coil pack,spark plugs,TPS all new.At times misses at high speeds but dosen't stall.

i added fresh oil but the percentage stay the same, how do i reset?

the dealer said i could get one from autozone, but i have to order it, what size for make and model

The dealer has offered a maintenance contract that covers all the required service for the 5 year at $1200. Is this a good deal or a rip off?

Cyclinder postions when putting timing belt on

Student returning to College with this vehicle. Parents want to make sure everything is working properly.

what should I do to fix this ??

when my car is in park it will fluctuaute from 2500 rpms to 1500 rpms..it sounds like youre mashing the gas when you are not. we have already replaced the massive air flow sensor and still no luck. when the car is in gear it is fine. however, i dont wont to tear it up worse and, need a quote to fix it. right before it started it idled at 1300 for aboout a week after we had topped off the transmission fluid and changed the oil if that matters.

Radiator leaking replaced fan and crank shaft since i bought it and hoses.180,000kms

just started doing this.

I hear a thumping sound on the passenger side floor board.l

All lites where working fine and now I have no front or rear blinkers as well as the dash light indicator for blinkers won't work and also no break lights?

What is the Estimated cost of replaceing crankshafts kit

I just started today. I went to pop open the trunk and the button inside the car, just in front of the gear shifter, would not open the trunk. Then I tried the gas cap open button and it also would not work.

Only makes noise sometimes. Repair shop says wheel bearing mounts need replacing and are attached to struts so struts need to be replaced for total of 900.00. Is repair shop giving me correct info and cost?