there must be some kind of flapper to open tolet air blow on me. none now

There are 212,000 miles on this transmission. Is there anything special I should do to keep it going as well as the first 212,000 miles?

Leaking noticed after a year when Jeep was parked outside during overnight rain. Jeep had always been garaged until then so fault not noticed. Dealer has had an attempt with additional rubber and foam. Not successful. Second attempt being arranged. Warranty has 21 months to run. What if leaks still happening then? I've dried carpet each time leaks occur. No permanent damage yet but not using vehicle to travel in rain as no way to dry when away from home. Quite disappointed that this new vehicle has such an unacceptable flaw. Should dealer take vehicle back if problem not fixed as it does not serve purpose it was sold for.

The car was running them stop parked get out went return no instrument ligths or check engine,car won`t start.went turn the ignition key the cooling fan tunr on,no instrument ligths

The engine run fine at times and then starts missing. Is not a repeatable issue that can be repeated by meeting certain criteria. Check engine light comes on and code says misfire #1 cylinder. I hae changed the plug and plug wire. Could this be distributor cap?

engine code P0442

yonkers ny 10704

What might cause the a/c fuse to need replacement twice in a few days?

brake. called dealer they run error code through on star. no code or failure. TC and brake lightstay on
ran test with my diagnostic tool showed tc sensor bad.
Can find no books on how to replace,any insight.

How much should it cost for a new water pump & replace Timing & Drive Belts

Has this vehicle been recalled for a Tie Rodd Ball Stud?

Thank you for your assistance.

It is not my breaks because when I apply my brakes(usually) the sound stops. It is very loud and I am going to be taking it in soon but it would help if I had at least an idea of what it could be. The sounds seems to be coming from the middle/back of my car. Thanks for any help

The dealer replaced them at 50,000 miles (not under warranty) and I'm now told at 63,000 miles and 18 months later, they are close to needing replacement again? Have never noticed the clunk others describe and I'm skeptical.

On my dash when i first cranik up the car everything is fine then the words service ride cintrol comes on. The air bags work perfect;y fine so i dont know what it could be.

I failed the inspection for my nox (ppm) on my High Speed Emissions test. The standard is 1240 and my result was 1267.