Now there is a high pitched hum when it hits 55 - 60 mph. It only lasts a second or two, but it accures about ever minute or so. When you turn off the air, it goes away. Any ideas? The car is great otherwise. One owner who took great care of it. This is my first Miata, but it's always been my "dream car". It 's a convertable if that helps.

is it short on coil side of fuse? runs fine if unpluged altenator. then blows when alternator is pluged back in. the two little wires out of back of alternator.

brakes are good. the sound is just a pain! sounds like something needs WD 40 but where.

Should I replace the struts at the same time?

The door will not open but the window will come down

would it be easy to change and what it looks like

does my car need coolant, or could a fan or temperature gauge be causing this?

Dealer said PVC clogged

How can I install the tensioner spring back in place?

Looking for a hitch for a 1991 Vandura Van 2500 GMC. Does anyone know if this was a truck chassis? if so which one? The trailer people say they can't find it listed as a van.

4 door 1994 lexus gs300. speedometer does not work

You can open it manually from the inside

My car will start several times in a row on the first time then all of the sudden I turn the key and I hear nothing but the fuel pump. I took it to the mechanic and he replaced my battery and ignition module to no avail. The problem is statring to occur daily. Could this have something to do with my key or perhaps the starter is beginning to fail?

i drive a 5 speed wolfsburg and i just put a new clutch on and my gears are slipping a little when i shift quick so i want to change my tranny oil to see if itll stop

coil pack,spark plugs,TPS all new.At times misses at high speeds but dosen't stall.