i looked under dash but dont see the fuse box and i dont have the manual anymore

The rear windows will not operate from the master control the work fine

They do work from the master control

i took calipers off and 1 1/4 nut off disc seems to be stuck?

it says there is a problem with a oxygen sensor and there is a problem with the alternator by code.

The crank sensor got replaced the day I got the car since then the car died, and it had to be jumped over the next couple days. I put a new battery a new alternator and another crank sensor and it still won't start what do I need

it makes a tictac sound when i turn it on or off before

Engine turns over but does not start I have retrieved code 11 and 37, any help would be appreciated

drain oil an change filter still no move

I had the brakes replaced little more than a year ago. Lately when you brake (more so when you put harder pressure on the brakes, not so much during light braking)you hear a rubbing noise from front of car. The brakes work fine, there is no fear of not stopping from that noise, but, what are the potential causes?

How much is it to replace timing belf + water pump+ 2CAM seal + Crank seal? The manager said he would use the original parts of Lexus.

We have brought our vehicle to 2 different dealerships. On neither occasion was the leak fixed. We wound up w a total bill> $360, essentially for freon. What recourse do I have?

i can drive my car around for a few days park it . And then without any explanation go and start it in the morning and it wont start but if i wait a a hour or so it will start right up again and run fine for a couple of days as if nothing was wrong with it But then the problem will happen again i never know when it will happen I had the battery checked and it was just fine It has never died when driving it runs very strong The mystery happens only when i shut the engine off

Almost immediately following a tire rotation and balance, vehicle received DSC FAULT, ABS FAULT, TRANSMISSION FAULT, AIR SUSPENSION FAULT, AND VEHICLE TOO LOW MESSAGES.

A few more facts I feel are important: my battery light came on appox. 5-6 wks following the installment of an isimple (audio AUX outlet) which just so happened to be the day I was on way to the auto shop for the tire service. AutoZone diagnostics code read, "Transmission Electrical". Withthat said Tranny does shift somewhat ruff and once (months ago shifted so hard it felt like we were rear-ended (The Rear-Ended Shift Has Only Happened Once).

We changed the head and cams. The motor is now running rough and the #1 spark plug is wet. we dont have the correct voltage at the cam sensor and the cooling fan dont turn off.