i but new battery i took the starter to auto zone for test the said its good

how much would this cost to fix and is it hard to fix

repair problem . stops leaking when car is turned off

My van stops running when it is hot outside and it seems like it is vapor-locked. After the sun goes down it runs again. It seems like the fuel just shuts off and it is stranding me after I have driven for only a very short time in the afternoon. In the mornings it seems fine but by 11 am it will shut off and not start for hours. I have replaced the fuel pump, the plugs, the gas cap, added cleaners, had various certified mechanics "fix" it only to spend hundreds of dollars and be stranded again.

to be replaced or just the above diodes, and what are the dangers in driving with that problem.


the car was overheated i changed water pump, thermostat and radiator cap but it still overheats mechanic is charging me $900 to rebuild engine head gasket and his labor

I turned car on. traction light appeared. that is sopose to mean its disabled. But it isnt. It is constantly trying to run. I tried shutting off manually.removing fuses etc. Also disconnected battery.Light disapeared after battery disconnect. But returned.Now the front steering tries to cease when i turn left or right. and makes a grinding and then a clunk noise. While driving forward a humming noise. all this started when testing fuses.Any clue what i might have done?

gets louder as it goes faster sounds like the wheel may be wobbling

My car starts but dies immediately once I release the ignition switch

Every time I turn the Ignition swich it blows the fuse. Replaced the starter and it worked for a couple of weeks, now back to same problem. I have tried putting in a bigger fuse.

have to warm car up for 20 mins before it kicks in drive beside that the car runs like a race car

Emanates from around suspension sway bars at 4 wheel quarters. Very minute but to trained driver can hear dry creaks and moans of links. More pronounced at slower speeds.

I had a oil change at Jiffy Lube and later that day my coolant light came on and said level is low I dont see any apparents leaks how do I get light to go out

I was recently told that I needed a new gas cap; all I got in explanation was that it had something to do with the pressure in my gas tank. I had taken the car (2001 Honda CRV) in for the required annual inspection sticker. What are the consequences if I don't get a new gas cap?

A couple days ago my car over heated after idling for about 15 minutes. I've never had problems with this car what-so-ever until now. The fan doesn't turn on at all. I don't know if it's the relay, the temp. gauge, or the fan itself, so I'm wondering how I can install a switch in my dash to turn the fan on directly? What parts do I get, where do I get them from, how should I install and has any one else had this problem or put a switch in before? Thanks.