Engine turns off when driving at 70 mph. Came off gas pedal and stepped back on when engine didn't respond and turned off. Happened twice approximately 2 months apart. No indicator lights turned on. No indication of any malfunction prior to the actual happening.

Car immediately restarts after pulling to the side of the road and turning ignition key to on.

i left my lights on a couple days ago when i jumped the battery the car started fine but would die when i disconnected the cables so i had the battery and the altenator checked and ended up haveing to replace the battery but the altenator is good and the battery light is still on and the car dies after the battery loses charge

My jeep is actually a 1987,I removed all the oil pan bolts but i cant get the pan free ,i tried to pry on one corner but it wont budge does anyone have an idea, it must have permatex on it.

the air conditioner clutch fuse is shooting fuses even if the air isn't on

some battery cells are dry

Ford escort over accelerated when turned on

It happens rain or shine. I've tried to carefully clean the drain but the floor still gets wet. Is there a good way to clean the AC drain?

wont roll down at times have had work done had van 3 months in shop problem not solved come to comclusion no help for this shop put a switch to turn battery off said my CD player draining from battery and locks rubbish.I have met a person same car and same problem with windows

Need to recharge AC system

I'm careful about changing the oil and want to be sure the old guidelines no longer apply???

Also, I can't figure out from the instructions in the book how to turn off the lights above the windshield. The book shows 3 switches and only explains about 2?????

Old fob doesn't lock anymore.everything else works. dealer used techII and it said can't communicate when trying to program. new fob.

When I start my Camry after having it sit a few hours to overnite, a lot of white/blue smoke comes out of the exhaust. No other problems at this time...Car has 65000 miles...Wondering if there are any known recalls for this problem.

While driving my car from a low mph to a high mph a vibration sound comes from the back end of the car, when I take a right turn the vibration is louder and when I take a left turn the vibration goes away. After driving I put my hand one the actual back wheel of the my civic to see if its a bearing issue to see if one is hotter than the other, both of wheels are pretty cool and don't seem different.

the key is not a regular key its like the mercedes benz key. what could it be. it may start sometimes sometimes it want

Car is running perfectly, sits 6 weeks and go to start it, nothing, no warning lights etc., has power. I took key out a couple times and re tried then it starts right up. Has been doing that infrequestly. Sometimes it starts 5 times in a row then wont start unless I take the key out and retry. Took to dealer shows no codes still did it to me took it back and now they say it shows error code 9030 E35 and has to replace ingition $ 1100 and the car has only 70,000 miles. Anyone else suffering the same issue. Also they said my main battery was showing low but no codes or warranings on my dash. They said it has nothing to do with keys or ignition. They wanted $ 350 for the 12 volt accessory plug in which quit working.