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fm radio and 2 program buttons don't work. Any way to fix I can repair them?
Truck cuts out at any maintained speed . Gos great when you step on the gass. Replaced fulepump and filter,MAF.
When I turn on my air, there is no cool air. I kept it on while driving and everytime I acelerated i would hear like a buzzing sound. I havent turnef it back on since and the buzzing sound disapeared. Do you think ...
I am an experienced mechanic and can't find where to scan my check engine light. Can you let me know where to find it?
The diagnostics said APP sensor. I don't see that listed.
my trans is leaking need to add trans fluid but not sure where the dipstick is
Spare is Pirelli P4000 E 225/60 ZR 16. Can I use it? How can I tell the age of the Toyo tires that are on the car now? I just bought this car.
My fuel door won't close, can I replace it myself?
Is replacing only the brake fluid in the fluid reservoir good enough or must I have a mechanic do a whole system fluid flush? I don't have any braking issues and the fluid looks fine, but it has been about 5 years an...
Steering wheel shakes at low speeds violently, boot appears to have failde on passenger wheel. Is it the wheel bearing?
I thought it was the clutch safety start switch, but I replaced that and the car still won't start. When it was running fine, the starter never sounded like it was worn out or gave any signs of failure. What could ...
2001 Tribute, 4 cyl, manual 5 speed, 4WD, with 215000 miles. Love the rig, but it needs clutch & tires now. Worth the investment or should I trade? Anyone taken this rig over 200k?
hapens daily under no sertin conditions
the location of the obd port