what repair or fix is needed and how expensive??

Recently my power locks and alarm stopped working when using the key fab. I thought it was the batteries in the key fab so I tried my backup fab. It also didn't work. Then I noticed the power locks didn't work at all unless the ignition was turned over. The same for the dome lights, when I opened the doors with the car off the dome lights would not work. But they work fine when the car is started. I double checked to make sure the lights were set to the "door position". The rear window also does not work when I insert the key and turn it - unless the car is started.

Is there a fuse that controls this that needs to be replaced, or is this a bigger issue?

Any advice would be appreciated.

when I attemp to put top down, it is very slow and I have to help it along. it has progressively gotten worse. now it wont even opperate

When the a/c is on, it has a bad smell. I have reported this twice to the dealership since purchasing my vehichle. They have shown me that my air filter is clean. They don't know what the cause is. I live in FL and I feel that a/c is a necessity but the smell is so bad, that I don't run the a/c often.

the map lights stay on all the time even when they are pressed to turn off.

Cost will be 720 (work) + 115 (part) after having a HEAD GASKET REPAIR AT 75K MILES!?

Had to replace all 6 plugs and coils along with the engine control module. Also, am being charged $100 for me to keep the old engine control module. Why

At what mileage should a tuneup be performed?

I have verified that the battery, relay,connections and starter moter and solinoid are all good. the funny thing about this is that the steering wheel will not lock now either. Could the computer think that the transmission is in gear due to a faulty transmission control? or maybe the ignition switch is faulty?How can i verify?

Could the problem be my transmission solenoids.. Because it works fine but when the engine heats up, problem manifests again.its happens at least once a week Answers please..tank u

Changed plugs & wires. Now getting check engine light. Diag said, failure to fire on cylinder 4. Am thinking it is the coil pack, but not sure how to go about changing it (not in a convenient location). Any help would be appreciated.

Hi,I have 99 Lexus GS 300 prtoblem with starter not sur where this located do I need take transmisson down thanks for the answer

Truck has a camper shell and sound comes up btwn the cab/box/camper shell. Was making the whine at 55mph from new for several years. For the last 10 months it happens at 55,60,65,70mph; but much louder. Can hear pump come on when ignition turned on; truck starts everytime; no loss of power on acceleration, 105K miles on truck. Always did it before at 55mph; now it's intermittent. What else could make this whine; rear end; drive shaft; transmission??


It is only a little bit but I've been told the cost to fix is $2200 due to having to remove the transmission. Should I worry about it or just watch carefully and make sure oil levels are high. The car is just now turning 100,000 miles...