I can hear a pump or motor running when I hit the locks!

continues to flash while driving.

everyday, when i turn my car on and off sometimes it will wor but other times it wont turn on and it doest show the time or what channel im using

I can drive it then jump back in and it will do nothing. let it sit and it fires right back up like nothing is wrong at all

2011 Lexus R450h

My car has recently become hard to shift from Park to Drive. Yesterday it happened EVERY time I needed to shift.

Would this cause the compressor to stop working also, possibly through the run capacitor?

My car problem has two three times start sometimes more and when the engine running is normal no service engine light on whats problem thanks.

cannot figure out how to get to the light to change it

when it first started i would have to be driving at least 20 minutes before it would start making the noise, now it starts almost immediatley, it seems to coralate with the rotation of the tires


Today it would not start after fueling up. finally started and then it started to kill everytime i stopped at a red light or stop sign/ what could this be

even not able to turn up down

My front driver side Parking lamp is out on my C300 and needs to be changed. my hand will not fit in that small space.....Help !!! How do I change this bulb without going to the dealer. I'm very hands on when it comes to my car...If I can fix it I will.

I had my engine replaced at toyota dealership recently, because I oppted not to purchase an engine from them. They are not cooperating. The engine is burning oil. It can be something as simple as an exterior valve. I just want somebody to be able to look at my car and give me an honest answer without taking me to the poorhouse:(