in stop and go traffic it acts like it doesnt know what gear it should be in, it seems to be sticking between two gears

codes #1400

There doesn't seem to be a way to keep the tethered cap on the door while pumping gas. Odd... is it suppose to just hang there and scuff the paint? Put gas in for the first time and was a bit discouraged with this situation. Thanks for any input.

Sometime when I start the vehicle, I can not move the transmission leaver to put it into drive. I need help

I was told it was a air leak problem,but what does an air leak have to do with the smell of gas. Would welcome your reply.

Was really noticable in long stop-go traffic. Has 150,000 miles.

Problem occured twice on mountain and once on level road.No problem since.Could it be rotors? Not much mileage on car.

warm to proper running temp floods out about 2100 rpms when running down the street. you can feather the throttle when parked as high as you want with just a little hesitation.

Should I replace the rubber under the hood (top and bottom radiator hoses, drive belt, and etc.?) now and possibily miss a tow fee or am I good for another 8 or 10 years?

electric locking mechanism still works, door is unlocked.

gasoline leakage

I have had it to 3 different mechanics and no one can seem to figure it out. It ideals high when i first start it, and i can hear the belt turning. I have put 3 different o2 sensors in it, mass air flow sensors.

I had the car scanned a week ago and they reset the code and it came back. I looked it up on google and sounds like the intake manifold sensor.

had no trans fluid filled it up and the car still dont shift

There are times when I am driving and my car acts like it isn't getting gas. i can push the gas pedal all the way down and nothing. then do it again and it takes off. also, when driving is acts hesitant.