do I need to replace it? How likely is it the crack will get bigger? Is the $1000 estimate a fair price?

fan runs on high, when temp. is reached fan stops, it should change to low speed

I have had the alternator and battery replaced after my cars battery light kept coming on. Sometimes it stayed on and sometimes it went off.Mostly it would stay on. It would die and after setting all night would start up. Now with the new alternator and battery and pigtail the battery light is still coming on but its showing very dimmly. My car starting doing this last December and has done this 3 times since then (July 2012). Also my car has overheated 3 times since I bought it used in April 2008. I had the thermostat and radiator cap replaced in 2009. And my check engine light has never came on. My cars interior light (the one between the visors) used to be difficult to get to shut off. And on a few occassions my alarm(horn beeping) would go off without any reason.My door lock click on and off rapidly. I had my oil changed by a friend last year who didnt get the old seal off causing my oil to completely drain out. Drove my car about 6 blocks to the store and it started knocking/rattling and lightly smoking. My pulley belt came off (not broke or frayed) about 2 weeks ago but was put back on. I had a wreck in Feb 2009 that damaged my control armand that was replaced. My A/C and heater quit about 2 1/2 years ago. I had a coolant leak and had to buy a freeze plug.. Also, I locked my keys in my car by accident in 2009 and a friend drilled into the passenger side door to get it unlocked. I'm trying to remember everything that has happened to my car in the 4 years 3 mths I have had it to pinpoint the problems I am now having. My car had 117,000 miles when I bought it and now has 142,000. I am being told I may need to buy a new computer now. I hope someone can help me.

my mechanic said that i should replace the power steering pump 1st and then see if i need to replace the rack and pinion. how can you tell if it's the one or the other in 2003 325i bmw. the fluid is ok and it doesn't make any other noise. If i replace the pump should i replace the pressure hose too. He's saying it's not necessary to repl hose

we tried bleeding by pushing in and out the clutch..it wont get pressure....clutch still no pressure.

started with hard shift into reverse, and would not come out of higher gear when sitting at light.

Wires loose that goes to battery.After wiggleing them car starts but wont stay started.

I've been having issues with my car not starting after driving for awhile. Like its too hot or something. Last night i turned my car off, but the key wont go to the off position. After messing with it for 15 minutes, i unplugged the battery. This morning i stuck the negative cable back on the battery and tried to start my car. It turns over but wont start. Key is still stuck. Its got half a tank of gas, and i jumped the battery in case it was low.