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Hi, I have multiple EGR codes including insufficient flow, fuel is too lean, one or the catalytic convertor and one other. I've had the EGR Valve, Valve Sensor, Vacuum Control Switch, and EGR Solenoid Replaced but th...
engine will not turn over on first try, always starts on the second try if car has not run for several housrs. If only a short time lapses, motor will start on first try.
When I was driving home on the highway at about 60MPH I had to accelerate to get past a slow driver..I then heard a quick popping sound and continued on.I have not hear that sound from this car before. Now on idle or ...
I changed the o2 sensors but i don't know how to reset the light
i was driving my car and came to the stop sign and the car died on me i thought that i was gas but it had gas and i still but 3 gallons into the car. I checked the spark plug that was not it neither was the fuel pump...
Procedure for changing the front wheel bearings.
I have fuel spurting out when the engine is running. The pump was replaced last year as well as the fuel lines. Could be coming from the fuel filter separator? I have recently moved and the roads to the house are pret...
ok i had a bad pulse when turning left or right and the rack was making a thunking noise so i changed the rack its a little better and noise is gone but i need the pulse gone any ideas
How do you replace the cabin filter?
neither the drivers or passenger side seat heaters will work anymore.
The local dealership wants to charge me close to $300 for both a brake fluid change and changing the Transmission Fluid. I ascertained that the correct fluid type to use is ATF 4 (synthetic), but the mechanic was not...
The heater hoses have never been replaced, how much will it cost to replace them both?
valve tap when engine is warm
The rear air speed control knob of the AC fell off today while trying to increase the air flow!! I tried putting it back but it i couldnt. does that mean it was broken or can it be fixed (just put back)??
my truck lock and door locks dong work, do u think its a actuator that needs replacement?