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engine is overheating ???
Need to change out the thermostat,where can I find a diagram picture showing its location
The motor has oil and water mix together when the radiator blowed.
I just replaced the front calipers and pads. The left side bled off very nice. The right side is just dripping slowly. How many times do I have to bleed each side, and do I need to bleed all four? The peddle goes to t...
were is the location of my ambient air sensor in my 2002 dodge ram 1500
The car sways bad when hitting a mid to large bump in the road.
My 96 Ford Thunderbird won't crank. You can crank it from the solenoid. Tested battery, alternator, and starter/solenoid. Everything tested fine but we replaced the starter anyways. I can hear clicking in the relay co...
just got the car,tryin to stop oil leak still leaking, pooling up bye dist.
When parked on slight hill it rolls. In about one hour it rolled about 5 feet. What could be wrong?
Guages indicate overheats when air conditioning is on or going up a steep hill or going at interstate speed when in warm weather (50 F or higher). Returns to normal temp almost INSTANTLY upon cresting hill, slowing ...
Where can I get free clear detailed pictures/diagrams of placement of heater/water hoses and Engine wiring on car listed above.I have looked at several manuels and can find NO clear pictures of the hoses I need to se...
This Ranger has only 80K miles and has been babied since new. Recently it developed a rough idle when cold. Runs great once it warms up. Recent code indicated an 02 sensor which was replaced along with the check va...
Where can I find a rear drivers side seatbelt latch.
Can you give me the cost for replacing a automatic transmission?