I stored my slk over the winter and when I went to take it out noticed dried what looks like transmission fluid on the floor. When I turned on the car it showed a flashing coded with a wrench symbol of 67 or 61. can I drive my car to the repair shop or should I have it towed.? NAy is help is appreciated . Thanks

sometimes a little boggy

When you put the vehicle in reverse, the mirrors should tilt down, but they don't. Then when you put the vehicle drive, the power door locks should lock when the vehicle gets to about 10 mph. But they don't. Know any reason why they don't work. They both started not working at the same time.

Blower fan does not work on any number you turn the knob to.

All engine seals have been replaced, including cam. Tech tells me I have to buy a new head. I want to find a less expensive way to fix it. They tried putting JB Weld on the outside, front of the head, but it didn't stop the leak.

There is no stalling. The car just stalled when the check engine light came on but it runs good right now.

but didnt improve what next?

we have had the trasfer case replaced at least 3 times and i think there is a bigger problem then it just slipping a gear because when we toke it apart the first time it was blown apart on the onside it happens when exiting the highway but not in the city and when you get above 55 and you let it coast for a little bit

Engine light recently came on - off, and back on. Had codes pulled out at my local service station and this is what they got: 17734 - knock control cylinder 2 - control limit reached, 17735 knock control cylinder 3 - control limit reached, and 17550 - load detection lower limit not reached. Planning taking it to the shop, but would like to know what to expect. thanks for your input.

i change it?

Why does my Interior light stay on when the Cars off and the doors are locked?

I assume mechanic is talking about tranny and the radiator. not sure what else.

my 99 nissian pathfinder jus died while driving. cranks but wont turn over. checked the fuel pump and was pumping. pulled thrittle body off an sprayed starter fluid sitll wont turn over . pulled spark plug wire to check for spark ,no spark. took distributor cap off to check if rotor spins it does.checked all fuses all good.checkd power going to distributor got power checked crancked sensor for spark none does this mean my distributor is no goog since the ignition coil is built in the distributor.... please help never had any problems with mypathfinder till now this is the first time breakdown dont have money to buy parts an it not be the problem

i replaced blower motor and blower motor resister and still no power all fuses are good

I have used a slide hammer,pry bars and tried to hammer the axle out and can not get the left side axle out. I think the c clip is bent. I think I will have to cut the axle and split the case. Dont know what else to do. If I have to split the case any tips.