the car will not move forward or backward.

this is the first time with this complication

this car otherwise is in very good condition

I can't figure out which o2 sensor i need to replace. I need to know if i need to replace upstream left or right or downstream rear or left. please help me

Problem just started with the dome lamps and door locks on the car. After starting the car and putting into drive the door locks lock by themself (normal) but while driving they will unlock and at the same time the dome lamps come on, then they cycle off again then intermitantly while driving the problem persists, have turned off the dome lamps fearing a dead battery after the vehicle is parked and locked. have reciently replaced the drivers door jamb switch due to it being broken off. This problem has just started and I have no clue what to do.

Can not see how the bottom of the sideview mirror opens to replace the bulb.

of repair >

My driver's side window was working fine. I took it to the dealership to have a recall fixed. Now it does not work. The dealership says that the window motor is burned out and that the recall did not have anything to do with the motor. It is a coincidence. I have also had the actuator replaced on this same window (by the same dealership) in August 2011.

I'll now have to replace the left front turn signal bulb for the second time.... Bulb only cost $1.50 but it takes 2 hours to replace it.... Before I do this again does anyone know of a fix that will last????

There seems to be no leaks or smoke from the exhaust, but I've never owned a vehicle that used so much oil....

Should i use 4th gear for highway driving, or just stick to Drive in automatic?

I just changed the fuel pump and now the gauge says empty when I know there is a 1/2 tank . Bad pump? Bad ground ? I really don't wanna drop the tank again but if needed I will .. Please help

vehicle used.

in what order do the tumblers go? I have nine of them out of my old ignition lock cylinder and using my old key

Initially while parked, was not shifting any gear seem like stuck in park. After 3-4 turn off and on it got running ( shifting gears ) but does not go in parking gear.

Had the transmission rebuilt and Jeep was running well. Filled up at gas station one day and up to that point no issues. Started Jeep and it would not stay running. When I tried to give it gas on and off in the neutral and/or park it was very rough and would die. Limped home approx 24 miles, restarting and coasting.Had it checked for the catalytic converter which was fine. Now, I am told that there is no compression in #2, the head gasket needs replaced and valve machined down. I want to know what caused this and what is a reasonable repair cost. Thank you,

engine restarts most times after cycling the key. some times i have to wait 30 sec or more but it always restarts. some times it will buck driving down the road at highway speeds but then picks back up on its own. van has 218,000 miles. engine also has had a coughing and stumble for a while but this is a new issue.