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Never had this happen before. it counted down 3 minutes, I put key back in when it said start car and it started right up! Why does this happen

Trying to estimate normal, annual maintenance for 2008 Ford Fusion in u.s. dollars.

The gauge is showing one or two hash marks high, occassionally goes higher and blows cold air from heater. After getting that high, goes back to normal and stays there. Usually does this when the car has sat for 30 minutes or more. The cooling fans are running during this time.

cutaway chassis/bus

Also codes C- 27D5 Failure within the Idle-Speed Control, 272C, 272D LR - Adaption Additive per-time and per- time (Bank 2)

My A/C is still cooling, my car is not running hot.
How do I address these codes?

Drove my car didn't see anything leaking. Steering wheel locked up and mechanic said power steer fluid 90% gone

truck would throw a huge misfire when in motion. Started as just a couple times here n there and gradually got worse. Sent my truck in for some front end work and the shop said my TPS was bad so I had it changed. The problem persisted a nasty loss of power that would force me to clutch in and goose the throttle to get it going again only to turn around and repeat especially climbing hills. no codes could be pulled from the PCM except a snap throttle and that wasn't till after the fight to get into the PCM. Now it just wont stay running during warm up. How good are the odds this is PCM related?

Warning comes on when it rains and tells me the gate is ajar and all the light sin the van come on and off.

When accelerating gas over 30mph it makes a noise and the speedometer goes out. Also when I drive over 30mph it seems like the back tire kinda vibrates and struggles making my steering wheel vibrate

i have a 2007 ford f150 with a v6
last week at about 630pm my left blinker stopped would go solid but it wouldn't blink. and when i went to turn on cruise control it wouldn't turn on. the right blinker worked fine and when we tried the 4 ways it would stay solid.

the next morning i go to my truck and everything worked fine, cruise control, left blinker was like it never happened. i was driving in cruise control and as soon as 6pm came the cruise control shut off and the left blinker didn't blink. the next day the same thing happened it would work until 6pm and then fail.

i'm just trying to get an idea on what could be the issue.


The drivers side tire had recently flew off while the car was in motion. We got 2 new rims in the front as well as 2 new tires.

Please provide your recommendations based on studies or surveys...and why?

Took kids to school, worked fine. Came home would not start. Husband jumped started it. Will not stay charged up like no charge in battery? Have been driving it with no major isssues.

Both front tires need changing. One shop adds $100 to the quote for alignment. Another doesn't. Is alignment necessary? Thank you.

I have an oil leak in the front left of my 2000 protege. I am taking it in for an oil change but have noticed this leak.