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Can not open the trunk with the key or the auto release button in the car
high idle problem on and off no lights on dash panel
~I was driving down the street, the car just stopped and it won't start.What can I check first, second etc..
I turn my truck's speedometer is stuck at 90 off and on?
I replaced calipers and pads and front brakes are still locking up. After the truck cools down they are okay for maybe a mile.
I have a 2008 Jetta. Last year the A/C was giving me some issues but now is worst than last year. In winter, it would only get hot when it was as hot as you could make it. Now in summer it only gets cool when it is on...
Do you have to empty and disconnect the AC lines in order to pull the radiator from the car?
the car runs hot put new water pump thermostat still ran hot blew engine installed new engine still running hot help me please thank you
The coolant level in the container keeps dropping but there is no external leaks. There is a very strong odor that is inside and outside the car when driving or parking & idling. Do you know what the problem might be?
ok turn singnals and hazzard flashers dont flash they just stay on . so i was told that it was a flasher fuse gone bad. please help cant find it under the dash.
My MB is actually 82 It will start in nutral,could it be relay?
How to open the door. The keys are inside.
I just replaced both the alternator and the battery. Now the charging system warning light continuously lights up for a few seconds the turns off while driving or idling. The voltage gauge reads 14 volts. I've driv...
I have no break lights,I have checked the bulbs,fuse,harnes,everything looks good,went to check sending unit,it is not where it is on most trucks!anyone know where to look? Thanks