My coolant was low and added some after light came on, however the person who checked it took the service engine off for me.
Do I need a new coolant thermostat. How long can I wait before replacing? Is it necessary?

the rubber gasket at the breaks was leaking. fixed that but now there is almost no pressure in the line and there is an air hissing noise comming from the pedal. bled break line and got better but not by much. don't know what to check next.

I am having a low pressure lite come on when stopped at a stop sign.

when the car has been parked for 20 min or longer.once i start it it smells like fuel for a short time then goes away.even worse when using front defrost

where do we find the ECT sensor the check engine light goes off and on. Changed the themorsate last week. Trouble shooting P0117

and sometimes it even acts like its going to quit if im at a stop light

My alternator was getting weak, but before i could change it, i went to go to work, and after starting and turning on head lights i saw alternator gage fall. put it back in garage and changed alternator and battery and now refuses to charge. checked all connections and seems to fine. HAD NEW ALTERNATOR TESTED BEFOR INSTALL, DUE TO THE FUN JOB OF WORKING ON A VAN. could it be something from the small wire clip and where do these wires run to and what for. THANKS FOR ANYONES HELP, Sinserly Rich

If you get above 45 it will finally shift. If you keep it at the shift point of 45 mph it will shift in and out of gear. Would it be the turns output sensor? And if it is where is it located? Thanks.

Just recently I've noticed oil psi drp aft driving 40mi.Turning the engine off & restart brings pressure back up but will drp aft 10mi. Engine runs smooth @ idle and when given gas. No warning lights come on.

how do i plug back in

After a oil change I was told that the toyota need a right axe seal repair estimate 450.00 we already put a new cluch including a flyweel 2 month ago is it a fair estimate?

We had the timing belt break in our truck engine. When installing the new belt, what timing marks or pointers should you use to set the timing on the cam shaft correctly? Our Mazda Dealer won't give us the information.

The fan belts keep coming off and wrapping around a pulley,and or popping off. The pulleys all seem to be operating right and none are out of line. What would cause this to happen?

Car was fine and with no warning this happened. Got code for cat converter took it to muffler shop told this is not the problem. I can't drive it at all? HELP!

It only happens when I have the wheel turned while in reverse. Backing up straight it doesn't stall. Had it checked they couldn't find anything and they said there were no codes in memory. Had new plugs and wires, and new IAC valve installed. What is causingthis?