dash still says battery not charging, service charging system what could it be? Sometimes it kicks back on but then go back to battery not charging. that's also how it started before just completely out

how do i fitt a cylinder head

No lights or codes on comes to indicate any problems. Very frustrating!!!

This only happens in drive at an idle.All other speeds it never misses.

came to a stop and then when i try to pull off my car cut off what could be going on

It just happened today and it will not come back forward even when the lever is pushed.

I does not stand up away from the windshield it pulls away about 6-8 inches but will not stay up.

how do i remove starter

I own a 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee, less than 90k miles on it. New battery replaced as well as starter and spark plugs from the following year. The vehicle will not stay on/or run unless I have my foot on the accelerator. Tried using a fuel injector cleaner and ran the vehicle for 15 minutes but no luck. As soon as I removed my foot, the engine shut off. No check engine light present. Thinking its the IAC? Thanks for any help.

the sound seems to be coming from under my feet in the drivers seat. It is a constant humm/whine, with no change if idling or accelerating.

replaced parts and still the same no power and rough idle

When you start the car the air bag light blinks and then it stays on

#1 and #2 cynlinders are dead and will not fire from lack of compression or fuel

when you mash brake padel air comes back through mastercylinder has new master cylinder

i was wondering if you could give me a name of a good mechanic?