Have not change my plugs in over 80K miles. Running fine. Just wondering

recently had oxygen sensor replaced.engine runs smooth .cat converters is expensive. will that solve problem of check engine light?

I was told it leaks by a mechanic but the guage reads normal.

2 hoses leak one is metal. I do not know if it is the cooler line , cylinder, pressure line, return line or reservoir hose.

Someone hit and ran my back bumper (side) & cracked it including back left tail light lense. Where can I buy a cheap repacement.

Someone hit and ran my back bumper (side) & cracked it including back left tail light lense.

I have had the rear end pulled apart by 2 drifferent mech and they could not find anything even changed to synthic diff fluid to stop foaming, bearing are good,seals are not leaking

when gets to running temp it starts missing then low power

Stop leak was added to radiator 2 days ago. When fan is turned lots of vapors shoot out, smells like radiator fluid.

Heater core inlet & outlet hoses are same temp, hot. So core should not be stopped up, right? I can hear a clicking sound under the dash. As the blower blows cool air I asume the control doors are open correctly to let the air flow. Cannot find any lose vac. hoses. Eng temp is fine.Cannot locate the heater control val. is it elect or vac operated? Thanks

This paint is used to make the white strip down the center of the road. It splash on my car and I need to know how to get it off.

how much should cost approx?

I have had two shops price it two different ways. And there is about $200.00 difference in the two.

Greese leaking from my left wheel do to a bad axle shaft bearing. Rear brakes also has grease from the bearing. I would like to get a estimate for the repair

side airbag has never deployed, but now the indicator light is on