Car has less than 9000 miles and am getting a P0455 obd code. Seems to me that there is a serious defect somewhere since I would not expect the engine check light to appear on such a new car. No noticeable negative impact to performance and I don't smell any gas fumes in or around the car. Any advice would be appreciated. Hopefully this is covered by the warranty. Thanks

The car seems to drive fine on an open rode it's just when I come to a stop the car dies,only if the heat is on it starts back up but the heat has to be off.If I don't run the heat and come to a stop it's fine.My check engine light is on also

A family friend said it sounds like a valve. Im not sure what that means or how much it is going to cost. 2 years ago, I had the turbo replaced at a cost of $3200 at the dealership.

I replaced the thermostat, and still nothing, coolant is topped off, someone said something about a valve on on the firewall that might be stuck open. At this point my mind is boggled. any help would be much appreciated.

i have done replaced the thermostat an flushed the lines does anyone know what the problem could be?

My Mazda 3 sounds like my bicycle when I was little and would turn it upside down, clothespin a playing card to the frame and stuck in the spokes so I could turn the crank and sell ice cream. :) Timing affected? Thanks!

It is all crushed in and would need new lights and the bumper has fallen off.

I replaced my GE Lighting Rear Light Bulb and the light still will not turn on. It's possible it can be the fuse but the other side light is on which leads me to believe it's not the fuse.

fuel pump not starting up

Have code Po411,3.5 07 impala,incorrect air flow,where is pump located,and also the pump solenoid location,also fuse locations for the above mentioned items.

when I pull the parking brake release, the pedal comes up a few inches but sticks and wont disengage until i pull it up with my foot.

still wobbles even after getting all new tires. really wobbles from side to side as I slowly pick up speed. Wobble resembles having one flat front tire. please advise.

Door wil not open from inside.

yesterday I tighten the pit cock a little..only about 16 ounces of water/antifreeze leaks at a time..there is no water or antifreeze splashed on the motor..the only sign of liquid is along the frame of the front of the car where the pit cock signs of over heating lately..last summer it did get warm once and I added water and the problem was solved..when it started to get cold I drained some water from pitcock and added antifreeze..I am wondering if I might have a damaged pitcock or I may need to change thermostat, even though it has not got warm..I can't find any hose leaks either..Any suggestions would be helpful

will a gasket under a fuel rail on a 95 ford explorer cause a vacum leak