nator has been replaced 3 times. I keep getting a loud noise coming from alternator when engine is running. After each replacement the noise goes away but eventually comes back.

i get a jerk or a pause with a squeaking noise when i make a sharp turn

OKay so I have had this epc light coming on my 01 jetta 1.8t for a long time no one seems to find a solution to it i Have spent so much money on it and i need it fix. I have replaced the battery,pedal control,throttle body and clear the codes. The car when is turn on runs fine while im driving in the street the engine looses power even if i still press the gas pedal. If i turn off the car for a few seconds the car starts normal and takes off fine but after a while it will do it again. I have taken to electrician and they restore the computer and it worlk fine after two days it did it again they have kept the car for a week i borught it home used it for a while in the freeway then it started to come on what can I do< Is there wheel speed sensors that cause that or what can I do so i can fix my jetta 1.8t

and i checked the fuel pump relays an all my wires and it will only start off of starting fluid then die after

Financial situation is making it a necessity to fix things myself. I know how to check the oil and transmission fluid, but that's about the extent of it. And I taught my hubby how, so that's not really an option. The car was my grandfather's and it sat for 3-4 yrs before he died. We've put in a new battery and fuel pump in the last 3 months. The last week or so, when we would go to start the car, it took 2-3 tries before it would finally turn over. Now it's not turning over at all. It clicks, and we had Autozone check out the battery and they said it was fine. So what do I need to do next?

Engine turns off when driving at 70 mph. Came off gas pedal and stepped back on when engine didn't respond and turned off. Happened twice approximately 2 months apart. No indicator lights turned on. No indication of any malfunction prior to the actual happening.

Car immediately restarts after pulling to the side of the road and turning ignition key to on.

i left my lights on a couple days ago when i jumped the battery the car started fine but would die when i disconnected the cables so i had the battery and the altenator checked and ended up haveing to replace the battery but the altenator is good and the battery light is still on and the car dies after the battery loses charge

My jeep is actually a 1987,I removed all the oil pan bolts but i cant get the pan free ,i tried to pry on one corner but it wont budge does anyone have an idea, it must have permatex on it.

the air conditioner clutch fuse is shooting fuses even if the air isn't on

some battery cells are dry

Ford escort over accelerated when turned on

It happens rain or shine. I've tried to carefully clean the drain but the floor still gets wet. Is there a good way to clean the AC drain?

wont roll down at times have had work done had van 3 months in shop problem not solved come to comclusion no help for this shop put a switch to turn battery off said my CD player draining from battery and locks rubbish.I have met a person same car and same problem with windows

Need to recharge AC system

I'm careful about changing the oil and want to be sure the old guidelines no longer apply???

Also, I can't figure out from the instructions in the book how to turn off the lights above the windshield. The book shows 3 switches and only explains about 2?????