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up it saids misfired fuel low presure

thought that water was in tank so added additive but still does not start

It is most obvious when I turn the car off but it also occurs at stop lights when the car is running. Seems to be coming from the under the rear area of the car. Any ideas?

The car has a really bad clinking sound. A light came on for a while but when I turned the car off the light went off and hasn't came back on. I don't recall what the light was but the clicking sound started about a week or so after that. I took it to the Toyota dealer since we have no Lexus dealer here. They first said needed brakes which worked a little while. I took it back and then they said shims which worked about 2 days. I'm afraid to take it back to them without knowing exactly what's going on.

i entered the estimator dept. and submitted my job and i get no response.

Had mine replaced in Aug 2011 and was told they need to be replaced again now

I replaced the coolant temp sensor. I am still getting a PO128 code. I tested the sensor and it tests good. The gauge reads 200. What else could be causing the code?

I have a 2000 grand caravan sport awd 116,00 miles and when I come to a stop at a light or stop sign I feel as if I'm being hit from behind by another car. I brought it to dodge and those guys said it was a brake booster, ok so I fixed that and still doing it. I spoke to a tech at a different dodge and he said its called a bump stop and it could need a transmission overhaul. Has anyone ever heard of this and if so what should I do. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks

Relaced pass lock and will not reset. The security light stays on even after 10 minutes.

Sometimes they come on, other times no. Sometimes they just go out while driving.

My Dodge 95 starts when it is Cold. But when it gets Hot, the fuse to the PCM, burns out. I narrowed it down to a Red/White wire from the fuse box to the PCM.
I cut the wire it does not blow the fuse.
I hooked it back up and the fuse blows.
Or what else could it be.
Do you think the PCM is Bad.
Or what other electrical components hook to that Red/White wire that goes directly after the fuse Box on the Red/White wire.

have replaced, fuel filter, ingine idle contol valve, engine control module, plugs,plug wires, cap and rotor. the speedomoter jumps back and forth, and the cruis control don't work right. ever so often it will run fine, then acts up again..

I just had new heads and head gasket replaced and now have oil leak. What should I check now?

controls seem to work fine for passanger side. could this be as simple as the temp door actuator for the drivers side is bad? is the instructions to fix the same as I saw for a 2003?

I have a 1993 Cutlass Ciera S. For the first time it failed to pass the emmissioms test.
The High Speed Results show:
The HC (ppm) at 171, Last Year was; 3
The CO % at 5.75, Last Year was; 0.01

The Low Speed Results show:
The HC (ppm) at 172, Last Year was; 21
The CO % at 5.91, Last Year was; 0.03
Inspector said he believes it running too rich and says he could smell fuel, is this an injector that is dumping fuel? If So how do I tell and how to repair?