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Could it be a motor mount, or something in the gear shift itself.
I lost my chilton's manual and I need install instructions for the 1/4 window in a 1994 toyota extend cab pickup please.
both bulbs 3057 were burnt out, I replaced but the lights still won't come on at night when car is on idle or driving, however break light and turn signals will show up. I was told it could be the electrical housing s...
on the gage should it be on 19 or 9 for a good charge
does this vehicle year and style have a problem with transmission going between 80,000miles and 120,000
there is two foot of rubber hose with factory crimp on one end and a clamp factory on the other end..can the hose be cut and spliced by inserting a nipple????with hose clamps
It seems to be from the front of the car, after driving.
the switch to my fan seems to be broken. my air conditioner is not working now. the switch turns but does make any air come out. the button below that for the air goes in but doesn't always turn the air on. Sme times ...
I drove my car 50+ miles started it drove to one place started it again went to another place, started it again went to another place, came out and it wouldn't start no crank at all, I have checked the starter and it ...
coilpack on numder 2 there is a ploblem. changed coil and sparkplug
Drove care to son’s game approximately 25 miles, turned car off, forgot to roll up windows all the way, tried to start back up and it wouldn’t start up. The car sat for about 1 hour and started right up.
when driving the car is all over the road ball joints are new and one inner tie rod
is there anything wrong with using a different oil viscosity than what the mnufacturer recommends? ive changed from 5w30 to 10w40 to keep the oil from being used so much
where is the water pump located on a 1999 town country van. van is leaking coolant but cant see exactly where.