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Tempature gauge will rise to just about over heating and then drops back down to normal may rise a litle and back to normal. Is it possable that I have a bad radiator maybe a presure leak.
this happens every third,or fourth start
It is a manual transmission and I am having trouble shifting it into 5th gear.
When I amdriving the car kind of slips or a slight jerk but it is usually when i have gone more than 10 miles or when my gas is less than half a tank. I have had my transmission checked and that is not the problem. ...
the only prblm is trying to figure out how to change the passenger headlight could you please send me directons on how to do so thank you
My car is vibrating after I replaced the timing belt,i went back to the same place,now they told me i need 4 new engine mounts,does that sound logical??? What is the cost of parts,and labor in Miami??
I get a grinding noise above 30 mph
v6 engine runs perfect for 30 miles then starts ,run eractic or pulsating ,like turning switch on and off. has 135,999 miles
When the 4 wheel drive is engaged the light will not come up on the dash. So i put it on a hoist and put it in 4 wheel drive and notice that it engages and the drive shaft will spin but the tires wont. I was thinking ...
im in buckeye az. and i have a crack all the way acrossed my windshield so i need to replace it where do i go?
2 days ago door would not unlock with clicker window does not wrk side mirror not working control for other windows and locks not working
when putting car into reverse my gear arm just slid over all the cogs and just hangs loose now...I cant get key ouy or back into park.Any diagnosis' out there?It sits in my driveway with emerg brake on....How much$$$$...
How much can I expect to pay to have charcoal cannister replaced.
My MIL came on and after taking it to a certified Audi mechanic, I was told that the timing belt should also get replaced, since practically the entire engine needs to be taken out. I had the timing belt last replace...