I have Toyota Camry 2000. In the morning (after 6-8 hours of rest), the car does not start up normal. I have to press the gas pedal and then start. If I pump the gas pedal and crank up, it starts. Then I have to keep the pedal pressed for few minutes and then go. I have change the fuel pump and filter

Why is happening? Someone pls help

just want to get dummy light off service engine soon there must be some trick to get light off thanks.scott

Continued to stall had to get it towed to dealership they said no codes showing problem alternator fine battery was a bit low once recharged that was fine! What is wrong

the battery is fully charge and starter motor is good so what is wrong?

Had a DTC code P0171 and P0174 pop today, OnStar said I should be safe to drive home. Codes corresponded to running lean on both banks. Got home and checked it out and found the intake tube from the AiRaid Jr kit had become disconnected at the rubber elbow between the tube and the stock intake box. I installed the intake about 1500 miles ago, the light was only on for about 11 miles. I'm guessing the tube was only disconnected for 11 miles but it could have been as long as 1500 miles if the light and codes were never tripped prior

So my questions are
a) would the disconnected intake tube immediately trigger the light/codes?
b) if not, should i be concerned with any damage? is there any actions I should take?

The car did not come with an audio or navigation system users manual. Does anyone have these manuals or know where I can get them?

So I see that when the light comes on when your car is running that it is bad..I start it and it turns off in a few seconds...what does it mean when car is completely off and it turns on?

When pulling out from a stop slowly, the van shudders right before shifting out of gear (right before 30 mph). If I keep my acceleration just right "hover" it will continue and get worse. If I accelerate more it will stop. I have noticed it when i'm going around 40-45 and car is ready to shift again. It seems to be happening more often. I don't know if this would be engine mounts? Seems to me it would fall under transmission? Any thoughts? I'm right around 115,000 miles and really want to keep the van going as long as I can. I'd rather put "new" money into my motorcycles...and not "moms taxi". ;)

and also the evaporater canister if I should have to replace it also. please send me picture digram thank you

my alternator is bad and I don't know whether to purchase the alternator that work with rear a/c or the one with out

pull all of the spark plugs out, put new ones in,ran the car for little bit, still not runing right!
then i pull 1 plug out at a time, number 2 plug was clean,
the other ones had fuel on the them !!
how can you tell if you have a bad fuel injector!!!!

do the transmission cover come off a certain way

Old fob locking tab quit working. everything else good.

no power, no radio, lights, etc