when you turn it on it just blows cold air

Can this be fix by a drop of soldier in the one pin hold and if this is right.. I need a electrical Diagram on the instrument panel.. Thank you

When turning hardly (for instance, when parking or in slow motion running) the front tires seem to jump out of their trail ... seem to pop-up. This happens since I bought the car. 1st explanation given was due to the fact of permanent 4wheel traction

I haven't driven the truck often. When I parked it, it was fine but water in tank light was on. The filters were changed. The tanks were cleaned out and fuel pumps changed. Batteries (2) are new. Could it be the fuel line or what could be wrong?

My truck is leaking water and I've been told that it's from the smaller pump?

This worked just fine day before now wont do nothing but turn what is wrong?

Any sugestions?

i have changed c clap on transmission side and just keeeps coming out.

The car has started being unwilling to smoothly shift upwards.

when shifted out of second gear runs fine then u let off the gas and it gets back to second gear its starts cuting out and back fires

my diagnostic codes are po304 and po316.

I've gone to multiple salvage yards & the electrical connector is different on the ones they have. Mine is a Town & Country Limited, it also has the trunk/liftgate release on the key fob. Thank you for your time & attention.

will blow when warm put side, and the temp guage won't work if selector is on heat or defrost? stumped !!!

Heater and AC no longer work - was sporadic but able to fix sometimes (not always) by twisting knob for temperature and getting it in the "right" place. Then left it exactly there and only used on/off. But now nothing works except the fan does blow current temperature air.

disconnected the battery to work on my air blend door motor,reconnected battery and car will start but won't stay on for more than 3 seconds.restarted will crank,turn over and rough idle and cuts off.what could be wrong and what is the solution.pls help.thanks