steering wheel sets @about 11oclock when going straight off center. old tires showed no unusal wear pattern- will alignment get wheel back to center without screwing up what is a very good ride?

what do i have to do to get the side doors to open on this van do i have to remove the inside pannels to get them to open
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this is a 2005 buick terraza that i bought used front wheel drive

Coolant is leaking; has to be filled every day. Recently had new radiatior installed but not a full flush of the system. told me the antifreeze was contaminated I have in there now and would need replacement of intake gasket, cover?

help with my truck,im in the prossesing of changeing my fuel pump ,ive already dropped the tank and replased it from the tank.i need someone to come to my house that is qualified to do electrical multimetering so all the relays and fuses to the injecters have the right amount of amps and such.an answer soon would be nice

it runs hot every other day .i sometime have lil spots of fliud by my driver side tire.

starts now and then but most of the time it doesn't the only way to get started is to open fuel line under hood while someone turns over engine? what could this be, has had variety of codes last ones were 1693 and 1389, dealing with ASD last time was 0213 dealing with pump timing, i don't believe these are cause but i am not a diesel expert. thanks

How can I diagnose the problem

I was told my car had "smooth" bolts and i needed "notched" in order to do proper align.

to get compressor to turn on to accept charge,have warning lite,refrig very low,a/c off

we changed out the heater core and now the 4wd drive doesnt work and the lights stay on

need to know how to get around that

want to replace motor blower

there is some kinda plate or something i think that needs to be removed. but i dont know where

History; engine light "on", alternator was not charging, replaced. Still not charging, battery checked out o.k.; voltage regulator inside computer possibly b.o. Replaced computer, now engine turns over but doesn't start; does computer need to be relearned and how?

low oil pressure