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i have a egr broken tube on mark 8 how can i replace it?
how serious is a purge flow
how you clear service A'
how you reset A' service on 2002 s 500
is my wheel bearing the sealed type?
I have a 2000 mercury sable with a 3.0 V-6 engine and after driving for a while my low coolant light comes on but my resovoir is full and you can feel the coolant going thru the hoses when it is hot.
brand new pump always makes the noise
Someone hit the back of my 96 chevy 1500 ext cab and since then the parking lights keep blowing its fuse. my daytime running lights dont work. and do you have any recomendation
Engine cranks but does not turnover.
A few days ago, my car stopped blowing heat out of the vents. I checked for the coolant level, it's good. I also checked my fuses as well too, they are good. I've also replaced the thermostat and bled the system. Stil...
My 06 Lincoln TC sometimes has a intermiitent hesitaion at low RPM's when begining to accelerate after slowing down for a red light. It feels like there's a misfire then all of a sudden the motor gets momentum and kic...
During routine maintenance (67,585 miles) of 2006 Ridgeline, Honda dealer recommeded replacing the timing belt. It seemed they were basing their recommendation on mileage. No problems with the Ridgeline, runs beauti...
I replaced my clutch obout 30 days ago and it slips (when it gets hot) as if it were an old clutch. It only slips after I've been driving it for a while on the highway mainly. Could it be a fsulty clutch?
what does it take to replace rt. front airmatic shock
new battery, turns over, wont start