Service Stabilitrak message keeps coming on, but not every time I start up. Maybe 50% of the time.

Two different car parts places scanned my van and received no codes from my system--they thought loose wires under dash (I don't believe it) or a blown fuse for the diagnostic system--I don't know what fuse that would be or how it would be listed

This is my first Mercedes car (2009 C300)that I've purchased. I traded a 2001 BMW330i that I had for approximately 10 years. I fell in love with the car. It looks great and rides great. Unfortunately....I have been dealing with this annoying waxy or crayons smell which the dealer is having a difficult time in eliminating. They've treated the evaporator coil, changed the cabin filter, scrubbed the carpets and performed an ionization on the interior. The original smell is not as strong but is still there and very annoying. Ay similar experiences or suggestions?

Car stalls and sometimes doesn't start

trying to figure out where # 6 cylinder is at, front of engine or firewall side

leaks when filling tank, to full

My vehicle has a rubber boot over the intermediate shaft, right above where it connects to the rack and pinion steering gear that happens to be ripped, causing problems with turning every day. The problem is that it is very difficult to turn the wheel, almost like the power steering has gone out, but that isn't the case as I have had that checked. I believe it is caused by the torn rubber boot getting caught on or in between the intermediate shaft and something else and restricting movement unless sufficient force on the steering wheel is applied. I have been trying to locate a replacement for this part and no one seems to have one.

Intermittent problem! Runs great, accelerates correctly, idles smooth, but occasionally at no certain speed, no certain temperature--the engine just dies for a split second as if you instantaneously turned off the ignition. Then continues to run perfectly. More recently it sometimes dies as I decelerate for a traffic light or stop sign. Wife's car, a lot of short trips but daily driver. Newer plugs, fuel pump and fuel filter--184,000. No one can find the problem, any suggestions.

When I go to start the car all lights seem to come on including radio. It does not matter if in N or Park. I have checked the fuses under the driver side hood unless there are other fuses I should be aware of on the mercedes. Thanks for your help

Took it to the dealer (rip off). They tested everything and replaced the sensor sending unit. Flushed the cooling system, bled out the air...problem still exists. Any ideas on what could be causing this? I don't want to just start replacing parts randomly. Mechanic said the Z4 runs hot but I don't buy that. Temp. gauge gets up to 3/4 mark. I don't want to blow a head gasket. I think the temp gauge needle should remain near the vertical position not vacillate up and down. Also A/C shuts off when the temp. goes up. Mechanic also said the gauge is not actually a gauge but instead a buffered switch. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Car is in perfect shape and has been well maintained.

I just bought a 2006 Dodge ram 1500 a week ago and i am feeling a vibration when i let off the gas. If i start to accelerate it goes away but when it does vibrate it only lasts a few seconds. I replaced front wheel bearing but it didnt fix the issue. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

I turned on the air conditioner. When I reached my destination, I tried to turn it off using the controller. When that didn't work, I turned of the car and the air conditioner stayed on. I took it to the dealer, and he had to unplug it.

Now when im driving and i slow down or brake there is a knocking sound.

the engines are both v-6s. my concern is how complicated will this be? how much modifiying will have to be done?

It does this intermittently. Anyone know what causes this?