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Most of the lighting circut not working only lights working is he day time lights, High beams are not working either.

In cold weather or when the car hasn't been started in a few days, on starting, I hear a metallic grinding in the engine. Today when it happened I smelled a burning or hot smell coming through the vents. The car runs great otherwise. The dealer hasn't been able to locate the problem, but the car is usually warm when they see it.
Thanks for any help

What am I missing? Is there a adjusting bolt, do I have to take it off, or WHAT?? I need to replace the belt. it broke and my wife wants to drive my truck, Please Help

System will work fine for weeks, then it will activate 1 to 3 times per day.

Engine often backfires when at stop position and you start up even when gas pedal gently depressed. No other known engine or trans problem and all tires new same brand constant air pressure chexks. No excessive oil use in engine and mostly 17 & 18 miles per gallon city driving. Has new fuel tank fuel pump less than 5,000 miles ago.

What is normal cause of backfire?

wind noise is stong over 40 mph like the door or window is not adjusted properly. Noise go when you remove the right mirror. We road tested 3 other Santa Fe and same problem.The dealer and Hyundai know and had many complains about this problem.
Hyundai have no solution for now.

so the deal is my thermostat stuck causing the truck to overheat so i replaced it. after replacing the thermostat the truck would overheat when at idol or speeds under 40mph and the heater would go cold. i took the truck to the dodge dealer and they pressure tested for leaks and found none and burped the system. a couple of weeks later the truck started the same issues again (overheating at low rpms) the other day i got in my truck for a short trip and the truck ran just fine, i even let it idol for a while and no overheat and not cold air. so what is causing it to intermittently overheat?

just put used trans in

A shop checked tires&sensors. light stayed on They also reprogrammed the computer

What signs would indicate that my water pump is malfunctioning?

ac/heat only work on max

Just bought used fx, bottom of driver seat dont work, but can hear motor grinding, dealership quoted crazy price

My gearshift is freezing and can't change gears when its cold outside, until the car warms up and thaws out. How can I grease the gearbox and shifter cables to keep it from doing that. Before I have to replace another shifter cable.

On my 1997 caddilac sts, the trunk won't close all the way. Tis is third time and has run battery down. How can I make to close manually?

Manual shows it on top by the throttle body on similar models, it is not there on my model car.