The transmission was replaced a short time ago and has 10000 miles on it. It suddenly stopped working in drive and O-drive from a standing start. It works fine in low gears at the start, then I can shift to drive or O-drive and it works fine at 35-40 mph.

Whether its idling or driving it will start chugging and then stall. I checked the fuel pressure while the car was chugging and finally stalled and the pressure stayed up the entire time. Now I'm leaning towards MAF or CKP sensor. Can I bypass the MAF sensor to determine if that is my problem or not?


My break, and Abs light came on and the eng. shut down. The control center read "system brake service". I would like to repair this problem. Also my speed indecator does not work.

i hear a sucking sound for 30 sec or more when its cold it stops then i can drive off. when i stop at a light the RPMs raise up like im about to take off. sometimes it ideal down.

on/off plunger is fully in, off timer is fully to the left

im thinking bad sender /pump any other ideas? as ive told her not to buy cheap gas and keep tank nearly full...

car starts right back up so..?

Today, I bought a new oil filter but I don't know how to install it.

kept finding oil on the ground and put in shop at dealer ship this occured after having timing belt replaced

Notice of "check Gas cap" came up dashboard Tuesday. Gas cap was tight. Repair shop Cleared code - light went out. On Wednesday check Eng light came on. Replaced Gas cap. Repair shop Cleared code again- light went out. On the way home light came back on again. Diagnostic meter says "Emission Sensor Valve" Both times -->i believe was the Code name when they told me to tighten and/or change the Gas Cap which neither worked. Any suggestions?? What & where is the Emission Sensor Valve??

Tire pressure light came on & put recommeded air in the tires, now the tire pressure light reamins on, & won't go off. How do I get it to turn off?

had rear bearings checked... fine..brakes fine.. has made for quite a while....back tires kinda hop when it makes the noise...dont hear while driving...just starting to drive..grinding,,crunching sound

after disconnecting battery and reconnecting coil; i wen tot try and turn the truck on but it seems as if their is a lot of slop from the key igition assembly. Could the linkage be broken? Dashboard lights remain on and when i turn the key to attempt to turn it on; i get nothing

I had a new compressor two years ago, 102,000 miles then. I have 133,000 miles now. I can't see any leak under the hood but it smells thru the inside vents bad. Is there a common place for these cars to leak from? Odor goes away when ac off and vent off

Red light is on.