baught it this way dont know much about it

when driving for about 5km it show oil light warning and engine makes some noise

When it does end up sliding into gear it is really hard

When i took the bolt out to replace the belt tensioner i got screw filler shavings or what looks like a boltscrew holder inside.. What are the called and how do i ask for them???

do the seals get changed

steering making a knocking noise when we turn it.

DTC codes for engine coolant temperature and how to repair it

rough idle then rpm drop low i replace all coil pack and all
spark plugs and wires also check engine light blink and stay
on after resetting what could cause that problem

Warning light goes off after engine is off and cooled. Also smell of solvent or plastic especially when first starting. Had transmission rebuilt about a month ago and transmission repair shop says they find nothing wrong. Transmission does seem to act fine.

i removed heater hoses and can flush water through core in both directions. Fan works but blows cold or barely warm water. any ideas what problem may be. oh yea core is not leaking or fogging window.

aveces no estartea y vota humo, como hago para mirar el motor de arranque, no se ve..

And after that I took to the best buy guy and he hooked up the new stereo. And still don't work... what should I do? Could there be a fuse.. if so which one?

resistor has already been changed so that's not it

I had a new valve cover gasket installed, it still gets oil on the top of the plug (where the boot meets the plug).

Shifter is loose, causing ignition only to crank in neutral position. If so, how can I adjust?