it is known as the drl system (daytime running lights)

ran out of gas and the car cut off. after adding more gas it wont start back up


Another dught I have is if it is going to start without the flashing, or should I replace it outside the dealer incase it does not start?

My work schedule makes it difficult to get my vehicle in for service; Is there other options available for me to use to get my vehicle to the shop for the service and repairs.
Also is there a emergency service or tow service I can use if my vehicle, incase of a breakdown on off hours?

I currently live in the Willow Glen area and work in santa clara.

besst regards
Kenny Leggett

i got it charged ( i think) but still does the same thing....being a single working mom with 1 year old daughter in texas i cant go without ac!!!!! i was told it was the compresser 800.00 that i dont have...just wanted to know if anyone has a better answer than 800.00 repair??

I recently filled up at a gas station that I go to could there it be dirty gas ( to much water or need a fuel injection cleaning)? please answer asap thanks...................

i allso replaced the purge selinoid the car will not start

error code P1384
how do I locate and replace knock sensor

Any idea how to solve the problem??? Already replaced pcv valve.Bought new gas tank cap. Any idea this will fix the problem ?

Once restarted runs like nothing ever wrong, but will stalls sometime later again. Changed crank sensor , checked fuel pressure on gauge, no problems. Checked massive air flow.sensor, no issues. Diagnostic checked reads No problem,

210 degrees seems high since 300 is as high as it goes..

when i turn the key to the on position with the clutch in gear as i press in the clutch my truck starts which i thought was no big deal but as i change gears the starts sound like it is grinding like when the vehicle is started and you try to start it but when the truck isnt in gear i can start it normally just curious as to why this is happening

Now there is a high pitched hum when it hits 55 - 60 mph. It only lasts a second or two, but it accures about ever minute or so. When you turn off the air, it goes away. Any ideas? The car is great otherwise. One owner who took great care of it. This is my first Miata, but it's always been my "dream car". It 's a convertable if that helps.

is it short on coil side of fuse? runs fine if unpluged altenator. then blows when alternator is pluged back in. the two little wires out of back of alternator.