temp control,heat will not change some times

P1401 was the code error

The right side of the road stays in the dark; you can't see the edge of the road, or any items in the road. Does anyone know of a service/technical/recall bulletin?

coolant runs out right past the water pump as the car is running, with the heat on.

I wan to see the marks/ thaks

When climate control off, no noise. Thoughts? How difficault is it to replace blower motor?

It drive good some time, then it stop and don't want
to go. Engine light come-on check engine (ETC) I check the transmission connection for leak and pin. Could some help me?
thank you

with only 73000 miles roughly this problem just began to occur but the car does not throw out any white smoke from tail pipe. Could this be a waterpump?

checked fluids, only one low was trans. having codes pulled tomorrow

i rep;laced coil packs 3 of them . and plugs

all of sudden wheel got very hard to turn,than wheel keeps turning around and around ?? checked steering fluid and was ok??

no start timing is on

can hear it click in glove compartment, but it won't open

I think it is the controller for the front heater core how do I access

it normaly happens when i push the gas peddal kinda hard to gain speed it doesnt want to go over 3 rpm. ive tried fuel treatments with no luck. i really dont think its the tranny at all but i also have no idea what it is. can anybody help? does this car have a govener or something that might be wrong