I can see compressor running but scanner shows engine temp and when car gets 160 degrees air gets cold this is every time to start out in morning. Any ideas anyone

i have a check engine light on and i had it checkout and the code was p0107 what should i do next

3 of them are anyhow, the 4th plug came out no problem..The plugs were installed a couple yrs. ago...The car did have a head gasket blow & fixed recently.....

Distributor seized up while stopped at a red light. Discovered boken left cam drive gear teeth. Could mor damage be possible to engine? Is it worth getting fixed?

what does code u1152 mean

no heat on passenger side of car

it started as the car saying the door was open when it wasnt now the lights constantly stay on

car is rarely used. 83 year old mothers car.

The collision and the dealer said it was the air sensors that are failing. I only have 50miles on the car and now an additional repair bill of $1000. Could the accident have caused the sensors to fail. I was it in the rear this time with rear fender replacement and some other damage and then I was hit in the front the last time... what junk if this is what happens at 50k miles..

tranny pan holds 4 quarts not all fluid would be change would this harm tranny it has 148000. there is no dipstick the only way to add fluid is by the pan

I have an oil leak in the middle front part of my truck. It is definitely oil. No milky look/cast so not mixing with coolant. Got oil changed and tech said it looked good. So could be my seal in the oil pan or my valve covers?? Any help would be great

The truck doesn't stall out, it just won't accelerate. Been to a couple of shops including a dealership and can't seem to diagnose. It has been getting worse with time.

Water is pouring out on passenger side floor.

i try to doid by my self i have mecanic work time in diferent cars but never i work in this kind of car i need is is possible the squematic of the emegency sistem in this kind of car and problem maybe is possible i dond know you tell me

The rear door automatic open/close function stopped working with all sources... the button on key fob, the handle and the button on dash. Door must be opened and closed manually. What happened? What is the likley required repair and cost?