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was running,stop getting fuel,was surging up and down,replace with new fuel pump,plugs,wires,dist cap map sensor,fuel pump relay,oil pressure switch,

I've looked but couldnt find anything about reverse lights

I know the fan work I can put power to it and it will run I think it is the fuse

how do i check and how do o replace them

replaced both timing belts, one was shot, the fuel pump, the water pump. the crankshaft sensor and it still will not start. Any ideas? Are there codes that need to be reset?

i pump the gas and then it turns on

Tearing this down to replace head gaskets and maybe heads to. Customer got it real hot. Made me a tool to lock the dohc together to lock engine. And cannot get balancer bolt broke loose. Even tried turning wrong way. Just incase it was backward tread. Anybody had this problem? Plus how easy do them heads crack when got real hot.And what size of wrench is head bolts. Looks allen head to me.

If that does not cause the warning to appear what could be the problem

i need to find a good web site for repair

systems leaks i want top

Gear position sensor

about a monthly ago the van soon i make stop either by the light or stop sign the van will die on me two days ago it will engine start but it doesnt go any place it go forward or reverse

I hear noises from my car like its "creaking" like an old door.

I misplaced my keys to my vehicle and I need to fix the spark plugs so i was wondering how I can still pop the hood to put new spark plugs in?

Hazard lights won't work.