i left the car for about 4 hours went back to check it out and it still wont start. it kicks over fine but thats all. how can i fix my problem?

Can I use reg unleaded

the suspension feels fine at speed. road reflectors and other objects can be really felt like on a rough highway

it wont restart for 20 or 40 minutes. it does this when its hot outside after driving it for 30 minutes or so

Every couple of years , after they broke once ! Replaced them 4 times now .

New battery replaced and car sounded like it was running or as if the ac or heater fan was on High speed and it ran continuously even when started it ran also..had to remove fuse to stop it. Also the ac temp was at 60 but didnt get cool. Does this mean a fuse needs relaced? OR what could it be? it was eery to me NEED ANSWERS/HELP ASAP....Thank you

my 2006 sorenta kia wont start. when i open the door or turn the key the horn blows and lights blinks for a while then stops then starts again. i had the battery charge so thats not it. i don't hear no clicking or nothing ! any one has any ideas?

if i fix it myself it would be about 10 to 14 hours if i went to the shop how much and how long will it take because auto shop go by the rate of hour ?

repair oil leak in the oil cooling housing

It blows cooler on outer vents but only blows cooler air for a few seconds. Only the top two blower switches work on high and higher. Just went out its been extremely hot 100+ past two months. It used to vibrate real bad when in park and ac on now when in park and ac on it doesnt vibratr at all. And seems to have more power maybe. Help!

I unbolted the sway arm(?)the brake cable and the strut. But it doesn`t lower far enough to pull the strut out. Do I need to pull off the tie rod? Is there anything else i can do? Thank you for any help.

The price for the alternator and a ballpark figure for labor.

pedal goes all the way down but flied not coming out nether rear bleeders

Just replaced brake pads and sensor

The screws go in the holes but slip right out again.