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changed motor,switch,module and nothing seemed to correct the problem. The wipers use to work properly but just started doing that several months ago. I don't know where to go from here. Anything that you can help me with that I haven't done would be greatly appreciated.

they now believe it's the distributor. everything else checks out. trouble began a week ago tues. up til then everything was great.

I just replaced my battery with a brand new one in November 2012 and today my car would not crank. It wont even click over, it just seems completely dead. We tried to jump it off but only the lights come on and it won't crank, we've even let it charge from another car for about 20min and it still won't start. Could it be the Alternator or Starter? My friend told me it might even be the battery cables. And if it's one of those do you know an estimated repair price? I'm an 18 year old girl and I know nothing about cars, so any help is appreciated! Thanks.

this is the first time this has happen Im currently in process of servicing engine for everday use. all lights are on and bright in dash battery is new and it was starting fine since last night.

Truck was running fine then one day it wouldnt start. I keep trying it for 2 weeks and it finally started and ran fine for 2 days. Now it turns over but wont start

up on dash when dropped off. When I picked up the car the ABS, check engine light and wrench were all lit up. Mechanic says the computer doesn't like the wheelbarring he put on car so he is going to replace ABS Sensor and all lights should go out. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

when you push the button to turn it on, it does come on. you can turn it on low and high. It stays on too like it should be working. It doesnt flicker on or off or switch from high to low by itself but the heat itself does not come on.

There are two cables attached to the brakes and I don't know if they are brake lines or emergency cables. In any event they are attached to and run under a metal bar and are exposed and could catch on something and be torn off. Should they be OVER the bar and protected from being damaged.

The cruise control will not set or resume. While driving at any speed, i can push the cruise on/off switch and see the light come on indicating it is active, however, when i push the set button it will not engage. Need to know where to start looking to fix it and if possible, a schematic would be great!

The dealer says its natural all chrylers do it. It is so bad people think my engins on fire

the dealer cant figure it out

Check the fuel line for pressure none can't find the relay to see if its bad was told it could be the immobiliser after I jump 12v to the fuel pump and it worked So I asked how to I fix or reset the immobiliser?

While driving service engine soon light stays on shows code po740

72000 miles and have already put 2 new sets of tires on the we started just rotating the 2 rear because it just wears the inside of the tires...when they wear out we move the front tires to the back and put new ones on the front...we get about 15000 to 20000 out of the rear tires...thanks

after my battery change my car will start but wont hold an idle n shuts off