The problems is the O/D light blinking fast then a signal sounds and "Check Transmission" message appears. Does this mean the worst? or is there a (hopefully) sensor or selonoid problem? Any help would be appreciated.

1 side blows cold while other side has warm to hot air why

My wonderful little car (I am the original owner) has 103K miles on its original clutch. Two months ago after starting the car and attempting to shift to 1st the clutch would not engage (no unusual noise). It was like I was still in neutral. Same thing happened when I shifted to 2nd. I pulled over, turned off the engine and then tried again without any problem. I forgot all about this and have had no problems since until yesterday when my mechanic (whom I do trust - usually) told me that he thought the clutch was grabbing too high and after 103K miles it is probably getting ready to fail. What do you think?

it seemed not to want to shift but when I got to certain speed it would shift and run well. but then a few days later the check engine light came on. I have people telling me that it could be something else. would appreciate info and who is good on working on these cars. thanks for your help

Ignition Lock Electrical Assembly »
Car will not start they say, steering wheel lock assembly. can I repair myself or is this a dealership repair only. What's the cost for parts.

maintained and tuned-up.

i replaced the ignition switch, swapped batterys, tested the starter, and checked all fuses. nothing happens. when i go to "start" the car... nothing. all you hear is the fuel injectors. no sound from the starter at all. all dash lights come on as they are soposed to, head lights are bright and tail/brake lights work. im lost and in need of some help. ill try anything

when i changed the spark plugs we get a gas odor through our air vents

The instrument cluster is not displaying anything other than the digital clock. The radio is also not working

The vehicle moves properly and also the radio is not working. The air conditioner is okay and working perfectly

I have changed fuel pump and fuel filter a couple months back and it ran fine, then one day it started missing real bad , so I changed the plugs and plug wires, I also bought a air filter , and put fuel injector cleaner on it , and now it wont accelarate when im driving it, it hits a certain speed and either stays there or goes, and when you try going up a hill it barely goes, please let me know what you think it might be.

also checked the fuse and no problem there. Occasionally happened before, but after few trials was able to latch, now having to tie shut

Mt mechanic recommends it... just wondering

left-hand side guide roller (motor seized) controls work except for the fwd/back controls. seat is now stuck all the way back.. can"t move it closer to the steering wheel, or the break and accelerator.

driver side vent heat is normal, other vents cold air comes from them.