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pass. side window needs to come out. help!!!!
first time turned in to park engine would not turn off then the wheels locked
my tranny seems to start out in high gear.Changed the tranny this one does the same.Shift to low gear tranny take of very strong.
should the gas cap be vented or not vented
I have a 5 speed Kia Rio that is making a pretty nasty sound as you depress the clutch pedal. A mechanic friend said the transmission could be low on fluid, on this manual transmission is there a spot for fluid? Is it...
I have an automatic transmission. My problem is while in drive the car will not shift out of first gear. I can go up to 20 to maybe 30 miles an hour then it slips to neutral. when the car slows down to about 15 mph it...
Does anyone know where I can get a diagram for the firing order.
When I have the air condition on and stop for any reason the car coughs and jumps. It feels like it eagar to go. If I turn the air off it quites.
were is the speed sensor
My 1994 bretta electric window stoped about 3/4 the way now won't go up or down
how to replace a water pump
I have an Explorer with 4.0 V6. The engine has 190,000 miles on it. The timing chain sounds healthy. Does anyone know how long this timing chain is expected to last?
how do i remove my rotors
after a rain the driver side floor carpets are soaked. The window was changed, but no water leakage present. All the drains in front of the windows are clear. The drain tubes from the sunroof is also clear. Is ther...
could someone tell me what a ubec looks like?