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they have these heat spikes holding the covers on.
any easy way to separate them?

air condition compressor is lock i want to know can you bypass the compressor?

can i take it apart and clean it

problems on how to locate and clean

I am trying to replace

After driving for 20 miles the engine stall. When I check for spark on the spark plug there is non. But the spark comes back after 10 to 20 minutes. What could me the problem?

I was driving down a city street, going about 35 mph, when I approached a stop light the engine started idling really roughly. When I accelerated from the stop light my engine temp rose very quickly until it was overheating. I also noticed when I accelerated white smoke was coming out of my exhaust. There wasn't white smoke until after the engine started idling roughly.

I know it has something to do with the interlock,but I dont inderstand it.I have chack lights,fuses,wires ,bolts.50% of the time I have to go to neutral,to start it,then drive.HELP!!!!!

sounds like a ball bearing rolling around loud to start then quiets down but still aduible

drove less than a block when overheating was detected, let it sit for about 30 minutes & it started right up, the engine sputtered and quit, within 10 seconds the battery was completely dead, will not start now even aided by a jump

when I hit a bump the tail light come on and then they go out.

my wife has had to wait for about 5 minutes before restarting the car. 1st attempt nothing. 2nd attempt it turns right over. could this be starter or solenoid issue?

only have sound from passenger side rear speakers, is this a common issue with stereo in these trucks or did all speakers just blow out?

also lamp out light goes off and on while driving, yet no lights except for hvac control panel and radio lig

i unhooked the battery to put in a new cd player and now my car wont start because the alarm system is active and i dont have the remote to disable it

i checked relays and fuses all seem good. The problem occured after i hit a deer