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twice i had my car repair oil pan leak from oil pan sealant
at first my truck would roll when you put it in park so I would always use the emergency brake to park and now today I was trying to reverse up my driveway into the garage and the truck couldn't make it Is this a tran...
Would the Transmission from a 1999 Kia Sephia fit into my 2001 Kia Sephia
Owner complaint of shifting problems after driving thru high water. Retrived P0740 trouble code found lack of trans service, low fliud, and distinct humming sound when idling in N. What to do 1st, $ is issue.
How much should a clutch replacement cost? The clutch went out on the road, and the local Illinois dealer estimates $2077 to replace.
I have no low beams,no current to low beam fuse's and no wipers but have washer? doe's somebody have a answer? PLEASE i COULD USE A ANSWER SOON
We experienced the infamous timing belt catastrophe on our Aveo about a year and a half ago. The valves were bent so we had the head re-done at a machine shop. My father in law finally got around to replacing the head...
Front right goes on and off at double the normal speed. No light in rear light.
I bought a used and refurblished 2005 honda element last year but the injector light has been on since then. Notice the car comsumes more fuel than expected lately.What could be the problem?. The injector appears alri...
i have a constant growl coming from the rear end changed fluid clean no metal,u joints new and carrier bearing new.sounds loud by thr flang wear the drive shaft bolts to the rear. any ideas thanks
replaced valve cover gasket and it still leaks. is there an oil seal and how do you replace it?
when i turn a corner in 2 wheel drive something is binding up like it s still in 4 hi. I took the actuator out and checked it , it goes in and out when i select 2 hi to 4 hi and back
i am have a problem with the heat some times it does not turn on and you have to wiggle the nob or shut off the vuv (van utility vehicle)and turn it back on?