We have tried to reset passlock and the 10 minute and the 30 minute nothing has worked. The car would not start before we change battery but lights and radio and widows went down fine. We think maybe we locked it when the batttery was almost dead. Please help us. Thanks

The RPM are jumping the car will not even make it up the street and it make a loud nose when you pres on the gas

Supposedly needs the Evaporator Valve Solenoid replaced. Can this be an easy fix or just the start of major, expensice repairs? Car has 112,000 miles on it now.

rough idle,weak acceleration then surges

I looked through the manual and can not see the fuse location for the driver's power seat? Thanks, Sally

try to jump start

3 accelerator pumps with key on didn't work for me. Do I have to have message board on certain display or something?
Don't want to take back to dealer for just this if its simple. Alos they changed the oild and didn't reset it like the dummies they have been. They also won't re-cal. my speedo for 19.5" tires.

Gauge will hit the high end and then go back down to about half way. Also, the a/c will blow cold at first, then blows hot. Are these issues related?

3.7 engine. SLX 4X4 Dealer looking for short in system. Claims locks in all doors and hatch are OK

i mean in terms of mileage, engine, transmission problems...

key gets stuck but when i pull the ignition fuse it releases the key

I have had the camshaft sensor replaced, the fuel pump replaced and the fuel filter replaced. And yet it still will not start up. The mechanic says that the gas is coming up good but nothing is happen it still will not start up! Can you please help me!!!

The car is starting ti stutter when I start it up. It is starting to happen more frequently.

It will blow from the floor and defrost this did not effect the rea air either. Could this be a vacumn hose maybe or do you think it is the acuator door.

just bought used 2001Avalon.havent had2wks&check engine lite came on.Reads Code PO446!its blowin alot grey/blue smoke,but only when car has set for 3-4hours.changed oil Sunday-still same problems.In fact,had to add a qt oil this morning. Need detailed advice Please