Service engine light is on.

Where is the Fuel Pump inside the gas tank or outside?

brake lines are leaking and my brake petal goes to the floor

I was driving and my check engine and battery light came on, then my radio started flashing on and off then my car died. It makes a clicking noise when I try to start it. I did jump once then died. It won't go into neutral to push it. Any body know what might be wrong?

I have tire coupling on my BMW X5....why?

i just want to know how much i will have to pay in advance hp chevy

Iam good at woking on cars, is this a easy fix behind glovebox?

I never received an answer in regard as to how to repair this problem. My son in law is looking in to buying the new part but at an outrageous price from dealer. But I still need instructions on how to repair if that is a possibility from this source. Thank you

is this normal service for a hyundai?

after i got new wheels , it was worse.... very mushy and bumpy,i had the car aligned ..it was way out of alignment. but the bad drive still continues.

when i come to a stop or start my car idel real bad and no power then all of a suddon it take off like nothing wrong

First thing I noticed when I popped the hood was the engine coolant bone dry. Then when towed to the mechanic , they say a new fuel pump. Does the coolant leaking have anything to do with my car not starting? Is the fuel pump not involved at all? HELP> PLEASE>

What the best companies brake?

considering buying this for my sister but don't want any major problems

Also, could the idle be set too high? When you take your foot off the gas, the car still keeps going instead of slowing down.

blowing hot air and making funny noises under the hood.