my car is cherry qq3 2010 model hatchback,at the same time my battery was discharge when i return from vacation,is it safe to use it without the gauges

I am told I will need to reseal oil filter housing (Vanos line leaking). How much should I expect to pay for the repair?

Its dripping on my knee it is actualy dripping from the headliner

yesterday while driving my 1985 astro i heard a small pop under the hood, and then immediately the van shut off and will not start. i think it might be a broken timing belt but im not sure. any ideas?

This is the first time this has happened.

Changed the front two o2 sensor , added 93 octane gas , run fine for 10 miles , then shut off truck and then drove 5 blocks and the po 325 came right back , the truck runs good .
any ideas ???

the ca doesn't seem to be getting gas but the fuel filte is kicking on

I'm trying to enter some services for work I had done on 12/18 for my Honda van, but I keep getting the following message:


There was a problem with the following field:

Shopable car brands You must have at least 1 car make

I've been entering services for over a year for this vehicle every 3 months and I've never seen this. What does this mean?

I heard this was a common problem but I dont know what the part is to ask for or where I can get it. A piece with a plastic tab that is used to raise & lower the window, broke. The motor is fine but the window doesnt move.

same as above

I use to here a clicking from within the dash that had something to do with hot or cold air output. Now... luke warm air comes out & no more clicking.

I'm considering timing belt replacement; my 2000 Camry only has 57,000 miles on it; had two drive belts changed today. What do you recommend I do? I've not had a lick of mechanical problems from my car in all the years I've owned it. I've only done recommended maintenance stuff.

its a 3.3 v6, belt come off when tentioner brock & brock the wheel

the battery was disconnected for long time and now the radio won't come on and I don't have the code.

I am getting two codes for a large and small evap emissions leak. I have repaired the leaks, pressurized the system and verified there are no leaks. I continue to get the same two codes. Any idea why I would still be getting these codes?